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NOM: Same-Sex Unions Pose Greater Risk Of Child Abuse



U.S. Government Study: Majority Of Abused Children Maltreated By Their Biological Parents — Not By Same-Sex Couples

In his weekly blog, National Organization For Marriage Executive Director Brian Brown, obviously smarting from his side’s embarrassing performance in the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger federal Prop 8 trial, decided to cross a line no one should ever even think of crossing. A line that the Perry trial demonstrated over and over again the right has crossed for decades: the false statement that gays are child abusers.

Brian Brown, I hereby call you out on this disgusting lie. Fortunately, I trust the intelligence of Americans enough to know they know a charlatan when they read his words.

Here’s the link to Brian’s blog. Read it for yourself. And read between the lines. Read how Brian talks about “how family structure affects child abuse.” See how he introduces the idea of child abuse and then says,

“What family form best protects children from one of the worst harms of all–child abuse? The answer is: the child’s own mom and dad united by marriage.”

Nice job there, Brian. (By the way, Brian, you got the name of the study wrong. I know because I read it. It’s “The Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-4)” But hey, no one’s perfect.)

Notice, too that Brian doesn’t provide his followers with a link to the government’s study — afraid they’ll read it and realize he’s not telling them the whole truth.

Most importantly, let me say this: Shame on you, Brian!

Not only do you trumpet your thinly-veiled hatred against gay and lesbian parents, you raise your sword on hard-working single parents and cohabiting unmarried parents. What you do NOT bother to address is the very sad fact that so many American children are abused and neglected! Rather than use your vast resources to say to your followers, “We must do a better job, for the sake of our children,” (much less, “here’s how,”) you say, “Look, gay parents are bad, they are child abusers!” Obviously, you don’t care about the children. You merely twist their plight into a fund-raising letter.

Your hatred of the LGBTQ community has blinded you to the real problem: everyday, children are being abused and neglected. And your hatred of the LGBTQ community has blinded you to the reality of that problem: it is these abused and neglected children’s biological parents who are doing the vast majority of the abusing and neglecting.

Yes, that’s right, Brian. You left that part out of your weekly fund-raising blog. Because telling your followers that they are the ones more likely to abuse and neglect their own children doesn’t rake in the cash, does it?

Well, Brian, let’s look at the real facts from the very government study you cite. The study looks at maltreatment with two different standards. Under the more stringent standard, it found that one in every 58 children in the United States is physically and/or emotionally abused and/or neglected. That’s about 1.7% of all children in the U.S., or, according to the study, “an estimated 1,256,600 children.” Under the less-stringent standard, that number jumps to almost three million children.

Three million children, Brian. Where is your outrage?

Under the more stringent and detailed standard, the study found:

  • “The majority of all [abused or neglected] children … were maltreated by their biological parents.” In fact, the study says that “92% were neglected by biological parents” and “64% were abused by biological parents.”
  • “Biological parents were the most closely related perpetrators for 71% of physically abused children and for 73% of emotionally abused children.”

Bottom line: Of children who are “maltreated” — abused and/or neglected, it is those children’s own biological parents who are the perpetrators.

The study also stated there was a 26% decline in the rate of maltreated children — children who were physically and/or emotionally abused and/or neglected. Just as we have seen the rate of divorce decrease in states when same-sex couples are granted the right to legally marry, one has to wonder if the vast increase in same-sex couples raising children has something to do with that 26% decline in the rate of maltreated children?

What is also significant is that nowhere does the study mention same-sex married couples. Nowhere. Nor does it draw any conclusion about same-sex married couples. It also does not have a category for same-sex married or “civil-unioned” couples. Nor does it have a category or make any mention of homosexual unmarried couples, nor draw any distinction between same-sex and opposite-sex unmarried couples.

In short, Brian, your argument doesn’t hold water.

In no way, shape, or form does the study suggest same-sex married or un-married couples are child abusers or pose any increased threat to children. Yet you see fit to continue those disgusting lies.

Who is the real villain here, Brian? Gay and lesbian couples who have to fight tooth and nail, and invest countless thousands of dollars to adopt, so they can give children a good home, or some over-paid “executive” who makes his living by spewing hatred, fear, and lies — and all under the guise of “religion?”

Brian, we are watching your words. Every one of them. And you can expect, certainly from me, to be confronted with the truth –  and called out, publicly — whenever you dare to cross that line.

