Liberty Counsel: Gays Are Terrorists Who Want To Jail Conservatives

The Liberty Counsel's J. Matt Barber says on his daily radio talk show that gays are terrorists and want to put conservatives in jail. Barber, who in the past worked for the now-certified hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, is the Director of Cultural Affairs for Liberty Counsel and is an Associate Dean with Jerry Falwell's Liberty University School of Law.

"I've said this before and I'll say it right now," Barber says on an episode of Faith & Freedom, which will air later this week. "The sexual anarchist lobby, this radical, militant lobby, wants three things in this order: they want to see those of us who hold traditional values and have a biblical view of sexual behavior and sexual morality; they want to see us behind bars. Absent that, if that doesn't work, they want to see us discredited, our licenses, my law licenses revoked, unable to teach in schools and so forth. They want us completely discredited and marginalized to the fringes of society. Finally and included in that is the inability, they want to see people like us not able to make a living. And that's why they're going after these organizations and they're using economic terrorism, for lack of a better phrase."

Curiously, just yesterday, Bryan Fischer, Barber's compatriot in the militant anti-gay movement, stated that he wanted to see homosexuals behind bars. It's almost a race to see who can make the most outlandish statement this week!


Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch, who again generously provides us with this transcript, and who has the audio on their site (go listen to it!) writes today,

"Liberty Counsel's Matt Baber dedicates the program to discussing how "homo-fascists" are unfairly pressuring businesses to drop out of the "charity-giving" program run by the right-wing CGBG. As noted in previous posts, the CGBG sets up a virtual mall for consumers to shop at companies and donate part of their proceeds to charity groups. However, these charities include the far-right, anti-gay Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and Liberty Counsel. Barber, who in 2008 personally led a boycott rally in front of McDonalds' corporate headquarters, now complains that LGBT rights and women's rights advocates are using "economic terrorism" to convince retailers to leave the CGBG.

"Taking a page from Tony Perkins and Bill Donohue, Barber claims that the Religious Right are victims of persecution from gays and lesbians."

Regular readers will remember that Liberty Counsel are the lovely folks who represented Florida teacher Jerry Buell last week. Buell is the teacher who wrote on Facebook that he "almost threw up" when he heard the news about New York's marriage equality law passing. Buell also called same-​sex marriage "sin," and part of a larger "cesspool."

The gun-shilling Barber in the past has said that Liberalism is hatred for God,

And let's not forget the bigger movement here, to paint gays as un-American as possible. The Right has now decided to use anti-Islam tactics against us.

Barber  says we practice "terrorism," Santorum says we are waging a "jihad" against him, and Brian Brown of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, says we waged a "fatwa" against Florida teacher Jerry Buell.

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