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GOProud Gay Conservatives: Born This Way?



Have you ever wondered if, just as people are “born this way,” to be gay, they may also be “born this way” to be conservative or liberal? Studies show that indeed, people may be genetically predisposed to become liberal or conservative. So, can we fault our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters if they are born Republican? (Can we fault them also for being birthers?)

Perhaps not, but that doesn’t give them the license to attack without cause their fellow Democratic, Liberal, Progressive, Independent, or even Republican/Conservative gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters. And the anti-Left rhetoric and hate — especially unprovoked — coming from GOProud, its founders, and supporters, is unacceptable.

GOProud claims it is, “committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.” No mention in there of constant anti-Left and at times, anti-gay hate.

READ: Gay And Straight Teen Suicide Attempts Higher In Conservative Regions.

Coincidentally to Mike Signorile’s excellent post today in the Advocate, calling GOProud — the gay Tea Party Republican group — “self-loathing,” this past weekend I “hung out” in a conversation on GOProud’s Facebook page.

READ: GOProud On NPR Again Attacks “The Gay Left” As “The Most Intolerant”

Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud’s co-founder, who has said, “Our organization’s number one goal between now and November 2012 is defeating Barack Obama,” posted a link to the Advocate’s review of an NPR interview with LaSalvia, about which I had also written. I was appalled at an initial comment by a reader in the thread, which said,

“If the Left and the Democrats really supported equality for gays, they could have proved it by repealing DOMA and passing ENDA when they had control of Congress and the White House. They didn’t, because they don’t. They were dragged kicking and screaming into repealing DADT. Obama is viciously anti-gay. Gays who are conservatives and/or Republicans are fiscal conservatives. There is plenty of support for gay equality among fiscal conservatives. Our battle for equality is with social conservatives on the Right AND the Left who believe in imposing their values through the coercive powers of government.”

(emphasis mine.)

Wow. Just wow.


“If Obama and the Democrats supported equality for gays, Prop. 8 would not have passed and gays would have federal equality right this minute.”


Usually I don’t bother with these social media battles — I used to, but realized what a time-suck they are. But I could not help myself!

“I’m so sorry. I was under the obviously false impression that Obama signed the Hate Crimes bill into law, and that he refused to defend DOMA, and that he is the first president to even mention positively and consistently the LGBT community,” I responded, rather infuriated. “I must have read the news wrong today when I thought I saw that Obama’s DOJ today encouraged an LGBT supportive environment in schools I missed the news that detailed how John Boehner decided to not spend $500+ million unappropriated tax dollars on defending DOMA, and how he is pushing for ENDA to pass, along with the DREAM Act. And how could I have missed the news when Newt Gingrich fought tooth and nail against Bill Clinton and the Democrats against DOMA and DADT? I guess my Wall Street Journal subscription must have expired when Denny Hastert railed against Bush and fought to get ENDA passed, and begged George W. to not use marriage equality as a wedge issue to drive his base of rigious bigots to the polls. Thank you for straightening me out.”

And true to their leaders’ behavior, the fireworks ensued.

But what I was honsestly surprised at was the level of ignorance and the embrace of misinformation that almost every person who commented exhibited. Evidently, even gay Republicans watch Fox News, which, as we know, is responsible for the highest level of misinformation in the cable news world.

Some more ignorance from the GOProud group:

“What exactly has Obama done for gay america?”

“Don’t say he brought an end to DADT, because that’s a joke. If he wanted that done, it would have been done while he had the entire 3 branches of gov’t.” (No, the President cannot control all three branches, which include the Supreme Court — especially not this Supreme Court!)

“If Obama and the Democrats supported equality for gays, Prop. 8 would not have passed and gays would have federal equality right this minute.” (Um, Obama was a Senator when Prop 8 passed, and Prop 8 is a state referendum, not a federal issue. There was little he could have done, aside from speak out more than he did. And, Prop 8 and DOMA are not the same. Wow.)

