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Listen: Chick-Fil-A, Mike Huckabee And NOM — Amazing Lies And Hypocrisy



Former Governor Mike Huckabee spoke with National Organization For Marriage (NOM) president Brian Brown today on the Mike Huckabee Show about Chick-Fil-A and its president Dan Cathy, and proceeded to spend five minutes lying about what’s really going on.

For the record, first, remember that Chick-Fil-A has donated $5 million in the past few years to anti-gay hate groups and other organizations that are actively working to prohibit same-sex marriage. Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy isn’t just going around the country shooting off his mouth, invoking the Bible in his attacks on same-sex marriage, he’s putting his company’s money where his Bible is — which is his right, although it’s despicable. But Dan Cathy and his supporter are lying if they say all Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A have done is talked about supporting “traditional marriage.”

When Mike Huckabee says, “Chick-fil-A just wants to sell chicken don’t really get into politics all that much,” he is lying.

Huckabee today was sitting in his studio, talking on the phone to Brian Brown, an invited guest.  Huckabee said, “Well the activist gay community has just gone crazy about this, and called for national boycotts and essentially trying to put them out of business which is a form of economic bullying…”

Brian Brown and his organization, NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, have been waging boycotts for years. Currently, NOM swaging war and making money off their “Dump Starbucks” boycott, and their new “Dump General Mills” boycott.

Did Mike Huckabee ask Brian Brown,” Why have you called for national boycotts? Why are you essentially trying to put Starbucks and General Mills out of business? That’s a form of economic bullying!”

No. And does Brown mention it? No.

Huge hypocrisy!

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You, writes:

Such victims. To hear them tell it, you might think a prominent American businessman had just accused them and their loving bonds as having the power to draw the wrath of a vengeful deity. But then you remember, “Oh wait, no—that wasus who experienced that indignity, delivered by the man they are so disingenuously defending!”

It is quite curious that the staunch, brave, “refusing to be quiet” Brian Brown never actually tells listeners what Dan Cathy said. Must have been an oversight, huh?

Here’s the audio with my transcript below — I’ve left out a tiny portion of Brian Brown’s droning. He talks about Prop 8 and the waitress who supposedly came under attack for donating $100. I’m mentioning it so no one says I’m purposely leaving it out.

MIKE HUCKABEE: I’m sure you are aware that a few days ago I decided that enough was enough when I heard all of this incredible hate speech being directed toward Dan Cathy and the and Cathy family who are the owners of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain all because they support traditional marriage. They don’t force it in the stores they don’t insist upon customers or employees, it is just their personal beliefs. Last time I checked America was a place for people who have a belief and express it personally. Well the activist gay community has just gone crazy about this, and called for national boycotts and essentially trying to put them out of business which is a form of economic bullying, and they’ve engaged in some of the most vicious hate speech towards the company and specifically toward the family I’ve ever seen. Very undeserved. Chick-fil-A just wants to sell chicken don’t really get into politics all that much but now they’ve been drug into it by these groups that want to destroy their business and some of us decided we ought to stand up with them so I said let’s have an appreciation day for Chick-fil-A Wednesday, August 1 just go eat at Chick-fil-A we’re not doing a political rally we’re not having a big bunch of signs printed, just go eat.

One of the first major organizations that joined in this was the National Organization For Marriage, a highly respected large outreach, essentially, to try to encourage people recognize the civilization rests on the idea of a good marriage. Brian Brown is the president of the National Organization For Marriage and he joins me now on The Mike Huckabee Show, Brian, thanks for being here and thanks for standing up out for this fine family and as for the issue just to say it’s okay.

BRIAN BROWN: Well thank you Gov. Huckabee, you’ve been a real leader, we were proud to follow suit and August 1 we’re encouraging all our folks to get out there — I think it’s going to be a real show of support… A lot of people you know they hold their beliefs, every time the people in this country they’ve gone to the ballot box they’ve voted to protect marriage as the union of a man and woman, even in one liberal state, and people are sort of just tired at the idea if you have a man like Dan Cathy or Truett Cathy, men that have stood up have done a great job creating a business anyone who’s eaten there knows that they’re highly professional, they show love and respect for everyone, but just by standing up and stating his beliefs, his Christian beliefs, that somehow you have all this hate speech directed and you even have the Boston Mayor saying he’s not going to allow Chick-Fil-A into Boston. That in and of itself is discrimination, and we need to stand behind folks lie the Cathys and we’re proud to do it.

