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Dan Savage A “Terrorist” Says Santorum-Supporting Kill The Gays Advocate



Dan Savage is a “terrorist,” claims the Rick Santorum supporting Molotov Mitchell — a right wing religious extremist, an advocate of Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, a birther, a World Net Daily contributing videographer, and an uber-homophobe — in this just-released video.

In “Who hates Rick Santorum?,” Molotov Mitchell, who has been making his offensively, often false “For The Record” videos for a few years now, props up Santorum by saying “you can judge a man by his enemies,” asking, “Who hates Rick Santorum?” Mitchell answers his own question, pointing to Santorum’s enemies: “Muslims and Gay Activists.”

“Muslims hate everybody, I mean, half the time they’re bombing each others mosques,” Mitchell falsely states. But what’s to be expected from World Net Daily?

In his video, Molotov Mitchell calls Dan Savage not only a “terrorist,” but a “hollow life form,” “a filth-spewing hate activist,” “a miserable creature,” and, “a hate monger posing as a guy who hates hate mongers.” Mitchell adds, “Dan Savage infects everything he touches,” and says, “Literally, Dan Savage is a walking STD.”

“And that’s why I set up,,” Molotov brags. Molotov’s cute little domain forwards to, which currently is losing its $250,000 “money bomb” fundraising race.

Mitchell, to be fair (not something Mitchell deserves, since he rarely is,) does state some truths, but certainly not the entire picture. Like, the fact that Dan Savage apologized for his comments about GOP Senators made on Bill Maher’s HBO show, “Real Time.”

Media Matters senior editor Terry Krepel last year penned an extensive examination, titled, “Who Is Molotov Mitchell?

The lost value of accuracy, however, is much lower on Mitchell’s agenda. Then again, the willingness to smear Obama with extreme prejudice (and extreme inaccuracy) and an obsession with Obama’s birth certificate — not to mention the homophobia — makes him a natural fit at WorldNetDaily, which has been hosting and promoting Mitchell’s videos for the past year. Since then, Mitchell has been upholding WND’s tradition of lies and smears against anyone who’s not a right-winger like them — and living up to his nickname by preferring fiery, destructive vitriol over intellectual enlightenment.

“For the record”? Not so much. For the hate of anyone who dares to disagree with him or even perhaps just looks or acts different than him? Absolutely.

Molotov Mitchell states, “Most Americans believe, Dan, that marriage is only between man and woman.” Well, Mr. Mitchell, I’ve got a half-dozen nationwide, credible polls that prove you’re wrong, as we know that time after time, the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage. “And all your lies, all your hate speech and threats, can’t change that,” Mitchell claims. Well, Mitchell, all your lies, all your hate speech and threats, can’t change the truth.

In fact, not only do we know that the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage equality, but we know that support in America for LGBT rights is at an all-time high,and that 58% of Americans say homosexuality should be accepted by society. How’s that for truth?

Regular New Civil Rights Movement readers know I’ve had my difference of opinion with Dan Savage, but, as was confirmed when I interviewed Savage a few months ago, at the end of the day Dan Savage has done far more good for our community than most, and I applaud much of his work, even if some, like some of the issues Molotov Mitchell mentions — however he may have twisted them — had been better left unsaid.

Mitchell laments of Dan Savage’s “Google bombing” of Rick Santorum, redefining “Santorum,” and asks, “Why, Because Santorum had a difference of opinion?”

No, Molotov, working to deny American citizens their constitutional rights and denigrating them to the point that the youth in our community are killing themselves is not a “difference of opinion,” it’s verbal assault and hate speech — at the very least — that in many other countries would land someone in jail, and it’s committed in this country daily by hollow life form filth-spewing hate mongering miserable creatures like you.


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‘No Question’: Former Top FBI Official Says Trump World Statements Are ‘An Attempt to Intimidate a Witness’



Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi says the messages shared by Vice-Chair Liz Cheney during Tuesday’s bombshell hearing of the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack are “witness tampering.”

“There is no question in my mind that what you just read is an attempt to intimidate a witness. No question about it,” Figliuzzi said on MSNBC Friday afternoon about statements now reportedly sent or said to Cassidy Hutchinson, the former aide and advisor to Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Parts of those statements read: “He wants me to let you know he’s thinking about you,” “As long as you stay on the team and do the right thing, you’ll stay in good graces,” and, “He knows you’re loyal and you’re going to do the right thing.”

Figliuzzi said “there’s little doubt here” that those are examples of witness tampering.

“This is law school first year 101 Criminal Procedure. At the very least, DOJ now has enough to open a witness tampering investigation. We can talk about whether they would win or not, who did it or not, reasonable doubt or not, but there is no question in my mind that what you just read is an attempt to intimidate a witness. No question about it. When you then add that to the fact that it appears that they provided, her initial attorney to her, Cassidy Hutchinson, you now have a without a doubt, predication to open a federal witness tampering investigation.”

RELATED: Trump Declares Hutchinson ‘Totally Discredited’ as Former Aide Says Someone in His Orbit Tried to Influence Her Testimony

The Committee did not reveal who made those statements, but later reporting indicates Hutchinson conveyed both those messages to the Committee, suggesting she was the recipient.

On Thursday Politico reported that “Hutchinson told the committee she was contacted by an intermediary for Mark Meadows, according to a person familiar with her final deposition.” Meadows has since denied the allegation.

Pointing to that Politico article on Twitter, Figliuzzi on Thursday wrote: “This is witness tampering. Cassidy Hutchinson was the target. They picked the wrong young woman.”

