Civil Rights Act Opponent Rand Paul Delivered A Speech At An Historically Black College Today

U.S. Senator Rand Paul delivered a speech to students at Howard University, an historically African-American college -- which was possibly brave, since the Kentucky Tea Party/Republican Party/Libertarian Party lawmaker is on record as stating he opposed sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Which he today totally denied. "I've never been against the Civil Rights Act, ever." "The speech, which included discussion of school choice and mandatory minimum sentencing laws, went over badly at times, like when Paul got former Senator Edward Brooke's name wrong, and was even interrupted by two protesters holding a sign that said 'Howard University does not support white supremacy,'" Buzzfeed reports:
Applause was scarce, and there were one or two instances of booing. Questioners in the question-and-answer session pressed Paul on voter I.D. laws and his past stated opposition to the Civil Rights Act, though some showed a kinship with him on other civil liberties issues like drug policy. Sope Aluko, a sophomore from Maryland, said, "I thought it was really interesting that he was trying to appeal to us." "Maybe he didn't really tell us anything new," Aluko said, noting that she was "taken aback" when Paul asked the audience if they knew that the NAACP was founded by Republicans (the question was met with a resounding "Yes!").
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So, Civil Rights Act Opponent Rand Paul Delivered A Speech At An Historically Black College Today...

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Unclear why Rand Paul thinks that his assignment today is to teach Howard students about the history of civil rights in America.Ari Melber
At Howard, Rand Paul takes the fateful leap from libertarian to bullshitarian #ideology #camps Marshall
5 ways Rand Paul whitesplained politics at Howard University:
Sen. Rand Paul speaking today on inclusion in the RNC #HU #picstitch @ Howard University Jones
@taysasser93 It was definitely an experienceAlana Jones
@BlackCanseco Rand Paul's speech at Howard did not go, um, well. Whitlock
Howard Students Didn't Totally Hate Rand Paul Politics
Rand Paul: 'Some in the Evangelical Christian movement I think have appeared too eager for war' (VIDEO) Points Memo
Rand Paul's Howard speech is the greatest moment in racial transcendance history since Accidental RacistGreg
Rand Paul on Civil Rights - from the horses mouth: #p2 #tlotliberalgranny50
"The Democrat promise is tangible and puts food on the table, but too often doesn't lead to jobs or meaningful success." Rand PaulAlton Drew
Here's the transcript to Rand Paul's speech at Howard today. Plunge
Rand Paul is not different from other GOPers in that his entire case for blacks voting Republican boils down to Lincoln, Dixiecrats & weed.Joy Reid
Rand Paul OBVIOUSLY thought he was speaking to a crowd of uneducated African Americans. This fool...September's Very Own
Rand Paul, basically: I was NEVER against the Civil Rights Act. I just think the whole desegregating lunch counters went a bit far.LOLGOP
Thanks to the student activist who confronted Sen. rand Paul today. Thanks HU, GU & GW! @KinlowDC Vote
Media swarm Rand Paul event at Howard University Majors
This, GOP, is what we call outreach. "In Howard U Speech, Rand Paul Makes Pitch to African-American Community": Bila
@donnabrazile @theGrio No, because what Rand Paul means by "a dialogue" is "I get to tell you where you're wrong. The end."Elizabeth Moon
Rand Paul: "My speach today was the same boilerplate bullshit Romney gave to the NAACP, but I'm guessing you won't notice!"#HowardJ-S Poupart
I didn't support Rand Paul in his primary, but when he got labeled a "racist" by the fringe, I became a defender, now a fan.Ali A. Akbar
#GOP sends Rand Paul to explain civil rights at #Howard. Next up, Phyllis Schlafly explains women's lib at #Spellman. Nice #outreach, guys.US Dept. of Irony
Rand Paul says he's 'never wavered' in his support for Civil Rights Act, but ... via @dailykosBarbara Morrill
Rand Paul to Howard Students: 'Big Government Is Not A Friend To African Americans' Biz Brokers
Rand Paul truly insults Howard University students intelligence, as he disingenuously cherry-picks issues he thinks will help seduce them.SheSheGo
Value of Rand Paul in 2016 race: Forcing Dems to the left on civil liberties.Erik
At Howard University, Rand Paul Falsely Claims He Never Opposed 1964 Civil Rights Act via @motherjonesRonald Lewis
Hypocritical teabagger and liar. Rand Paul: 'I've never been against the Civil Rights Act. Ever.'Justin Gallardo
Rand Paul: GOP faces 'daunting task' with black voters via @theGrioJacqueline Mc.
Rand Paul clashes with HBCU crowd via @theGrio #StandWithRand.Tish
So i'm reading Senator Rand Paul's Howard University speech. It is wall-to-wall epic fail and falsehoods. Canseco
Rand Paul Pitches GOP Version of Minimalist Government to African-Americans: Rand Paul tries to woo black vote... Roy
@TheReidReport just finished watching rand paul speech at howard & found it absurd the way he played on stereotypes of the blacks in americaDAVE FROST
Live tweeting the Rand Paul speech at Howard, @AfricanaCarr totally rules. I'm really impressed by the questions from the audience.Christopher Greer
Rand Paul makes his pitch to African-Americans, arguing 'GOP is the party of civil rights, voting rights' - Review
Oh, look! #RandPaul on the Rachel @Maddow show "wavering" in his supports for the Civil Rights Act of 1964: #HowardMary
@TheReidReport The students at Howard University are too smart for Rand Paul. He just doesn't know that.Pat
Rand Paul thinks Howard U students are STUPID, that they DON'T know he's on record saying businesses shouldn't HAVE to serve Black people.SheSheGo
Sen. Rand Paul's remarks at Howard University #tlot #amagi #tcotMercedForFreedom
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