Bill O’Reilly: Cell Phone Armed Occupy Wall Street Anarchist Attacked Me

Apparently, Bill O'Reilly's "no spin zone" is reserved for news not related to Bill O'Reilly, because I'm pretty nauseous after watching the conservative Fox News pundit spin and spin and spin this story of why he's not currently behind bars after attacking a man who merely asked him a question. As you know, Wednesday night Bill O'Reilly was walking out of a hotel when Wisconsin community organizer Brendan Lane approached O'Reilly and asked him if he had attended the Gingrich fundraiser the twas being held at the same hotel. Lane asked twice, and after the second time, O'Reilly apparently took his open umbrella and shoved it into Lane, disrupting the cell phone video and setting Lane off-balance. Watch the video -- you decide. O'Reilly, not satisfied, then said, "Hey, sorry about that." You know, the way high school bullies trip you and then say, "Hey, sorry about that." Still not satisfied, O'Reilly then walked over to a police officer and said he wanted to press charges against Lane. The nerve! But wait, there's more! O'Reilly then went on his Fox News show last night and spun this story round like a record baby right round round round. I mean, get this:

Bill O'Reilly calls the event, in which he attacks Brendan Lane, "a close encounter with an Occupy protestor." Really? O'Reilly says the person who appeared to be a police officer was a Secret Service agent. OK. It's D.C., whatever. Then he says of Branden Lane, “I felt the guy was out of control.” O'Reilly also says Branden Lane was armed -- "armed with a cell phone camera." Do you believe this? What did O'Reilly think Lane was going to do? Call him? Gotta love how O'Reilly has to make this an attack not only on him, but how he attacks the Occupy Movement. O'Reilly then lies and says, "I turned to shield myself, and my assistant, with an umbrella." Apparently "shielding" includes pushing an umbrella into someone. Then -- get this -- O'Reilly, a small government conservative, says he's angry "and there ought to be a law," to protect him from "attacks" like this. Really? As Keith Olbermann pointed out, O'Reilly did not show his viewers the video -- because it proves he's not telling the truth.

“I think I was definitely surprised and I think you can hear that in the video," Lane tells Olbermann. "I’m like 'Mr. O’Reilly why are you doing this to me? Why are you attacking me with your umbrella?' I was shocked. I was telling someone earlier it’s not every day you meet Bill O’Reilly, and it’s not every day you get attacked by an umbrella.” “I was completely shocked with the situation," Lane adds. "You would think that somebody who’s in the public spotlight just like he is just like you are would not react that way. Like you said people come up to you all the time and ask to take your picture or they video you, and even if they don’t agree with you, you’re a decent human being. "You don’t attack them then try to accuse them of attacking them. Like I said it’s another example of the type of person Bill O’Reilly is. He’s main informant of the one percent, and it’s just sad. People like him need to be checked, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to do that.” Branden Lane told Keith Olbermann that O'Reilly represents the one percent, and I agree. The lying one percent.

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