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Fischer: Homosexual Bigots Commit Hate Crime Of Commenting On Blogs



Bryan Fischer, in part 8 of his series,”homosexual bigots commit hate crimes,” falsely states today that “Christophobic gay activists” want to “continue a campaign of threats, harassment and intimidation.” Fischer cites several dozen “examples” of comments from anonymous blog readers, some from the day Prop 8 passed.

Here’s the list Fischer uses, pulled from a World Net Daily article titled, “QUEERLY BELOVED: Support traditional marriage? ‘You’re dead’ ‘I’m a gay guy who owns guns, and he’s my next target’.”

  • “You’re dead. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon … you’re dead.”
  • “I’m a gay guy who owns guns, and he’s my next target”
  • “I will kill you and your family.”
  • “Oh my G**, This woman is so f—ing stupid. Someone please shoot her in the head, again and again. And again.”
  • “I’m going to kill the pastor.”
  • “We’re going to kill you.”
  • “I warn you, I know how to kill, I’m an ex-special forces person.”
  • “Get ready for retribution all you bigots.”
  • Burn their f—ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.”
  • “I will kill you and your family.”
  • “If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter.”
  • “Keep letting [the pastor] preach hate and he’ll be sorry.”
  • “You better stay off the olympic peninsula. . it’s a very dangerous place filled with people who hate racists, gay bashers and anyone who doesn’t believe in equality. fair is fair.”
  • “If Larry Stickney can do ‘legal’ things that harm OUR family, why can’t we go to Arlington, WA to harm his family?”
  • “I advocate using violence against the property of ALL of those who are working tirelessly to HURT my family; starting with churches and government property. Government is enabling a vote on whether or not I ‘should be allowed’ to see my husband while he is dying in the hospital—any NORMAL man would be driven to get a gun and kill those who tried such evil cruelty against his loved ones.”
  • “I wanna fight you. I wanna fight you right now.”
  • “Throw Rocks Here” (sign with arrow pointing to pastor’s head)
  • “You guys deserve to die” (uttered during a physical attack)
  • “I’ll bust your cap.”
  • “You’re on my block now, bro. [If] you guys don’t leave within 20 minutes, there’s gonna be some problems. . . . I’m telling you right now, 20 minutes.”
  • “[I’ll] see you in my trunk.”
  • “I’m going to give them something to be f–ing scared of….I’m a radical who is now on a
  • mission to make them all pay for what they’ve done.”
  • “YOU LOST!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha Get ready for retribution all you bigots!!!!!!” (email sent within hours of Supreme Court’s decision in Doe v. Reed)
  • “You conservative Christians are f****** poison.”
  • “Can someone in CA please go burn down the Mormon temples there, PLEASE. I mean seriously. DO IT.”
  • “F*** you Mormons. Yeah you heard me. F*** you. F*** you and your narrow minded hypocritical a****. F*** you for putting money into taking away a persons right. . . .”
  • “As far as mormons and catholics…I warn them to watch their backs.”
  • “Oh Mormons, go f*** yourselves!” (sung to cheering crowds at same-sex marriage demonstrations)
  • “The Mormon church (just like most churches) is a cesspool of filth. It is a breeding ground for oppression of all sorts and needs to be confronted, attacked, subverted and destroyed.”
  • “I fully support violence against churches who are politically-active as anti-gay . . . .”
  • “If you were afraid that your kids learning about homosexuals would corrupt them, you have no IDEA what I’m going to do to them.”

Now, let me be clear: In no way are any of these comments acceptable. If I were to find them — or others like them — on this site, I would most likely ban the IP address and delete the comment.

But to use anonymous threats written mostly on blogs or in the comments section of blogs is reaching pretty far. If those are examples of hate crimes, Fischer and his ilk haven’t begun to understand the depths of their own hatred.

A trip to Michelle Malkin’s blog, or any other right-wing extremist’s blog will show similar types of comments, so perhaps Fischer should examine his own house first?

That said, Google some of these comments, as I did, and you’ll find where they were published. Go for it.

And spread the word that these types of comments are beneath us.