“The Left exploits and abuses gays without shame and you lap it up and beg for more. And you get the worst of all worlds because not only do you support people who believe it is their holy duty to kill you for being gay — Muslims and illegal immigrants from anti-gay and anti-feminist cultures — AND put THEIR interests ahead of those of gays — you also are fighting the fiscal conservative principles that provide the financial liberty that gays need to survive because of employment discrimination. Why are you such a self-loathing doormat?” (Pot. Kettle. Black…)

“The “gay left” have hijacked the gay movement…”

“The left is too focused on “social justice” issues.” (Right… Where are the jobs, Mr. Boehner? And why have Republicans introduced over 600 anti-abortion bills this year alone?)

“I am certain that Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and FOX NEWS do not hate Gays…absolutely certain. FOX NEWS is the only major media organization that presents the news through the prism of capitalism and limited government…I appreciate that bias.”

My reponse also included,

“YOU folks here are the Republicans. Why don’t you stop wasting your time bashing the Left, and start focusing on your Republican elected officials to support repeal of DOMA, and support ENDA, and stop trying to delay DADT repeal.
The Left is FAR from perfect. But we’re trying. Like I said, what Republican elected officials are working to repeal DOMA, working to make ENDA happen, working to get DADT certified? If you folks, and your illustrious leaders Jimmy and Chris would stop bashing the Left and maybe partner with us, together we could get things done.
Honestly, it’s pretty embarrassing that we all share something in common and yet we can’t put aside our differences and fight the real opposition – the people who are actively oppressing us.
I hope someday that will happen. But until the bashing and name-calling stop, it won’t.

I also chided,

“just stop the Glenn Beck parroting and start getting your side to do its job.
The left is too focused on social issues?
The GOP has introduced over 600 anti-abortion bills this year alone.
Get on the damn phone and call your elected representatives and tell them to focus on creating real jobs, not abortion, not banning same-sex marriage, not anything but jobs. Have you?”

Born this way? Perhaps. But you have to admit, it takes a lot of self-loathing, as Signorile wrote, to be gay and against the right of LGBT people to marry, to be in favor of DOMA, to be against ENDA. It just does.

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AOC Smacks Down QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Over LGBTQ Equality Act



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Rep. Greene, Republican of Georgia, has been waging war against the bill, falsely claiming it “destroys women’s rights and religious freedom,” and is “evil.”

Greene on Wednesday bragged on Twitter that she had just made a motion to adjourn, in a lame attempt to derail the legislation from moving forward.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez blasted and mocked her, saying, “You could just vote ‘no’ instead of trying to get out of work early.”

And she reminded Greene that trans women are women.

AOC did not stop there.

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Biden is set to nominate three candidates to the Postal Service’s Board of Governors, giving Democrats a majority, The Washington Post reports.

The President “will nominate Ron Stroman, the Postal Service’s recently retired deputy postmaster general; Amber McReynolds, the chief executive of National Vote at Home Institute; and Anton Hajjar, the former general counsel of the American Postal Workers Union,” the Post reports.

McReynolds’ inclusion was hailed, given her work as a voting rights advocate.

Earlier Wednesday DeJoy snarkily told Democrats they will have to “get used to” him, saying he has no plans to resign despite the millions of dollars of damage to postal machines he caused, and despite the massive delays in mail delivery times he created. Many believe those actions were taken after President Donald Trump waged war on mail-in voting which Democrats advocated for to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. It was, many say, a concerted effort to undermine the election.



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U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) slammed his Republican colleagues for “gaslighting” during Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the USPS, which featured testimony by embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Connolly spoke following U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jody Hice (R-GA). Hice defended DeJoy to the hilt, falsely attacking Democrats for what he said was their “nonsensical, insane, rabid rhetoric.”

“We’ve got to get away from the attacks and the unfounded allegations and I’m pleased to hear that you, as an admitted Democrat, understand that the allegations against Mr. DeJoy were unwarranted,” Hice told a witness.

Hice also claimed that if DeJoy had tried to “alter” the election “he miserably failed.” He also falsely claimed the postal service succeeded “with almost perfect delivery” of mail-in ballots.

That was the tenor of the hearing.

Later, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (D-OH) was the one to engage in gaslighting, and Congressman Connolly had had enough:

“All the gaslighting that we just heard does not change the facts,” he said, scorching Jordan.

“I didn’t vote to overturn an election. And I will not be lectured by people who did about partisanship.”

Connolly later weighed in, re-tweeting the video and saying, “Sorry, you lose the right to complain about partisanship once you’ve fanned the flames of violent insurrection.”

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