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Newsmax Host Says Pride Month Makes Heterosexuals ‘Feel Marginalized,’ LGBTQ People Are No Longer ‘Persecuted’



A Newsmax host on Thursday celebrated the end of Pride Month, declaring anti-LGBTQ attacks, marginalization, discrimination, and bullying in the past, claiming Americans were required to display the LGBTQ Pride flag or risk getting “in trouble,” while lamenting the concept of “pride” as exclusionary and “a negative thing.”

“It’s June 30. I gotta say, I’m glad that June is over. The flag, pride, whatever. What was it, Gay Pride Month, right? I mean, it was, it was too much,” said Greg Kelly, a host on the far-right-wing network.

“It was just too much, everywhere. If you had a business, if you had a building, if you had a house, if you had a dog house, you had to put a flag, a gay pride flag up, or else you could be in trouble,” he said falsely.

RELATED: Texas Attorney General Says He’s ‘Willing and Able’ to Defend Law Banning Sodomy if Supreme Court Reverses Ruling

Kelly then denounced the “relentless programming,” and the “celebration.”

“You see, this has gotten so big, that those of us who happen to be heterosexual feel excluded, feel marginalized,” Kelly insisted.

“Now, I don’t want anybody to feel that way. And I do know that gay people were persecuted unfairly, they could be targeted and canceled. But that’s not America anymore. That’s long ago,” he claimed, literally days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a civil right to privacy, with one Justice warning specifically that the constitutional right of same-sex couples to engage in intimate contact and to marry should be reviewed and the “error” corrected.

RELATED: Ron DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Goes Into Effect Today as Schools Scramble to Avoid Parental Lawsuits

In mid-June Kelly claimed, “this Pride month is borderline out-of-control.”

On Thursday Kelly closed his commentary by saying, “when it comes to gay pride, it’s not the gay part. But frankly, it’s the pride part. Pride is actually a negative thing, isn’t it?”

Watch video below or at this link:


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Ron DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Goes Into Effect Today as Schools Scramble to Avoid Parental Lawsuits



Even before Republicans in Florida passed Governor Ron DeSantis‘ “Don’t Say Gay” bill some defenders of the anti-LGBTQ legislation insisted it applied only to kindergarten through third grade, and that anyone who opposed the bill – as the governor’s official spokesperson charged – was “probably a groomer.

But LGBTQ advocates, activists, and supporters made clear the purposefully broad and vague language in the bill and the threat inserted into the legislation allowing parents to sue for perceived violations would have a chilling effect.

They were right.

The “Don’t Say Gay” law, officially the “Parental Rights in Education” law, goes into effect today, July 1, after DeSantis, at an event held at a charter school exempt from the legislation in March, surrounded by young children, talked about the bill and signed it into law.

Educators across the state’s 67 school districts are seeing just how extensive it is being interpreted and implemented, given the near-total lack of guidance from the DeSantis administration.

In March, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona issued a warning to Florida, saying “The Department of Education has made clear that all schools receiving federal funding must follow federal civil rights law, including Title IX’s protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

“We stand with our LGBTQ+ students in Florida and across the country, and urge Florida leaders to make sure all their students are protected and supported,” he said.

But aside from that broadside, the federal government appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach.

Meanwhile, reports from across Florida say districts’ legal counsel have warned that teachers should remove LGBTQ supportive materials, including rainbow and pride stickers, and even stickers denoting a particular classroom is a “safe space,” They have warned teachers should not wear anything with a rainbow and should remove any family photos if they include a same-sex spouse or partner. That same warning did not go to teachers with different-sex spouses or partners, leading some legal experts to warn of constitutional violations.

LGBTQ teachers, especially those who teach students in grades K-3, have also been warned to not discuss their family lives or even mention same-sex spouses or partners. And teachers and other school officials have been directed to look for anything LGBTQ-related, including books in school libraries.

But it hasn’t stopped there. Teachers have been told they are required to report – “out” – any student who comes out as LGBTQ.

Spectrum News reports Florida’s Orange County Public Schools “held a legal camp for 600 principals, vice-principals, and junior administrators,” specifically telling them, “Teachers must notify parents if a student comes out as gay to them.” Not an administrator, but a teacher.

ABC affiliate WFTV reports that Orange County Teachers’ Association (CTA) says “teachers will have to report to parents if a student ‘comes out’ to them and they must use pronouns assigned at birth, regardless of what the parents allow.”

Elsewhere in Florida, if there are questions about a student’s gender identity before or during overnight school trips that student will be outed not only to their own parents but to the parents of all the students in their class.

NBC News reports on Tuesday “the Leon County School Board unanimously approved its “LGBTQ Inclusive School Guide,” which includes a provision to alert parents if a student who is ‘open about their gender identity’ is in their child’s physical education class or with them on an overnight school trip.”

“Upon notification or determination of a student who is open about their gender identity, parents of the affected students will be notified of reasonable accommodation options available,” NBC reports the guidelines read. “Parents or students who have concerns about rooming assignments for their student’s upcoming overnight event based on religious or privacy concerns may request an accommodation.”

NBC also reports that in late May, “the School District of Palm Beach County sent out a questionnaire asking its teachers to review all course material and flag any books with references to sexual orientation, gender identity or race, said a Palm Beach County high school special education teacher, Michael Woods. Several weeks previously, the district removed two books — ‘I Am Jazz’ and ‘Call Me Max’ — that touch upon gender identity, he said.”


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