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17-Year Old Gay Teen Commits Suicide — Father Blames Anti-Gay Bullying



An openly-gay 17-year old boy committed suicide in Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday, and his father is blaming anti-gay bullying as “a big part” of the cause of his son’s death. Jay ‘Corey’ Jones, also known as Corey Jay Jonestrader on his Facebook page, was a student at Century High School, and was bullied for years his father, JayBocka Strader, says.

“He said all of his life they always picked on him. He’d still try to keep his head up at school, but then he’d come home and be really sad about it,” Strader says, in a report at the Post Bulletin:

Jones, a member of Century’s gay-straight alliance, had an image on his Facebook page that said, “Gay & Proud.” He was open about his sexuality and occasionally wore tight, colorful tank tops and short-shorts to school, Strader said.

“He just got really depressed about it because the guys weren’t accepting him,” Strader said.

Jones jumped from a pedestrian bridge near Century High School on Sunday, according to police.

In response to an inquiry from the Post-Bulletin, schools Superintendent Michael Muñoz issued a statement acknowledging there are issues related to bullying in the district. He did not directly address Jones’ situation.

The district is in the planning stages of providing training and support for students, staff and families, Muñoz said, and will continue anti-bullying collaborations with Gov. Mark Dayton’s recently formed anti-bullying task force, Rochester police and others in the community.

“I want everyone to have on pink shirts and remember the Corey that tried to get the rights,” Strader said. Pink was one of Jones’ favorite colors, his dad said.

“When I saw him in pink, I really liked him in pink, and he was really happy,” Strader said. “I just told him that pink looked good on him.”

A report on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday added:

Last year, Jones told his dad, Jay Strader, he was gay. Strader immediately noticed a change.

“I just saw a difference in him I saw a smile, I saw a little more energy than actually being down and out and depressed-looking,” Strader said. “To me he felt a sign of relief, like, ‘Yeah I got over the hard part, right,’ you know.”

But coming out exposed Jones to other pressures, Strader said, primarily from bullies at school. Jones moved to Minnesota from Chicago two years ago. He lived in Minneapolis for a year before moving down to Rochester.

Strader said his son was comfortable with his sexual orientation. But the teasing Jones encountered at school turned into a constant struggle for him and he was diagnosed with depression.

“I wanted him to let me know what was going on with him. I didn’t get a chance to get that,” Strader. “I didn’t get a chance to find out what was going on inside his head.”

Strader said his son’s death Sunday has not sunk in yet. It’s been an emotional week for his family and him, as well as for many high school students in southeastern Minnesota.

Minnesota is currently the stage for a contentious battle for an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The funeral for Jay ‘Corey’ Jones will be held in Chicago on Saturday.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Image: Facebook

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‘Fraud and Fabrication!’: Desperate Donald Lies and Fear-Mongers in Early AM Tweetstorm



President Donald Trump clearly must see the writing on the wall: the narrowing of options, the polls increasingly supporting impeachment and removal from office, day after day of subpoenaed current and former administration officials being deposed by House investigators, the bipartisan condemnation of his single-handed destruction of decades of U.S. Middle East policy that has led to ethnic cleansing of America’s now-former allies in the war against ISIS, his approval polls sinking, the massive exodus from his administration, and, of course, certain impeachment with odds ever increasing that the Senate will actually convict and remove him from office.

So Trump is responding the only way he knows how: more lies, more threats, more fear-mongering.

Wednesday morning Trump took to Twitter, blasting the “Radical Left Dems,” as he labeled them, and calling for the impeachment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff. (Members of Congress and Senators cannot be impeached.)

He called all the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates – the top ones polls consistently show beating him by double-digits – “clowns,” while fear-mongering if he loses the election (assuming he’s still in office for that) the U.S. economy “would CRASH, just like in 1929.”

And he falsely claimed a 95% approval rating among Republicans, which is a straight-up, made-up lie.

He also claimed he will win re-election, while Republicans will retain the Senate, and take back the House – something currently considered an impossibility.

If all that weren’t enough, Trump cried about the process of the impeachment inquiry, revealing once again he has zero understanding of how things work. Suggesting he is the Republican Party, he complained, “Republicans are totally deprived of their rights in this Impeachment Witch Hunt. No lawyers, no questions, no transparency!”

The impeachment inquiry is an investigation. He can have all the lawyers he wants during the trial, which is held by the Senate.

“The good news is that the Radical Left Dems have No Case. It is all based on their Fraud and Fabrication!” Trump tweeted.

Every piece of evidence, from his own White House call summary of his conversation with the president of Ukraine, to his admission – on national TV – of committing a crime, to the whistleblowers stepping forward, to the resignations of top-level administration officials, to the reported criminal investigation of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and the arrest of Giuliani’s henchmen, and so much more, say otherwise.


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Federal Judge Overturns ObamaCare’s Transgender Protections, Because Jesus



A U.S. District Court judge in Texas has overturned the protections written into ObamaCare for transgender people, ruling they violate the religious rights of healthcare providers who hold religious beliefs that oppose the existence of transgender people.

On Tuesday Judge Reed O’Connor, appointed by President George W. Bush, “vacated an Obama-era regulation that prohibited providers and insurers who receive federal money from denying treatment or coverage to anyone based on sex, gender identity or termination of pregnancy,” The Hill reports.

That regulation also mandated healthcare providers perform medically necessary services for transgender patients.

O’Connor is known as the same federal judge who ruled the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional last year.

The Trump administration is supporting a large group of Republican state attorneys general working to strip protections from people with pre-existing conditions, and ultimately, have ObamaCare voided by the courts.


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How the Trump Children Are Scoring Big — While Accusing Hunter Biden of the Same



Tuesday morning Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter appeared on ABC News to say that everything he did for Ukraine was above board. Meanwhile, the children of President Donald Trump are using the power of their father’s office to score big international wins for the Trump Organization.

According to a New York Times reporter, the president is in a glass house when it comes to going after a political leader’s son. When Trump was campaigning in 2016, he made a litany of promises about pulling away from his businesses, putting everything into a so-called “blind trust” and working to ensure nothing seems particularly “swampy.” None of those promises have come to fruition as Trump and his children utilize new international connections to build a more profitable Trump Organization.

Times reporter Eric Lipton explained that over the past several years, the Trump children have been traveling around the world promoting projects for the Trump Organization.

“Both Eric and Don Jr. Have been quite active in the last several years,” Lipton began. “Don Jr. was in India promoting three different projects that the Trump Organization has and is marketing the sale of luxury condos in cities in India. And then Don Jr. was also in Indonesia in August, promoting a project there that’s being built. Two hotel resorts and golf clubs. For example, the project in Indonesia, one of them includes a highway being built that allows that project to go ahead. That’s the state government supporting that highway project that will benefit the sales of condos and other assets there. So these are international deals that the Trump sons are involved with. And they’re actively working on them.”

He went on to say that there there’s no evidence that the Trump children have met with officials overseas to ask for favoritism. That said, he explained that it’s unclear what entities do without being asked to look more favorable in the eyes of Trump.

“…for the children of the politically powerful, personal businesses and public dealings can often be indistinguishable, especially when private projects depend on foreign governments that are looking to bolster ties with Washington,” The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Lipton explained that some countries can take steps without being asked so they’ll be looked on more favorably.

When asked about it Tuesday morning, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) dismissed the idea that the Trump children, Rudy Giuliani’s son and Bill Barr’s son-in-law were doing anything wrong, because they weren’t making enough money. In the case of Giuliani’s son, he’s making under $100,000 a year in taxpayer dollars, so Paul said it wasn’t important.

Watch his comments below:


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