Facebook Deletes NoH8 Campaign Founder Adam Bouska’s Page. Why?

Adam Bouska, fashion photographer and founder of the very famous NoH8 Campaign, has just had his Facebook page deleted. Facebook refuses to discuss why, and, via Twitter, Facebook writes,

"All those asking about @bouska : We hear you and our team is investigating, but we can't share any specifics on someone's acct."

I won't suggest Facebook has anything against Adam Bouska. In fact, as you remember, Facebook acted very quickly to delete over a dozen anti-gay hate groups that were based on Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is strange that these types of things happen.

Ironically, you can join the "Bring Back Adam Bouska's Facebook Page," um, Facebook page.

Adam Bouska, you'll remember, created the very recent NoH8 photos of Cindy and Megan McCain, and, well, me...

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