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‘I Don’t Think So’: As GOP Debate Kicks Off Trump Teases Out the Chances of Any Candidate Becoming His Running Mate



Donald Trump, again refusing to participate in a GOP debate, teased out the fate of every candidate on stage Wednesday night: he will choose none of them as his vice presidential running mate.

The ex-president who is facing 91 felony charges in four criminal cases across three jurisdictions and is now also facing the dissolution of his business empire, brought up the running mate question around the same time the debate on Fox News was kicking off.

“It’s all over television, this speech,” Trump falsely claimed, referring to his live remarks at a non-union shop one day after President Joe Biden stood on the picket line with UAW workers.

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“You know, we’re competing with the job candidates,” Trump said, mocking his fellow Republican presidential candidates after he scheduled an event opposite the debate he refused to attend.

“They’re all running for a job,” he continued, as the audience began to boo.

“They want to be in the, they’ll do anything,” he continued. “Secretary of something.”

“They even say VP, I don’t know,” Trump said. “Does anybody see any VP in the group? I don’t think so.”

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‘Apparently You’ll Never Believe Us’: House Republican Melts Down After Reporter Questions His ‘Evidence’ Against Biden



Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) became defensive and accusatory after repeatedly being unable to answer a reporter’s questions in a press conference Wednesday, held to announce what House Republicans claim is “evidence” against President Joe Biden.

A shortened version of the video posted by the news organization Heartland Signal went viral, garnering nearly one million views in under three hours on the social media platform X.

“Mr. Chairman, question about the timing of all of this,” began an NBC News reporter identified by Mediaite as Ryan Nobles. “You’re talking about a two-tiered system of justice. If I’m not mistaken, on August 7, 2020 Bill Barr was the attorney general and Donald Trump was the president, so explain to me where the two-tiered system of justice comes into play. And then the WhatsApp message you have, I believe, is dated June 6, 2017. Joe Biden is not vice president or even a candidate for president at that time. So where is the direct connection to some sort of criminal malfeasance within these two pieces of evidence?”

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Chairman Smith could not only not answer any part of those questions, he appeared to forget a portion of them.

“Well, I think the facts speak for themselves,” Smith replied. “There’s over 700 pages of examples of, where people should be very concerned, when you’re talking about um, ah, – what was your first question?”

Smith went on to say, “It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House,” after being reminded them President at that time was Donald Trump. “We need to make sure that the Department of Justice works for all people and doesn’t treat those who are politically connected or wealthy much differently. And unfortunately, we have several examples that came forward by the two IRS whistleblowers, that proves that people are treated differently because they’re politically connected.”

“Are you suggesting that Joe Biden being the president now, is unfairly treating Donald Trump in his indictment?” Nobles asked.

Again, Smith did not answer the question.

“What I’m talking about is the 700 pages that we have before us, which is all the information that came from the IRS whistleblowers, and that’s what we’re releasing right now,” Smith replied, again not answering Nobles’ question. “And I’ll tell you, I would encourage everyone in this room to look at those 700 pages. If you think it’s okay, with what’s in it, then we live on two different planets.”

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“Can you explain the timing of the August 6 WhatsApp message? Why is that evidence of some wrongdoing?” Nobles continued..

“I’m not an expert on the timeline,” Smith admitted, before pivoting to say, “I would love to have President Biden and his family to tell us about all the timelines, because it’s really, really unfortunate that we see so many meetings and so many phone calls that involved around official activity that the Vice President has been participating in, and then big sums of money follows later –”

“But he’s not the president or the vice president at that time. Where, where’s the wrongdoing? He wasn’t even a candidate for president,” Nobles pointed out.

“He was a candidate – ” Smith claimed.

“On August 6 –” Nobles began before Smith interrupted him.

“So apparently apparent – what source are you with?” Chairman Smith asked Noble.

“I’m with NBC,” the reporter replied.

“So apparently, you’ll never believe us,” Smith charged.

“I’m asking you a very direct question,” Nobles explained. “You presented a piece of evidence that you say came on August 6, 2017, that demonstrates that Joe Biden was using political influence to help his son. He wasn’t a political figure at that time. The first WhatsApp message you put up, where yo talk about the brand,” Nobles explained. “I’m completely open minded about this. I’m asking you specifically, how does that demonstrate that there was some sort of political influence being put over him, if at that time, he is not a political – he’s not an elected official?”

