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We’re Here, We’re White, Get Used To It! (Video)

by David Badash on May 10, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News,Politics

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 What Do We Want? White Supremacy! When Do We Want It? Now!

The National Policy Institute is a white supremacy think tank whose aim is to protect and promote white, Christians of European ancestry — you know, people just like our Founding Fathers…

They call themselves “an independent research and educational foundation,” and they’re headquartered in Whitefish, Montana (no, really, even the town they’re in has the word “white” in it.)

“Have you ever wondered, ‘why isn’t there an organization that works for us?,’” their new video asks:

From African-Americans to illegal immigrants—from lesbians to left-handers—every ethnic and interest group has its own lobby or cultural foundation.

The exception is White Americans—our country’s historic majority and founding population—the people that bears [sic] the unique heritage of Europe, Christianity, cultural excellence, and the scientific awakening.

And there are our peculiar folkways—holidays, traditions, and customs—that make us both uniquely European and uniquely American.

Only we are who we are.

So why isn’t there an organization that has our interests at heart? Or maybe the question should be, Why isn’t there an organization that has our children’s interest at heart—as well as those of our grandchildren and generations yet to be born.

Don’t they deserve to live in a country akin to that of their ancestors’?

The National Policy Institute is the 21st century version of the KKK. They’ve just exchanged the white robes and white sheets for plaid shirts, the burning crosses for fear-mongering YouTube videos, and the violence for a pseudo think tank.

The National Policy Institute on Vimeo-1-1

This is not a joke. This is real. And it’s disgusting.

Last night Rachel Maddow exposed the National Policy Institute and their ties to one of the authors of  Jim DeMint‘s Heritage Foundation‘s faux immigration report that falsely states immigration reform will cost America $6.3 trillion dollars. (More on this shortly.)

White Supremacy is no laughing matter. Hate and fear-mongering are real. Christians and white people aren’t minorities — they have ruled America literally since before America was America. And now that they feel their power waining, they’re willing to do just about anything to hold onto it.

The sound you hear in this audio is fear-mongering, but really, what it is, is their own fear for their own future, which scares them to death.


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BJLincoln May 10, 2013 at 10:37 am

White Pride is a hot topic because they have been the majority for so long. I can see the need to preserve the cultural history but not above others who wish to do the same.
We are a diverse nation. Every culture wants to keep and teach to their children so nothing is lost but that does not mean ther will not be a blending of traditions and sharing ideas.
White people are no longer the majority and I can see why that would scare those who believe they should still rule the country. History already tells us about our past as a race and a nation so I am not sure why it is these people want.
Those hard core folks like the KKK will always be around. It is the price we pay for our freedoms.

jhr459 May 10, 2013 at 10:42 am

Well, the first thing I think that needs to happen is for everyone that wants to join this group should be mandated to send off their spit to those companies that trace backgrounds – way, way back. Just because someone looks white doesn't mean they are 'pure' white and, after all, isn't that what we really are after here; no pitiful excuses for 'pure' white, no eggshell white, no off-white, no cream, no ivory, no pearl, no linen or ANY other sneaky excuse for 'pure' white!!!
Oh yeah and good luck with that – I imagine there would be a LOT of very shocked 'white' people finding out there is a 'beige' in their proverbial woodpile.

castlerockbear May 10, 2013 at 11:53 am

Anyone who believes this NPI CRAP is a SICK and TWISTED BIGOTED MORON! That's all that needs to be said! They just need to get there head out of there ass long enough to HEAR REALITY!!

LOrion May 10, 2013 at 3:46 pm

DID U MISS THIS? More from MONTANA: Members of the University of #MONTANA football team were treated as "gods" and were "allowed to get away with anything," including sexual assault, members of the university community told federal officials, according to a report released Thursday. HUFF PO PIECE

TurboKitty May 11, 2013 at 2:09 am

We all bleed red … this guy and anyone who follows this guy is a moron … no one is immune!

Nic2Day May 11, 2013 at 8:55 am

"Christians and white people aren’t minorities — they have ruled America literally since before America was America. And now that they feel their power waining, they’re willing to do just about anything to hold onto it."


Also, please watch the generalizations. White America is not "willing to do just about anything to hold onto" power. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but imagine for a moment if you made such a blanket statement about another group. Most white people are not on board this crazy train, thank God.

lrrmiller8 May 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm

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