MIKE HUCKABEE: Well it was that Boston mayor’s comments that kind of pushed me over the edge and I thought wait a minute, when you have elected officials saying you can’t do commerce in my town because I disagree with you in your personal life that really was just a bridge too far.
Brian also I want to mention Facebook, trying to censor the event page that we created had about 1 million hits over 100,000 people that said we’ll show up at a Chick-Fil-A, I was shocked that Facebook said that didn’t keep with their standards, but they had a page that was also running that was same-sex kiss day at Chick-Fil-A restaurants on another day that they were trying to promote and that was okay. Since Facebook has relented and put the page backup does it surprise you that double standard and the the attitude that anything that a Christian does is hideously wrong and bigoted but if you take a position that really is out of the mainstream we’re going protect that and say it’s okay.

BRIAN BROWN: …people refusing to back down, doing it in love, doing it with respect, but not willing to be cowed. And, you know, we are on the right side of history,a lot of times you hear supporters of same=sex marriage, folks who want to redefine marriage say, well, this is the future…This is a really simple and civilization-defining idea that it takes a man and a woman to make a marriage an simply for saying it it’s absolutely unconscionable that people will want to trey to hurt you and Facebook would want to shut you down. But we have the power in our hands, both through voting and where we take our dollars, and simply in refusing to be cowed, refusing to be quiet in the face of this sort of intimidation. God bless you…

MIKE HUCKABEE: My thanks also to the National Organization For Marriage, a highly respected family organization that has been willing to courageously show leadership in states where there have been ballot measures to not change something but rather to leave it alone, to simply allow us to continue to the traditional view of marriage and thanks so much again for being here hope to chat again soon.

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‘Absolutely Repulsive’: Some House Republicans Are Now Wearing an Assault Weapon Lapel Pin



At least three House Republicans this week began wearing pins in the shape of an assault weapon on their clothing. U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY), U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) were all caught on camera with the pins, leading some to express outrage.

U.S. Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) was among the first to circulate images of the two Republicans wearing the pins.

“Where are these assault weapon pins coming from? Who is passing these out?” he asked.

Aaron Fritschner, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director for U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), captured an image of Congressman Clyde wearing the pin on his tie.

“Absolutely repulsive,” Duke University Professor of Global Health and Public Policy, Gavin Yamey said in response to the assault weapon pins. “We have mass shootings almost daily, and the Republicans are wearing assault weapon pins FFS.”

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One of the Members wearing the pins, Congresswoman Luna, on Wednesday also participated in a House Natural Resources panel debate to push back on Democrats’ attempt to ban firearms inside the Committee’s hearing room.

She tweeted later, “The same Democrats who are voting to send firearms to Ukraine are telling me I can’t carry one.”

Politico reports the meeting (video below) was “raucous.”

Sociology professor and author Samuel Perry observed, “Republican members of congress are wearing AR-15 lapel pins. That’s not just tone deaf. We find Republicans value gun rights more than any other right, including freedom of speech or religion. No need for a flag or cross pin. The gun is both their patriotic & religious symbol.”

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called wearing the pins “freaking sick,” and noted “they are doing it during #GVSurvivorsWeek,” the hashtag for National Gun Violence Survivors Week.

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U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) also pointed to National Gun Violence Survivors Week.

“While gun violence continues to be the leading cause of death for children in our country,
@GOP members are wearing assault rifle pins during #GVSurvivorsWeek. Shameful.”

American historian of Christianity Diana Butler Bass did not mince words: “Always said it was just a matter of time before the GOP replaced the cross with an assault rifle. Guns are their god.”

Democratic Texas state Rep. Gene Wu said the GOP “has stopped playing coy and is now openly and unabashedly praising mass shooters. Will there be special versions to celebrate specific mass shootings?”

Professor of International Relations Nicholas Grossman said: “Legislators from party that defends recent coup attempt by their up-til-recently—and possibly still—party leader replace traditional patriotic flag pin with a pin depicting a rifle.”

California state Sen. Dave Min weighed in, saying, “The debate over 2A [the Second Amendment] has never been about 2A. It’s about ‘disrupting’ civilized society as we know it, and trolling the ordinary Americans concerned about our insane levels of gun violence. That’s why it’s the biggest assholes who are most loudly touting irresponsible gun access.”

The addition of the assault weapon pins to Republican Members’ clothing comes on the heels of U.S. Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) distributing grenades to fellow Members last week. In a note he declared they are “inert.”

See video and photos above or at this link.

