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  • Secretly-Recorded Coming Out Video That Is Almost Every LGBT Child's Nightmare Goes Viral

    This video, apparently secretly recorded, shows how one family responded when their young son told them he is gay. It starts with them choosing the Bible and religion over him, disowning him, kicking him out of their home, then swearing, physical assault, and of course, emotional assault.

    Chilling, stunning, devastating.

    Every parent of an LGBT child should watch this to know what not to do -- or, in some cases, to hear how they sound. 

    Posted just yesterday, it has more than half a million views already.


    Dr. Drew Show: Viral Coming Out To Homophobic Parents Video 'Saved Someone's Life' Yesterday

    Here's The Story Behind 20-Year Old's Secretly Recorded Coming Out Viral Video


    Caution: trigger warning.

    Fortunately, this mentality is slowly diminishing, but this video is proof it exists -- and in too many homes, as we know 40 percent of homeless runaways are LGBT kids, and 1.6 and 2.8 million youths run away each year.

    Dan Savage writes:

    That was hard to listen to. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. My heart breaks for that poor, brave, tough kid. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    We could have a fundraiser up and running for this poor kid by morning—if we knew who he was and where he was.

    Please remember, if you are an LGBT child or teen in need of help, the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-RUNAWAY can help you. The Ali Forney Center has a local and national LGBT youth online resource guide. In the Atlanta, Georgia area Lost-n-Found Youth serves LGBT homeless youth. They're also on Facebook.


    Hat tip: Joe Jervis


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    • commented 2014-10-30 00:24:42 -0400
      Mr. Mark Matila,
      You sir, are a raging homophobic (which probably means that you’re suppressing homosexual desires yourself but are too ashamed to admit it), and also a sorry excuse for a human being. You deserve to have your ass handed to you.

    • commented 2014-09-27 21:28:19 -0400
      excuse me no need to bear your life history

    • commented 2014-09-27 21:27:00 -0400
      Teresa you proved my point you just want to shut down the conversation here’s a hint no need the barrier life as twisted as it is so everybody can see transexual man it’s apparent you don’t know what the hell you are and I will never back down not ever

    • commented 2014-09-27 21:18:50 -0400
      todd go away i am not feeding the troll anymore you dont even bother to read anything do you, just he highlites

    • commented 2014-09-27 21:12:53 -0400
       a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and  regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
       a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by  Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.
      Teresa this describes you and the LGBT community . its not conservatives or the Tea Party or the religious right that wants to shut down the conversation look what your side did to duck dynasty and The venom Brothers

    • commented 2014-09-27 20:16:49 -0400
      your right Sara, a brain dead fascist will never learn,cant learn except to use my own words to do his dirty work. he thinks that this interpretation of the constitution is right even when shown how wrong he is. done with this fascist troll. so stupid he doesnt even realize he is spouting some of nazisms greats quotes

    • commented 2014-09-27 20:06:58 -0400
      Had two already, partly to people like you, thanks for that.

      you are the problem, over and over gay and trans persons are some to be more stable, better parents, etc than people like you. no you cant change the mind of fascists, proven by taking killing most of them in ww2, but a hard breed to get rid of.

      if it was vast majority we wouldnt have equality in halft the states would we moron.

      as to my molesters, one is dead, one in prison for doing it to his three sons (for which i felt guilty because i didnt say anything when he did it to me thank you very much) until 2056 and the other i hiding in Oregon and when i confronted him, he couldnt remember his "hellish childhood (they were cousins, under 18 or just there at the time) i have had a rough life, not a bad as some, worse than others. ended up regretting putting my life on hold for 0 years because of jackasses like you? yes you didnt end up like me because you are probably one fo the school bullies wherever you went werent you, because it was the way of things right? not that it was wrong, but it just was? sports star right, or just a sports wannabe. i never said i was homosexual did i ? no i am Transsexual and probably because my experiences i consider myself bisexual but as i havent been with anyone in over 25 years, kind of hard to claim it. still working on it, am i attracted to women because i am jealous of them, or because i want to sleep with them? or was it because it was part of my camouflage, etc.

