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Ontario: A Canadian In America Laments Tim Hudak’s Anti-Gay Election Ads



In Ontario, the race for Premier — the leader of that Canadian province — has been marred by something very rare: negative campaign ads, and anti-gay marginalization by Tim Hudak. Today’s election will tell who won and who lost, but in the end, all Ontarians lose when politics becomes this ugly. A Canadian in America, Michael Talon, explains.

While Canada has long served as an example of progress socially, both to the U.S. and the world, there has been a slow, creeping yet powerful force that is moving within the borders of the “friendly and nice” country. Conservatism as a whole is not a concept that we as Canadians view in the same right-wing rhetoric based stupidity that we often see exemplified here in the U.S. (Michele Bachmann, the Mormon Church,the Tea Party.)

Canada’s Conservative Party — born through the amalgamation of the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party — is one that is fiscally and governmentally conservative. Platforms have long held to reform and a move to a more right of centre model that would allow continued and maintained structure of a country solidly building on a foundation set out in 1864 when we branched off from the British Empire and began to govern ourselves.

Proudly, Canadians boast that we never supported slavery and in fact maintained a free end destination for the Underground Railway, universal healthcare, community-built free clinics and hospitals, employment and housing anti-discrimination, equality and standards that have paved the way for lesbian and gay rights bills and marriage stemming from a Constitution ratified in 1982 that was to keep the federal government out of the bedrooms of the nation.

Overall, as a country that receives more immigrants from varying backgrounds, including strict to extreme Christian, Muslim and other faiths and cultures, progress continues to be made. In fact, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien was proud of the work that we as a people did in support of each other to include protections for all in each step of our evolution. Allowing for same-sex marriage, for example, while at the same time protecting the sanctity of the pulpit and not forcing denominations to perform these marriages as their faith would see fit.

Both sides peacefully and equally co-existing. A shining, at least to the best of any imperfect entities ability, beacon of hope to all that we could be equal and yet maintain the differences that enhance and enrich our world culture.

In the early 1990’s, the election that would see the greatest of losses for the Progressive Conservatives under the leadership of the first woman Prime Minister, Kim Campbell, sweeping in a victorious Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party, there was a shift that many allowed to go unnoticed in the grander scheme. Campbell employed an attack ad, reminiscent of a U.S. election, where they played on the crooked way Chretien spoke, due to Bell’s Palsy. This was the first of many influences divisive messaging would begin to creep into Canadian politics, and by proxy the public’s way of reacting to situations.

As many readers know, MP Tim Hudak of the Ontario PC Party, recently sent out attack ads that painted Liberal Premier McGuinty as keeping parents in the dark about the true education being given to school children. With emphasis clearly on LGBT issues and the anti-discrimination measures put in place for all minorities and socially accepted, vetted groups, Hudak and the PC Party have once again shown the right-wing agenda that is growing. Attack ads of this sort were unheard of in most political races in Canada. Policy and administration are often prime targets, however there is a standard that has long served our country well, you do not attack minorities and you do not bring religion into the mix. Those are personal beliefs and protected welcomed unique attributes that we cherish. Those days seem to be fleeting into the memories of true Canadians, to be
replaced by religiously slanted and immoral rhetoric.

Being born and raised in Ontario, as well as having lived under the McGuinty administration in my province, I would like to disclose at this juncture that I am not supportive nor do I feel McGuinty is doing/has done a very good job with leading the province. However, the attack ads led by the PC Party are inexcusably linked to attacking the LGBT community and the very fabric of a nation that is fiercely proud of all its groups, minorities, cultures and celebrated differences. We accept the right-wing, left-wing and everything in between. Vote to keep your freedoms and vote to allow those freedoms to be extended to others, for you never know when you will be the group in the hot seat.

It is sad to see this change happening and I can only hope that there will be a shift back to the proper and true course of Canada. I have personally extended the invitation to the PC Party in Ontario and in particular to MP Hudak to interview with me and The New Civil Rights Movement concerning the ad and the beliefs of Mr Hudak as well as the Party and the direction they believe the province should be moving.

The completely intolerant and homophobic rhetoric is enough! This is one Canadian who will not stand by and let everything we have built be torn down by easily influenced and semi-reasoning, self-promoting politicians and religiously influenced. U.S. LGBT citizens have seen what happens when complacency and a fear of “rocking the boat” instead hoping for a civil discourse that would valiantly change people’s hearts and minds. While thundering proclamations on behalf of some “loving and all knowing” god fuel bigots and the ignorant, gain sway. We have said that it is enough.

Across Ontario, parents and education boards, trustees and teachers have forced many of the politicians to take more than a step back from this attack ad, they are back pedaling faster than a Bible belt fundamentalist minister caught in the local department store men’s room giving a helping hand. I applaud the fact that there is still a progressive zeal within Canadians to not let those who would tarnish and sully the good work of past generations and woefully negate that progress.

Join your voice with ours, sign this petition on that is calling for Mr Hudak and the PC Party to explain its attack on the LGBT community, along with its continued bigotry against us, by doing an interview with The New Civil Rights Movement, answering questions from outraged and vigilant advocates for equality, no matter the citizenship.