“I’m definitely not going to pinpoint one item,” Chairman Smith said defensively.

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“You presented it!” Nobles acclaimed. “It was the first thing that you brought up.”

“So apparently, you don’t agree with that. So report that you disagree with it. I’ll take the next question. Yes?” Smith said, refusing to answer any of Nobles’ questions.

Watch below or at this link.


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‘Jaw Dropping’: Democratic Senator Slams Tuberville’s ‘Open’ Talk About ‘White Supremacy’



A top Democratic Senator is blasting freshman Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville for his “jaw dropping” and open talk about white supremacy, after the Alabama Republican denigrated President Joe Biden’s nominee to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Senator Tuberville, the Alabama Republican who single-handedly has blocked well over 300 U.S. Military promotions, said the U.S. military is “not an equal opportunity employer,” appearing to imply Biden’s nomination of an accomplished officer was based on the color of his skin, not his impressive achievements and experience.

Air Force General Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., who is Black, will be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, after a strong bipartisan 83-11 vote by the U.S. Senate confirming him last week. Sen. Tuberville voted against him, saying Tuesday he had “heard some things that he talked about about race and things that he wanted to mix into the military.”

General Brown is the first African American to head a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. He was one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People of 2020.”

“He is a respected warfighter who will serve America well,” wrote former Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson that year, lauding General Brown in his TIME profile. “As the former commander of Pacific Air Forces, he’s highly qualified to deter China and reassure allies in the Indo-Pacific. The suppression of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria was largely accomplished by local forces on the ground, enabled by air power CQ helped orchestrate.”

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“Let me tell you something: Our military is not an equal-opportunity employer,” said Tuberville, falsely, appearing to imply it should not be.

“We’re not looking for different groups, social justice groups,” the Alabama Senator continued, in his Bloomberg News interview (video below), explaining why he voted against Brown’s nomination. “We don’t want to single-handedly destroy our military from within. We all need to be one.”

“I think he’ll do a good job,” Tuberville also said, “but I heard him say a few things that that really didn’t fit with me in terms of making our military better and better. We have things that that we need to do to make sure that that that we can uphold –  and we can’t do that without a great, hard strong military.”

“Let me tell you something, our military is not an equal opportunity employer. We’re looking for the best [of] the best, to do whatever. We’re not looking for different groups, social justice groups. We don’t want to single handedly destroy our military from within.”

Asked for specific concerns, Tuberville said General Brown, “came out and said we need we need certain groups, more pilots, certain groups to have an opportunity to be pilots. Listen. I want it to be on merit. I want our military to be the best. I want the best people I don’t care who they are. Men. Women, if that makes any difference, Catholics, Protestants, I want everybody to believe in the one goal that we have in this country for our military is to protect the taxpayers, protect United States of America. Don’t give me this stuff about equal opportunity, because that’s not what this military is.”

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“Our military is becoming so political that we’re going to go south when it comes to readiness,” he also warned, despite having been warned repeatedly that his military holds are negatively impacting military readiness, and are expected to do so for years to come.

But as CNBC reported, America’s military “is an equal-opportunity employer, and the Pentagon has an ‘Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.'”

Senator Tuberville has a history of making extremist remarks, so much so that in a rare move, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in July delivered a speech on the Senate floor denouncing Tuberville by name, along with his “one-man mission to defend white nationalism.”

Earlier this year Tuberville insisted that white nationalists are simply “Americans,”  and said, “I look at a white nationalist as a, as a Trump Republican. That’s what we’re called all the time.”

As NCRM reported in May, those remarks came immediately after an NBC News reporter told Tuberville, “A white nationalist propagates Nazism, a white nationalist could be someone who doesn’t believe that Black and Brown people are equals…”

READ MORE: ‘This You?’: White House Destroys Tuberville After He Claims His 300 Military Holds ‘Are Not Affecting National Security’

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, criticized Tuberville late Tuesday night, responding to the Alabama Republican’s interview with Bloomberg.

“The way Sen. Tuberville talks so openly about about white supremacy is just jaw dropping,” Sen. Murphy said. “I refuse to allow this to feel normal.”

Watch Tuberville’s remarks below or at this link.




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