      you are the immoral one here, you only follow the supposed laws you honor if they fit you limited scope of things. THAT is immoral

      as to hating myself, i hate what i did to my body after the molestation, got fat on purpose, common defense mode it appears, make yourself attractive and they wont want to do stuff to you anymore, and repressing, but your type of christianity is very repressive.,just as Hitlers was (dang you keep bringing that back into the foreground, fascism) heck even the pope is more open than you are, but no i DONT hate myself, i dont even hate my cousins, i hate what they did, but as i found out recently their dad started the whole chain. HIM i hate, and always have. some of use might be self loathing because again people like you have judged them (oops another bible no no isnt it) them and made them feel like failures as human being, men/women what ever, again Christianity fail on your part

    • commented 2014-09-27 20:04:34 -0400
      Sara Ha ha ha ha ha still laughing you don’t believe in equal right you believe in special rights you see a gay man can marry a gay woman a gay woman can marry a gay man but marriage is and always will be between a man and a woman. State after state millions of people vote to keep marriage between one man and one woman and what does the left do appoint activist judges so they can supress the will of the people that’s the only way your side can win black robe thugs . and you’re absolutely right I am steadfast in my belief just like I believe the Constitution is a contract between the people and the government its not a living document another way the left twists the words to fit their own agenda

    • commented 2014-09-27 19:53:10 -0400
      Arguing with someone like Todd is like trying to convince a brick wall to move. He doesn’t represent straight people, he’s only in it to prove himself right. He’s ignorant and has no clue. Marriage equality will come about because it’s the right thing. It’s right by Christian law, it’s right by God’s law, it’s right by human law and it’s just plain right. People who disagree with LGBT equality live on hate.

    • commented 2014-09-27 19:34:56 -0400
      Teresa you’re in need of many many years of psychological care I don’t give a shit what you think you’re part of the problem not part of the solution fiscal conservative and a social liberal once again proving how confused you are do you really think you’re going to change my mind or the vast majority of this nation why don’t you get a gun and go take care of the asshole that molested you maybe that’ll take care of your problem woo is me I’ve had a rough life millions of others have to Teresa and didn’t end up like you . and you’re absolutely wrong we are a Christian Judeo nation founded on Christian Judeo law . I’m done its been a total waste of time talking to you or the other twisted immoral self loathing homosexuals on this site so you have fun with the rest your life keep hating yourself and the life that you have see where it get you

    • commented 2014-09-27 19:15:36 -0400
      Hi Hitler glad to see you showed your face again. a judeo christian nation NEVER EXISTED you moron, you are what the founding fathers were fighting AGAINST. yes a majority were of christian faiths, yes a lot of our laws are based on the morale code of the people then, again influenced by christianity. but we have NEVER been a christian only nation, just one founded on those principles, you know, love they neighbor (but only if he isnt gay, or of a different faith, or trans or of colour of course) helping (see above qualifications) sorry but that is NOT how it was written. if you are trying to “interpret:” it then you are no better than the liberals you say are destroying the country. our constitution is NOT a living document, at least not in the way they are saying. it is living because of the amendment process, it was designed to be changed, adjusted but only if a majority of the people agree, a super majority, not a simple one. for normals things, a simple is fine in most cases, but not for the constitution.

      i know i keep quoting your least favorite amendment, freedom OF religion, not from it, not from any except christianity OF religion. that one of the key factors you fascists get wrong, just like Hitler.

