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News: Liz Taylor, Peter LaBarbera, Catholic Church, Michele Bachmann, Bill Donohue



Andrew Breitbart, the right wing extremist posing as a media mogul, actually got someone fired who deserved it. Instead of Shirley Sherrod or hundreds of thousands of ACORN workers losing their jobs, Chris Barron is about to “step down” as Chairman of GOProud, after they outed a Rick Perry operative.

Jewelry from the late Elizabeth Taylor sells for $115 million. “Part of the proceeds will go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which she established in 1991 to help people living with AIDS.”

Time Magazine names “The Protester” as “Person of Year.” What do you think? Good choice?

At New York City’s “Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays,” (which we love love love), Jenny Greenstein found her partner Dina Weisbergeron one knee, proposing. Of course, she said yes. Congratulations, you two! (You have just a few days left until the show closes. See it if you can!)

Shocking! Is it possible the Florida Family Association (FFA) is lying when they claim that 65 advertisers have pulled out of “All-American Muslim,” on TLC, after the FFA condemned the show which portrays human being who happen not to be Christian? The New York Times’ “Media Decoder” blog is suggesting that, yes, the Florida Family Association is lying. I wouldn’t be surprised, after all, the FFA is affiliated with the larger American Family Association, a certified hate group.

Since the family is “older than any State,” a Christian blog claims that they’ve found “A Libertarian Argument AGAINST Gay Marriage.” Of course, they put the term gay marriage in quotation marks, because it’s not a real thing, whereas God…

Earlier today we wrote about the loathsome Molotov Mitchell, and apparently, so did hate group head Peter LaBarbera. And apparently, we could use the word “loathsome” twice in that sentence.

“Colombia’s Catholic Church and the country’s Inspector General on Tuesday strongly criticized a court decision to allow a gay U.S. journalist to adopt two Colombian boys, suggesting he may become attracted to them.” If there’s ever been any organization that knows about grown men being attracted to little boys, it’s the Catholic Church. It’s called projection, folks. On the other hand, a gay journalist, I would trust.

We really, really wanted to do a piece on this story. For now, our deepest condolences go to Derence Kerneck, who last week lost the man who would have been his husband if Prop 8 had never existed. Ed Watson was Kerneck’s husband in spirit, no doubt, after spending more than 40 years together.

“The gays have found a new — and I would say more effective — way to make their point. They’re just being themselves. And the sooner politicians catch up with the rest of the United States to realize that gay men, lesbians and their families deserve respect rather than demonization, the better off we’ll all be,” writes Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart. Indeed.

Great news! Michele Bachmann is “biblically qualified” to be president, says former state Rep. Danny Carroll of Grinnell, Iowa, and his group of Iowa Christians. Of course, the Bible would probably suggest stoning to death a woman were she to hold office, but that’s not important to real Bible-believing Christians. No doubt they’ll be enjoying their crab puffs as they don their non-gay poly-cotton Christmas apparel at their next meeting in the White House.

Bill Donohue, who is head of the laughable Catholic League, and has called HIV/AIDS a “self-inflicted wound,” wants to disbar a lawyer for “outbursts of anti-Catholicism in the courtroom,” because she is “an unrepentant individual.” Takes one to know one, Mr. Donohue. By the way, when’s the next annual New York Times ad supporting pedophile priests going to run?

Pam Spaulding notes that, sadly, the SWAN lawsuit against the Department of Defense has been dismissed.

“Veteran White House reporter” Keith Koffler thinks “Obama 50 Minutes Late for Press Conference” is news. “I took a little video to give you an idea what it’s like to be in the room. Notice the LACK OF AN APOLOGY for tardiness. Unless Maliki gave it on behalf of both of them in Arabic.” Because, you know, Obama is a Muslim.

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You notes a J. Matt Barber tweet that suggests “all gay couples are incapable/undesirous of monogamy,” but actually says, “if U grind a unicorn’s horn 2 dust & snort it U can fly.” And here we thought only faeries had wings, Matt.

“Newt Gingrich, the peddler of myths and fantasies, is the modern incarnation of the late L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.” Yup.

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Right-Wingers’ Latest Chick-fil-A Meltdown Proves They Have ‘Officially Jumped the Shark’: Morning Joe Panel



MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch mocked conservatives for running the “woke” hysteria into the ground.

Ron DeSantis and other Republicans have screeched about the so-called “woke agenda,” which they warn will undermine American values and put children at risk from all manner of threats, but the “Morning Joe” host said most voters simply don’t care about that manufactured issue.