Growing up in Northern Ontario as a Jehovah’s Witness, Michael Talon experienced firsthand the struggle for equality. Now living in the U.S. with his partner, they work with advocates for federal equality, including immigration. Working side by side, Michael and his partner Brad, head of Luna Media Group, help to deliver messages for equality to the nation.

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Democrats Rake in a Quarter-Billion Dollars in 24 Hours After Biden Exits Race



The floodgates have opened after President Joe Biden’s selfless and historic decision to end his re-election campaign and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris for President on Sunday. Democrats across the country are opening their wallets and sending a mountain of money to Democratic groups, especially the Harris for President campaign. In total, nearly $250 million to Democrats in the first 24 hours, including a historic $81 million directly to Harris for President, the campaign has announced.

ActBlue, which acts as the fundraising platform for Harris for President, and many other Democrats, on Sunday alone took in almost $67 million, according to a third-party ActBlue tracking program. President Biden’s announcement was made around 2:00 PM ET that day.

On Monday, as of 3:30 PM ET, ActBlue has taken in another $35 million – for a 25-hour total of over $100 million.

By comparison, on Saturday, the platform took in just under seven million dollars. Sunday is listed as ActBlue’s highest single day ever.

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(The ActBlue tracker cautions: “ActBlue is a fundraising vehicle for Democratic candidates and campaigns, state-level committees and progressive nonprofit organizations who are also using this moment to ask for support,” and adds, “the picture will become clearer once ActBlue and the recipients file their own campaign finance reports.”)

In addition to the $100 million infusion Democrats just received, Politico reports, “Future Forward, the flagship super PAC blessed by President Joe Biden, received $150 million in new commitments from major Democratic donors in the 24 hours since the president announced he would step aside from the race.”

“Future Forward already had $122 million on hand as of the end of June, according to Federal Election Commission filings.”

That means approximately $250 million – about a quarter of a billion dollars – was just added to the coffers of Democratic campaigns, including Kamala Harris’s, and PACs.

The Harris for President Campaign announced Monday afternoon it had taken in $81 million in its first 24 hours.

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“Team Harris raised $81 million in its first 24 hours, adding to the existing near quarter-of-a-billion dollar war chest already amassed this election cycle,” the campaign said in a press release. “This haul reflects money raised across the campaign, Democratic National Committee, and joint fundraising committees. This surge of support is also accompanied by numerous endorsements from federal and state elected officials as well as major Democratic and advocacy groups united in the effort to defeat Donald Trump this November.”

Inside those numbers, the campaign notes, are more than “888,000 grassroots donors” who “made donations in the past 24 hours, 60% of whom made their first contribution of the 2024 cycle.”

“Team Harris’ 24-hour raise is the highest 24-hour raise of any candidate in history,” according to the campaign. “In the last 24 hours, Team Harris has added 43,000 new recurring donors, with over half of these recurring donors signing up for weekly donations.”

“A call on Sunday evening hosted by Win with Black Women raised approximately $1.6 million in grassroots contributions alone,” the campaign also noted.

The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger, pointing to the campaign’s press release, observes, “If these numbers are accurate, more than 532,000 people just made their first Biden/Harris donation of this election cycle.”

On top of all that, The Daily Beast reported late Sunday night a small Super PAC tied to former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Haley Voters for Biden, has now become Haley Voters for Harris.

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RFK Jr. and Trump Explored Endorsement Deal in Exchange for Administration Post: Report



Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., seen by some as a spoiler whose candidacy could help Donald Trump, held talks with the ex-president after the assassination attempt, reportedly discussing an endorsement in exchange for a position in a second Trump administration.

Late Saturday evening on July 13, hours after a 20-year old man shot at Trump, apparently causing a bloody ear while killing a Trump supporter and wounding two others at a Pennsylvania rally, Trump and Kennedy spoke by phone. During that call, The Washington Post reports, the two presidential candidates agreed to meet the following week in Milwaukee, on the first day of the Republican National Convention.

Audio and video of that Saturday night call was “leaked” by Kennedy’s own son, prompting the anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist to publicly apologize to Trump, as NCRM reported last week.

In that video, Donald Trump could be heard telling Kennedy, “I would love you to do stuff and I think it’d be so good for your and so big for you. And we’re gonna win. We’re way ahead of the guy.” It was not clear in what context Trump meant “do stuff,” although he could have possibly meant endorse Trump, or hand Kennedy a post in his administration.

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The two candidates’ discussions on Monday, “included possible jobs that Kennedy could be given in a second Trump administration, either at the Cabinet level or posts that do not require Senate confirmation. The discussion also included the prospect of Kennedy leaving the race and endorsing Trump, the people said,” The Post reported.

“The discussions surprised Trump and his aides. But there were concerns among some Trump advisers that Kennedy — a fervent critic of vaccines — would not be appropriate in such a job and that such an agreement could be problematic, the people said. Two of these people did not rule out the campaign eventually wanting Kennedy in the fold or potentially giving him a job in the administration if Trump wins.”