      NO ONE would choose it that is the freaking point. i have friends that would give their last dollar, even their soul to be free of this “condition” they dont want it, but they are stuck with it. if you hide it, you wind up ding it later (quite a few from 40-70 because we tried to be “real men” or “real women” or “straight” etc and some bury it deep enough, hard enough to last decades, or some repress like i did from trauma in childhood) but it ALWAYS comes out. now at middle age, you have very little effect with HRT, your body has long since stopped developing so your “male puberty” won. some dont last and kill themselves because they are convinced they are going to hell anyway, or they just cant take the stress, etc. marriages are ruined, kids are hurt sometimes, etc. all because loving caring christians like yourself. dont you feel proud?

      dont get me started on the educational system, it has been going down for may years, and not just under liberals, no child left behind ring a bell? we need to focus on those who want to learn not those who just show up to make the parent and school happy, its a sad thing but a reality. all the counties a head of us have kids who WANT to learn learning, here they are held back for the lowest student, that is what remedial is for, but that would hurt feelings, really? either they dont have the intelligence for the material, or they are NOT trying. its that simple people. I am mixed on “special needs kids” as most of them will never work, will have to be cared for all their lives, so why do they need to go in the same classes as others? i have no issue with them, i know several autistic kids. but we have limited resources, unless we take from somewhere else. we have one, if not the highest, of the highers spent per student but rank further and further down every year. they all want to be football, baseball, rock stars, what do they need school for. when a pro sports player is a millionaire in ONE season, there is something wrong in this country, then they complain that the seats are never full, because the owners have to raise the ticket and concession prices to pay the wages they went on STRIKE for, STRIKE really? and yet no problem there right? if they were at the end of a 10 year career i might be ok with it, but it is just out of control.

      i am a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal. our social programs are needed, even if they are abused. i grew up on AFDC, welfare. i worked since i was ten, sweeping floors at a local deli, news papers, etc to help the family live, because despite a lot of peoples thinking, welfare is NOT living the high life, at least not if you are really in need of it. my mother did the best she could but if it wasnt for groups like the Salvation Army most of our christmases would have been dismal, they werent all that bright to begin with but at least we were able to maintain the spirit. since then i have had help twice, food stamps for short term while unemployed, and medicaid when i got hospitalized and could have died.

      i dont agree with the ACA, i dont particularly care for President Obama, but i also got sick of the Bushs and their leaching buddies. they were NOT patriots. real patriotic companies would give their services at a slight markup, NOT massive profits. they were war profiteers, nothing more. i have no problem allowing people to make money, i manage a retail appliance store, i know all the costs, i know that the increase in the minimum wage will have little to no effect in 6-9 months after it is passed besides putting out of business a lot of small businesses.

      well i think i covered enough things, i am off for the weekend, no trolls allowed, sorry

    • commented 2014-09-27 18:41:04 -0400
      todd you are not a racists, you are a fascist, your words and actions prove it. sorry but its there i black and white.

      as maddy has said, you dont have to accept it, you just have to NOT kill us, treat us like garbage, act like only you and those who believe the same are right, etc you know the things that fascists DO to those they are oppressing.

      as to traditional marriage, is two guys getting married doing that? then your marriage must be pretty freaking weak boy. all we want is the same right everyone else has, to marry the person you love., not animal, not child, but a loving, caring and consenting adult. (just to head of your typical perversion argument)

      how the heck are they “special” rights when all we want is the same things everyone wants, a good job, nice house, the love of an awesome partner, and the right to be treated the same as you, as horrible as that sounds. the only “special right” i can see is that they had to give us special anti discrimination protection from yahoos like you.

      Marriage is NOT about church anymore and hasnt since government got involved. anyone can get married and not involve a church in any manner. justice of the peace, and two witnesses is all it takes. no bible, no father/preacher/ etc but you have to have a license from the GOVERNMENT to make it LEGAL for everyone. we shouldnt have to have special laws to allow same sex marriage, or to get the same “rights” as any married couple.