“Joe Biden, 350 pieces of bipartisan legislation signed, and Ron DeSantis and everybody else is talking ‘woke, woke, woke, woke, woke,'” Scarborough said. “Again, something that I said on this show and I heard a lot about from liberals, even, in 2021. You’re not hearing it, again, in part because there have been some corrections. You have the head of Berkley Law School, Yale Law School, Stanford Law School going, ‘Hold on, hold on, we’re not going to let these woke mobs get in the way of free speech.’ They’re saying it at the most elite law schools in America, so common-sense Americans are going, ‘Okay, there may still be a problem, but they’re working on it,’ and yet these Republicans are all acting like it’s 2019, 2020 and they just keep freaking out. Well, Joe Biden is talking about job training and signing bipartisan bills.”

Conservatives have turned against Chick-fil-A for hiring a vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion — which actually happened over a year ago but largely escaped notice until recently — and Deutsche said that was a nadir for “woke” hysteria.

READ MORE: ‘Cowards’: Soledad O’Brien rips former CNN colleagues for silence as Chris Licht wrecks the network

“The ‘woke’ movement officially jumped the shark,” he said. “Joe, you touched on this earlier with the Chick-fil-A move. Right-wing company, I don’t say that negatively, very family values, closed on Sundays, the head of the — [company chairman] Dan Cathy came out against same-sex marriages. They’re very conservative. Now, all of a sudden — you’re right, very conservative, obviously a great company, and they came under fire they have a DEI initiative, diversity, coming under fire from right-wing groups. That’s the official moment that ‘woke’ officially jumped the shark and put Fonzie on skis in Honolulu.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

Image by Hector Alejandro via Flickr and a CC license

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Fox Host Says Democrats Don’t Believe in Heaven So They Play ‘Hard’ to ‘Perfect’ Earth



Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy blamed the differences between Republicans and Democrats on religious beliefs about Heaven.

On Sunday’s Fox & Friends program, co-host Pete Hegseth argued religion was liberating because people could realize they aren’t perfect. A video clip of the moment was shared on social media.

“It changes the way you look even at politics,” Campos-Duffy agreed. “And sometimes, you know, we look at how hard on the left they play. They really play for keeps. They play in a way that’s very, you know, a lot of times conservatives look at it and go, why don’t we play as hard as them?”

The Fox News host said Democrats were trying to perfect the Earth because they did not believe in Heaven.

“Well, for them, where we live right now, this place, Earth is it,” she opined. “So everything’s on the line here for them. They think, as you said, they can perfect this Earth. Those of us who have faith don’t believe that. And we believe how we act here determines where we go after. And so we had to behave.”

“And so even in politics, we don’t, you know, we act within those moral limits,” Campos-Duffy insisted. “And you know, the ends justify the means is sort of the rules for radicals. That’s not how Christians act.”

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.


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Extremist Group Targets Florida High School’s Yearbook Over Inclusion of LGBTQ Students Section



The publication of a Florida high school yearbook that included an LGBTQ section has drawn rebuke from a conservative group, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

Lyman High School’s 256-page yearbook includes two pages that highlight the school’s LGBTQ students and features gender identity terms such as “genderfluid” and “nonbinary.”

The Seminole County Public Schools in response to the criticism is offering to issue refunds or reprint the yearbook without the LGBTQ section that the conservative Seminole County Moms for Liberty claims is offensive.

“They shouldn’t have any sexual definitions in a yearbook,” the group’s chapter chair Jessica Tillmann told The Sentinel.

“This is a yearbook that goes to every student as young as 14.”

The school’s yearbook is stirring controversy for a second straight year after the district in 2022 considered putting stickers over photos of a student walkout protesting the so-called “don’t say gay” law, the report said.

The Sentinel’s Skyler Swisher reports that “An LGBTQ+ section in this year’s yearbook includes a picture of members of the student’s Gay-Straight Alliance, definitions of key LGBTQ+ terms, a passage on the evolution of pronouns and a profile of a student who advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Danielle Pomeranz, the school yearbook’s faculty advisor, isn’t on board with the district’s decision to remove the LGBTQ content.

“They are definitions,” Pomeranz told The Sentinel.

“They are not teaching anything about sex at all. … Nobody is teaching anybody about sex acts. It is ridiculous.”

Pomeranz has since resigned from her position in the district, citing in part the Sunshine State’s political climate and an unsupportive district, the report said.

“We’ve always had the LGBTQ+ spread in there,” she said.

“Our job as journalists and members of the yearbook staff is to provide coverage of the entire school and that includes all of the communities, including the LGBTQ+ community.”

Read the full article here.

Image via Shutterstock

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