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Kyle Rittenhouse to Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit After 100-Hour Hunt to Find Him



Kyle Rittenhouse, who skyrocketed to fame in right-wing circles after shooting and killing two protesters during a social rights march in 2020, is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim’s father, according to PBS.

The lawsuit was filed by John Huber, the father of one of the two victims, and also includes city officials and police officers. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman dismissed motions from the city officials, police officers and Rittenhouse to dismiss the civil rights case in its entirety.

Huber’s lawsuit states that Rittenhouse conspired with police officers to intentionally cause harm to the protesters who were marching in reaction to the shooting of Jacob Blake, who was injured by a Wisconsin police officer.

Rittenhouse, an Illinois resident, drove to the demonstrations in Wisconsin and was a minor at age 17 at the time.

In the ruling Adelman said Huber’s death “could plausibly be regarded as having been proximately caused by the actions of the government defendants. Huber was killed after Rittenhouse was running after he shot and killed his first victim in the parking lot of a car dealership and Huber hit Rittenhouse with a skateboard to disarm him. After falling to the ground Rittenhouse fatally shot Huber and wounded another protester Gaige Grosskreutz, who also has filed a civil lawsuit against Rittenhouse.

Huber’s lawyers and private investigators needed over 100 hours to locate Rittenhouse to serve him with the civil lawsuit paperwork, eventually serving him at his sister’s house. Rittenhouse’s lawyers tried to argue the case should be dismissed because he was not properly served. The judge dismissed that claim.

Rittenhouse has become a popular Republican right-wing speaker at public events and has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that Jacob Blake was shot and injured, but not killed, as originally reported.

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Hunter Biden Is Fighting Back



After years of being the right wing’s punching bag, Hunter Biden is fighting back.

The 52-year old attorney, investor, lobbyist, father of five, and Navy veteran who just happens to be the son of the President of the United States, is calling for state and federal investigations into how his personal, private information from his now-infamous laptop was disseminated, according to CBS News.

Biden is also threatening a defamation lawsuit against Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

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The “flurry of letters to the Delaware attorney general, the Department of Justice, the I.R.S. and attorneys for Fox News and Carlson,” CBS reports, “represent an aggressive new strategy for the president’s son, who is facing long-running federal criminal investigations, as well as new probes promised by congressional Republicans, according to a source familiar with Biden’s approach.”

“This marks a new approach by Hunter Biden and his team,” the source told CBS News. “He is not going to sit quietly by as questionable characters continue to violate his rights and media organizations peddling in lies try to defame him.”

Biden lost his mother and sister in a car crash injuring him and his brother when he was just two years old, and later, that same brother, Beau Biden, the longtime Delaware Attorney General, died from an aggressive cancer of the brain.

CBS reports Biden’s “computer data that was turned over to the FBI showed no evidence of tampering or fabrication, according to an independent review commissioned by CBS News.”

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But The Washington Post last year hired two forensic investigators, and they reached different conclusions.

“From a forensics standpoint, it’s a disaster,” said Jake Williams, who the Post describes as “a forensics expert and former National Security Agency operative who once hacked the computers of foreign adversaries.” The other investigator, Matt Green, the Post says is “a Johns Hopkins University security researcher who specializes in cryptography.”

“The drive is a mess,” Green told The Post.

The Post found that “the lack of what experts call a ‘clean chain of custody’ undermined Green’s and Williams’s ability to determine the authenticity of most of the drive’s contents.” The “clean chain of custody” refers to the fact that countless individuals have had access to the hard drive.

“The vast majority of the data — and most of the nearly 129,000 emails it contained — could not be verified by either of the two security experts who reviewed the data for The Post,” the newspaper reported. “Neither found clear evidence of tampering in their examinations, but some of the records that might have helped verify contents were not available for analysis, they said. The Post was able in some instances to find documents from other sources that matched content on the laptop that the experts were not able to assess.”

Meanwhile, CBS News also reports that in a ” letter sent Wednesday, Biden attorney Bryan Sullivan demanded that Fox News and Tucker Carlson devote airtime to retracting statements made about Biden paying ‘rent’ to his father, ‘in what Mr. Carlson implied was essentially a money laundering scheme to finance President Biden’s lifestyle prior to his election … and alluding to Mr. Biden having unauthorized access to classified documents because of his presence at President Biden’s house.’ Sullivan writes that the claims were false, and even after others acknowledged as much, Carlson continued to make them.”

“The letter, which cites California’s defamation statute, notes that the Daily Caller website retracted an article that made similar claims.”

Image via Wikimedia and a CC license

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