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:47:16 -0400
      Teresa I’ve talked to you before you can read my previous post all stick by them and I don’t know why people would choose to be a homosexual just like I don’t know why people choose to be communist or socialist or choose to support people like Barack Hussein Obama or think that we can spend our selves into prosperity or think that welfare actually helps people instead of traping them into a life of poverty or support an educational system that used to be second to none but does not even rank in the top 20 anymore hooray for common core . If I had my way Teresa child molesters would be executed they wouldn’t get or have a second chance the same with rapist or murderers they would not spend 15 to 25 years on death row . There are a lot of things wrong with our society in our country I just choose not to add to it I want to return to basics to the Constitution to a judeo-christian moral code one God would smile upon not some sick twisted socialist welfare society

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:38:02 -0400
      I literally just said I don’t care if you accept lgbt people however the lgbt community for the most part hate themselves enough before they come to terms with who they are without people like you constantly in their ear telling them how horrible they are and that they’re going to hell and blah blah blah blah blah

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:37:57 -0400
      I literally just said I don’t care if you accept lgbt people however the lgbt community for the most part hate themselves enough before they come to terms with who they are without people like you constantly in their ear telling them how horrible they are and that they’re going to hell and blah blah blah blah blah

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:32:41 -0400
      Nope, not a Racist. Perhaps NAZI. Definitely a bigot. Maybe instead of hating people for who they are, you should hate yourself for who you are? Self loathing could do you a lot of good.

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:30:48 -0400
      back at you Maddy I don’t like being constantly told that I have to accept that lifestyle or the destruction of traditional marriage or accept special rights for the LGBT community or being told constantly that if I don’t accept the LGBT community that I’m a bigot or a racist or a Nazi

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:30:02 -0400
      And if Gay Pride parades bother you — I have a suggestion. DON’T GO TO ONE! I find religion disgusting. I find Christianity, Islam and Judaism disgusting. So guess what? I DON’T GO TO FUCKING CHURCH!

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:29:11 -0400
      yes Todd, over 40 % of LGBTQI youth have attempted suicide, TEN times the national average for straight youth. and it is NOT their “lifestyle” it is the treatment they receive from people like YOU that make their lives miserable enough. you are so idiotic, thinking that it is a choice? really would you chose to do something like that? no and why would WE???? please explain that to me, who would chose to have a life like this. my molestation caused me to repress my life for over 30 years. as a kid i have memories of being a girl, i was always told no you’re a boy, its a phase, etc. until at 8-9 3 cousins used that knowledge to molest me. after that, church telling me what happened was a sin, not wanting to tell, etc, i repressed YEAH for typical christians. that is why i dont do churchs, i read the bible, i study it (well i used to as a kid after i repressed i didnt know why but i had a crisis of faith i guess, checked out other religions,etc)

      i had a trigger that brought back all my memories right after my mother passed, who i cared for the last 10 years of her life. so the grief, repressed memories, guilt, all of that put me in therapy. i went in trying to figure out everything, not looking for justification for my feelings, but why i had them. was i feeling this way because of the molestation (which included dressing me to get and keep my trust, treating me as i always felt, a girl, etc) were my earlier memories “manufactured” by my mind to help protect me? sorry, not after talking to my aunts. they all knew i did that as a kid, putting on womens things, but they all thought it was just a phase, and for a lot of boys that happens, or is it thew are like me but “conditioned” to repress it? and yet my two older half brothers never did it, then there are cases of IDENTICAL twins (where one is gay, one is straight, etc) so your whole raised that way i normally just a bunch of junk science, and has been found to be that way by the majority of the medical establishment for over 30 plus years if i recall

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:28:52 -0400
      Todd — YOU are the sick one. YOU are the depraved one. YOU are the one who needs psychiatric help. I hope you get it, for the safety of anyone around you.

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:24:55 -0400
      I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass if you accept the lgbt community I just want to get you to just think before you bash someone for being part of the lgbt community

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:19:29 -0400
      I’m just saying think before you speak you never know if what you say is gonna set someone over the edge to suicide

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:19:27 -0400
      I’m just saying think before you speak you never know if what you say is gonna set someone over the edge to suicide

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:13:18 -0400
      Maddy do you ever listen to yourself people that kill themselves also have a mental problem I had nothing to do with it I shouldn’t have to accept the lifestyle just to make these people feel accepted have you ever seen gay pride parade in San Francisco I have never seen so many acts of sick perverted disgusting examples of human depravity with your logic I guess I’m supposed to accept all that crap so they don’t commit suicide either

