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Top THIRTY Reasons To Vote, And Vote DEMOCRAT!

by Jean Ann Esselink on October 29, 2010

in Politics

Post image for Top THIRTY Reasons To Vote, And Vote DEMOCRAT!

Editor’s note:
This guest blog piece is by Jean Ann Esselink. It’s just a partial list of a series of tweets that she, under the Twitter name “Uncucumbered,” has sent out recently. I saw them, loved them, and asked if she would share them with you.
This is part one. On Monday, I’ll share part two with you – the amusing ones!

  1. If you remember Bush/Cheney, vote Dem.
  2. If you want to retain control of your uterus, vote Dem.
  3. If you think BP was not owed an apology, vote Dem.
  4. If you know “smaller government” is code for “fewer services” vote Dem.
  5. If you support the minimum wage, or think all workers deserve a “living wage” vote Dem.
  6. If you want DADT repealed vote Dem. We may need to fight harder, but Dems are the best hope.
  7. If you are concerned about Global Climate Change, vote Dem.
  8. If you support unions and the right of workers to organize vote Dem.
  9. If you have never considered burning a Qu’ran vote Dem.
  10. If you would rather build schools than prisons, vote Dem.
  11. If you think Defense cuts should be “on the table” vote Dem.
  12. If you think the time has come for marriage equality, vote Dem.
  13. If you believe it’s better to allow fertilized embryos to be donated for medical research than to throw them away, vote Dem.
  14. If you don’t want to bomb bomb bomb or invade Iran, vote Dem.
  15. If you see a difference between a fertilized egg and a baby, vote Dem.
  16. If you want to continue unemployment insurance for those still out of work, vote Dem.
  17. If you don’t want two years of Congressional investigations, White House subpoenas, and court battles between the branches, vote Dem.
  18. If you think evolution should be taught in science class, but creationism should not, vote Dem.
  19. If you have never felt the need to acquire an assault weapon vote Dem.
  20. If you think in any wealthy country health care should be a human right and not a privilege for the wealthy, vote Dem.
  21. If you know “tort reform” is code for “less safe,” vote Dem. “Caveat Emptor” Sucks.
  22. If you think the answer to hate speech is more speech, not head stomping, vote Dem.
  23. If you want to continue to give hungry children meals at school, vote Dem.
  24. If you think our soldiers have been asked to serve too many tours of duty, vote Dem.
  25. If you remember Katrina, vote Dem.
  26. If you were ashamed of Abu Gahraib, vote Dem.
  27. If 66,000 civilians killed in Iran gave you a pang of conscience, vote Dem.
  28. If you are not afraid to try terrorists in American courtrooms in front of the whole world, vote Dem.
  29. If you think there should be a liberal but enforceable guest worker program, vote Dem.
  30. If you’re down and demoralized and disappointed, but you have an ounce of fight left in you, don’t give up, vote Dem.


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