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Michelle Malkin Hates “Queer The Census,” Sees Vast Obama Conspiracy



Ah, you know, sometimes I miss the good ole days. Like the good ole days of this blog, when I first started writing about Michelle Malkin, who back then was on a campaign of generating hate and hostility toward the rightly-angered, recently-demoted LGBTQ Californians (or, as Malkin likes to call them, the “anti-Prop. 8 mafia,”) who had just had their rights stolen by their neighbors and colleagues via the ballot initiative madness that is Prop 8.

I’ve since penned about a dozen pieces on the inglorious babblings of Michelle Malkin. I’ll confess, my favorite Malkin trivia back then was this bit I wrote in, “Dear Michelle Malkin, I Like You Too!

Dear Michelle Malkin,

I like you too. I like how you’re obsessed with homosexuality. I like how the word “homosexual” appears in 45 of your blog posts, and how the word “gay” appears in well over 150 of your blog posts.

Anyway, the Queen of the Tea Party Movement is back to demonizing gays, this time by way of using Barack Obama, (who, ironically has done little for the LGBTQ community,) and the recent “Queer The Census” efforts, which include celebrities like Star Trek’s George Takei and his husband, Brad Altman, who made a YouTube video urging LGBTQ Americans to check off “married” if in their hearts they are.


Malkin — who recently called for a “Spartacus type revolt,” (revealing, perhaps, her late-night viewing habits?) cannot possibly sleep at night. Too many conspiracies to count, too many backroom dealings to try to divine in her mind. (Perhaps her problem is that instead of counting sheep, she is counting students who are “junior lobbyists [pressuring] legislators for higher education spending, pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage, environmental propaganda, and anti-war causes.”)

In “Politicized Counting,” her National Review piece yesterday, Malkin wrote,

President Obama’s politicized, profligate U.S. Census drive is so desperate for positive press that it has now recruited former Bush senior adviser Karl Rove to do public-service announcements. Rove pleads on video: “Please answer the ten easy questions. They’re almost the same ones Madison helped write for the first Census back in 1790.” Message: If you don’t join the Census bandwagon, James Madison will have lost!

Sorry, Mr. Rove. Playing the Founding Fathers card isn’t going to quell conservative criticism of how the Obama administration has exploited the Census boondoggle for both economic and ideological gain.

Because if there’s one fact I’ll go to my grave knowing is true, it’s that Karl Rove is in bed, ideologically, with Barack Obama. Who knows? Perhaps they’re both Bilderberg members? (Oh, wait. Nope. I checked.) There’s yet one more conspiracy to keep you up at night, Michelle.

You know, I’ll just bet that in response to Malkin’s piece yesterday, Rove published his Wall Street Journal column today, “Obama Has Overpromised and Underdelivered,” just to take the heat from Malkin off his obvious partnership with Obama.

(Who knows, Michelle, maybe Rove really is in bed with Obama? We know Obama checked “African-American” on his census form, and we assume he checked “married,” but to whom… More conspiracy fodder for you, Michelle!)

But unlike her fellow Tea Party Terrorists, Erick Erickson and Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin says she’s actually for the census:

For the record, I have no beef with the constitutional mandate. I complied by filling out my Census form and sending it back — with “American” in the blank for race/ethnicity to register my opposition to government racial classifications.

So, what makes the Obama Census campaign different from other Census programs? First, its naked, left-wing special-interest pandering. The White House is championing a “Queer the Census” movement by pro-gay-marriage groups, for example, and the Commerce Department is working with open-borders leaders who want to use the Census as leverage to stop all immigration raids.

Yes, you know those devious, debilitating “government racial classifications,” designed to help “the man” keep minorities in their place. (You know, Michelle, those people to whom you said, “Shut Up,” as in, “We need the racial grievance-mongers to shut up. Shut. Up.”)

Now, it’s important to keep in mind Malkin’s position on “government racial classifications,” immigration, and citizenship. Malkin, born in Philadelphia to Philippine nationals — her father, a doctor on an employer-sponsored visa — opposes automatic granting of citizenship to children born to foreign nationals, just because they are born on U.S. soil. In other words, Malkin, who has asked of Obama’s birth certificate, “Has anyone seen it? Why shouldn’t the record be in the public domain for presidential candidates?” doesn’t believe Obama is a U.S. citizen, but also doesn’t believe she should be.

I wonder if she’ll consider asking to change her census form — and her “government racial classification” of “American,” (especially since she doesn’t believe she should be,) and, perhaps, her nationality, with all the benefits it offers her and her family? Many benefits she has that, sadly, LGBTQ Americans cannot access because the federal government does not recognize our unions, the very unions Malkin is protesting we want to acknowledge on the U.S. census.

Ah, those crazy Obama census policies.


Malkin also posted her National Review piece on her own blog, under the title, “Obama’s politicized, profligate U.S. census,” and includes this tidbit of Founder-Fodder:

On a related note: D.C. Leader Calls on Illegal Immigrants to Fill Out Census for Taxpayer-Funded Resources.

Stoking the “I want mine” culture of entitlement on your dime.

No, this is not what the Founders intended.

Nor, I’d swear on a stack on Constitutions, Michelle, are you.

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Rufo claimed that Reid was attacking him on air, which she corrected, saying that she was doing nothing more than reading the quote from his own documents.

Reid began by asking at what point “critical race theory” was invented, and he didn’t know, saying sometime in the 1980s or 1990s. Reid cited the Harvard University paper in which it was first mentioned in 1981 by Professor Derrick Bell, who died in 2011.

She cited Rufo’s “documentary” on critical race theory that cites professors or professorial types who he admits are academics who he claims are replacing equality with equity, which is a conservative charge Reid said she’s been hearing since she was in high school. “To ending individual property rights and even to committing reverse genocide or calling for reverse genocide.”

Rufo said that it wasn’t true, which is when Reid said she would play the clip if Rufo allowed her to do it, but he wouldn’t. He said that the term is counter genocide, a genocide perpetrated in retaliation to another genocide.

Rufo claims in his talking points that the father of critical race theory was Ibram X. Kendi, who told Reid that he wasn’t a critical race theorist.

“I admire critical race theory but I don’t identify as a critical race theorist. I’m not a legal scholar, so I wasn’t trained on critical race theory,” Kendi said. “I’m a historian and Chris would know that if he actually read my work or understood that critical race theory is taught in law schools. I didn’t attend law school.”

Rufo began to complain that Reid was citing things and not letting him answer, but she explained she wanted to go through her list of disputes.

Rufo claimed that he wasn’t a political operative, but Reid rolled a video of Rufo speaking at the Claremont Institute on May 18 in which he called critical race theory a political “cudgel,” meaning a giant political weapon. He went on to supplement his point by quoting Barbara Applebaum, who he said was a critical race theorist. She’s, in fact, listed as being trained in philosophy and education and “her research is heavily influenced by feminist ethics, feminist philosophy, and critical race theory.”

He also quoted American author Robin DiAngelo who did her thesis on whiteness in racial dialogues. She also is an education professor, not a critical theorist, according to her website.

“There are these very pathetic and very angry graduate students who try to fight me on these highly technical haggle interpretations,” said Rufo. “I don’t have time for this. Like I don’t give a sh*t.”

Reid noted that there again explains that critical race theory isn’t something being taught in kindergarten, it’s a graduate-level conversation among academics.

His argument fell apart from there.

See the videos below:


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