Fischer, who would be the first to cry loss of religious liberty and freedom of speech if his people’s comments were attacked, has no problem claiming these are examples of “heterophobic” hate crimes.

Fischer misstates, as he often does, by writing, “The homosexual movement is not a benign movement. It is driven by a frightening hatred directed against anyone who stands unapologetically for time-honored moral values.

“Until our culture comes to understand that, and until values-driven citizens understand that evil triumphs when good men do nothing, the parade of hate crimes perpetrated by homosexual activists will continue. And you, if you don’t cower in silence, may be their next victim.”

Fischer, for those of you who are new to him, is the public voice of the certified hate group American Family Association, which operates over 180 radio stations in 40 states, and has a large Internet site streaming videos of their shows.

It’s amazing how ignorant of his own words Fischer truly is.

Fischer last week said, “Fidelity In Same-Sex Relationships Is Virtually Unheard Of.”

In May, Fischer said, “ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Homosexual activists,when it comes to freedom of speech, are Nazis. When it comes to freedom of religion, they areNazis. There is no room in their world dissent, there is no room in their world for disagreement, there is no room in their world for criticism. You criticize homosexual behavior, they tag you as a bigot and a homophobe and then they got to work to silence you just like the Roman Catholic Church did in the days of Galileo — it’s no different; it’s the Spanish Inquisition all over again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Do not be under any illusions about what homosexual activists will do with your freedoms and your religion if they have the opportunity. They’ll do the same thing to you that the Nazis did to their opponents in Nazi Germany.’”

For those of you who may have forgotten, here are a few of Fischer’s other lies:

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Bryan Fischer: Nazi Party “Formed In A Gay Bar” By “Homosexual Thugs”

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Gays Will Make Christian Military Officers Victims Of Virtual Genocide Hate Crimes

Gays Are Nazis

Oh, by the way, here’s the defintion of “hate crime” Fischer published:

“A hate crime…involves threats, harassment, or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone’s…religion…” –

Now, here’s the full definition,

“A hate crime is usually defined by state law as one that involves threats, harassment, or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone’s race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.”

See the difference?

Who’s committing hate crimes? Angry, anonymous Internet posters, or the public voice of a huge, multi-million dollar corporation already certified as a hate group?

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Trump appealed U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell’s decision ordering Corcoran to testify and hand over documents, including handwritten notes. The Appeals Court in light speed mode, rejected Trump’s appeal.

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Former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann, who also worked for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and headed the DOJ’s Criminal Fraud Section, Wednesday afternoon on MSNBC said it’s possible Judge Howell’s expedited decisions were related to national security.

Tuesday night Judge Howell ordered DOJ to provide information by 6:00 AM Wednesday.

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“The reason this is a bombshell is you could end up with Evan Corcoran as a key, fundamental witness against Donald Trump in an obstruction of justice case and a false statements case,” Weissmann adds.

According to Politico, Wednesday’s appeals court ruling “effectively permits the Justice Department to circumvent Trump’s attorney-client privilege after a lower-court judge found that the documents likely contain evidence of a crime.”

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This article was updated to correctly spell Andrew Weissmann’s last name.

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Attorneys for the Special Counsel “said there is evidence of a deliberate effort not to turn over all the material covered by the subpoena,” The Washington Post reports, citing people familiar with the matter.

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell had reportedly agreed with Special Counsel Smith that there is sufficient evidence proving Donald Trump may have committed a crime via his attorneys, and ruled his attorney must testify before a grand jury. The ruling, which was not made public, was handed down Friday night, NBC News reported Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Howell “ruled in favor of applying the ‘crime fraud’ exception to Trump’s attorney-client privilege and ordered Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify before the federal grand jury.”

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Trump’s attorneys have already appealed the ruling.

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Trump could take his case all the way to the Supreme Court, but The Post says it’s “not clear he would have a much better chance of success there.”

According to an NBC News report from October, Corcoran directed another Trump attorney, Christina Bobb, to sign the letter claiming a thorough search of Mar-a-Lago had been made and all classified or “sensitive” documents had been returned. That was proven untrue after federal agents, executing a search warrant, recovered hundreds of documents with classified markings.

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