They also “did not result in an agreement amid concerns in Trump’s orbit about the complications of promising a job in exchange for a political endorsement, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.”

“Whoa,” remarked Democratic strategist Lis Smith, responding to The Post’s reporting. Kennedy “offered to endorse Trump in exchange for a job…the Trump people declined b/c RFK Jr was pushing too explicitly for a quid pro quo.”

Kennedy, who is an environmental law attorney, has focused on his anti-vaxx activism in recent years. The Post reports the discussion between Kennedy and Trump included him possibly “overseeing a portfolio of health and medical issues.”

“All I will say to you is I am willing to talk to anybody from either political party who wants to talk about children’s health and how to end the chronic disease epidemic,” Kennedy also told The Post in an interview. “I have a lot of respect for President Trump for reaching out to me. Nobody from the DNC, high or low, has ever reached out to me in 18 months. Instead they have allocated millions to try to disrupt my campaign.”

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Where Kamala Harris Stands on Securing Dem Endorsements and Cash After Biden Announcement



Vice President Kamala Harris, now the Democratic Party’s leading presidential candidate, said Sunday she will work to “earn and win” the nomination after President Joe Biden’s historic decision to pull out of his re-election race. In under twenty-four hours she has managed to secure the almost unanimous endorsement of House and Senate Democrats, Democratic governors, and a cash haul reportedly of over $75 million.

In the weeks after Biden’s damaging debate performance, critics demanded he prove he had the mental and physical capacity at 81 to continue the race and win the election. But even after numerous speeches and interviews, the goalposts changed, and critics pointed to his poll numbers. On Sunday afternoon in a letter he announced he would not continue his campaign. Shortly thereafter, he endorsed Vice President Harris.

Some Democrats had pushed for an open convention, with many rank and file members engaging in a kind of “fantasy football,” matchups promoting their favorite candidates for the top of the ticket and their running mates.

Fox News late Monday morning reported, “Democrats thrown into chaos as they face tight deadline to replace Biden,” but there has been little chaos.

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All of the major potential candidates who might have opposed Harris have now declared they would not run against her, making her path to the nomination, while not certain, extremely likely. Delegates will still have to choose.

Most of those major top-of-the-ticket potential candidates who have now endorsed Harris are believed to be under consideration to be her vice presidential running mate (links to endorsements): Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, U.S. Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Governor Wes Moore of Maryland, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Late Monday morning Gov. Whitmer declined to be considered for the vice presidential slot, according to Crain’s Detroit reporter David Eggert.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, considered one of the top potential contenders for the nomination but not a potential running mate, quickly announced he would not oppose Harris and endorsed her: “Tough. Fearless. Tenacious. With our democracy at stake and our future on the line, no one is better to prosecute the case against Donald Trump’s dark vision and guide our country in a healthier direction than America’s Vice President.”

Harris also earned the endorsement of Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois, also considered one of the top candidates who might want the nomination.

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis appeared to endorse Harris in a self-deprecating social media post.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (I-WV), 76, endorsed Harris on Monday, after reports suggested he had called former acting DNC chair Donna Brazile to learn the process for entering the nomination race. ABC News reported Brazile told Manchin, “I had to remind him that to put his name in nomination he has to sign a form that he’s a Democrat.”

Writer and former Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Charlotte Clymer has been tracking the Harris endorsements since Sunday. Late Monday morning she writes they include: President Joe Biden, Former Secretary of State and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, along with current Cabinet Secretaries Pete Buttigieg, Miguel Cardona, Jennifer Granholm, and Gina Raimondo.

And, “at least 33 of 47 Democratic senators,” “at least 159 of 212 House Democratic members,” “at least 18 of the 26 Democratic state and territorial governors,” “all 57 state and territory party chairs,” “all DNC delegates for Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and South Carolina,” “SEIU, American Federation of Teachers, and too many other organizations to list here.”

“I don’t think folks appreciate what we’re seeing from the Ds right now,” observes political scientist and strategist Rachel Bitcofer. “Newsom, Whitmer, Shapiro- every top tier Democrat- has put personal ambitions aside to come out and help the party coalesce around Kamala Harris.”

Political commentator Bob Cesca adds, “And they’re putting their ambitions aside for what could end up being 8 more years.”

CNN’s Haley Talbot, known for her spreadsheets, early Monday afternoon reports former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have yet to endorse Harris. She adds the “holdout” list includes seven Democratic and one independent U.S. Senators, just 18 Democratic U.S. Representatives, and four Democratic governors.

But key among the Democratic holdouts are Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Political commentator and writer Keith Boykin at 10:05 AM Monday, citing data from ActBlue says, “Democrats have now raised $75 million since Vice President Kamala Harris announced her campaign for president yesterday.” Clymer commented, “Vice President Kamala Harris may very well raise $100M in a 24-hour period. Flat-out bonkers sum.”

ActBlue declared Sunday, “the biggest fundraising day of the 2024 cycle.”

See the social media posts above or at this link.

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