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:11:30 -0400
      first off Maddy Portwood HUGS i am right there with you.

      secondly, toddy, its ok if i call you that right, since you are acting like a little child who is not getting their way?

      recessive traits are spread by genetic lines. as more people are born, intermarry lines, it can spread and be more prolific. also the fact that gay persons have often married to hid what they really were from a society that despises them for no reason but a mistranslated, misquoted book written by a bunch of old guys almost 2000 years ago is ridiculous. you and your ilk are the typical hypocritical morons, you fight against one thing the bible says, but its ok to do the thing s YOU want to do that the bible says not to do, or its ok NOT to stone people for THESE things, but its ok to oppress others for THOSE things because you dont like them, or your preacher who has been trained to think this way doesnt like them. yeah real science here

      please quote me any scientific evidence that hasnt be debunked as rigged or sloppy at best? keep looking you wont find it. but what ever you think might pass muster please share.

      you do know what they say about statistics right? the old saying about statistics and lies? if there is a reason for it is it people like YOU making lives hellish. look at how many kids are thrown out of their home, abused, KILLED by their oh so righteous parents or family for being OH MY GOD gay or worse a transsexual. no one is ever killed for being “straight” are they ? not that i ever heard of, unless it was someone getting back at gay bashers who were straight, etc

      all you spout is rhetoric, no science. you spout parables, not reality now who is drinking the Kool aid Toddy

      as to statistics, lets look at your chosen comparaison. the vast majority of pedophiles are considered straight white males, not homosexuals. because they only like little boys, but want women, not little girls, although some like both but not adult men. there is a lot of talk right now from linguists, those sciency people on language incase you dont know what a linguist is, that the words used in the original scripts of the bible were the words for men who forced sex on BOYS, now known as pedophiles, NOT adult men loving adult men, different word even then. so what does the bible mean NOW???? yes pedophiles are bad, have always been that way, even if accepted because they were “slaves” etc

    • commented 2014-09-27 16:02:43 -0400
      Do you know how many lgbt children kill themselves because of people like you look it up and just remember every time you post things like you have been you could have just made another lgbt child or teenager kill themselves and that is on your head not mine

    • commented 2014-09-27 15:56:12 -0400
      Maddy I’m sorry you were molested as a child Maddy it wasn’t part of the argument and it wasn’t me that categorized child molestation as a perversion it was the psychiatric community homosexuality was only taken off the list of perversions because of political pressure the kind of pressure that only the LGBT community can give they must normalize it in order to be a legitimate part of the community I will never ever ever recognize it as being normal . So don’t bother with your next statement calling me a Nazi a hater a bigot someone without a soul its just all name calling which is what you do when you’ve got nothing else left .

    • commented 2014-09-27 15:50:40 -0400
      Todd your ignorance is only second to your hate. I dont care if you “like me, support me, etc” but i will NOT allow you and the other fascists like you (that was the nazi comment moron, fascism, whether they were gay or not, but they sure killed a lot of gays from hate, so does that mean you are a closeted gay man yourself, hmmmm) to oppress any percentage of people from pure hate.

      as to the libertarian remarks it was in the last 3 months i did this, because right now both sides are acting like little children instead of the statesmen they were elected to be, so i got fed up with the crap. i know you are just sucking at the teat of christian conservative morality, that denigrates all that is different. just keep on sucking dude

      also nice ignoring the scientific proof of biological sources for homosexuality and trans issues. typical of the religious nuts who got rid of scientists who challenged their long held beliefs in the flat earth, etc.

      as to product of their environment, that includes their biology if you bothered to ever look at scientific study, which i doubt you have by your statements, the bible is all the science you need. a very few people feel like you do, and most of their research is so limited, so “unscientific” as to be laughable, rigged and limited studies, no physical examinations other than external

      as maddy portwood said, biology, you know that thing that is only believable to you if it agrees with your limited worldview, i know a bit about it as i was born with a genetic disorder, no immune system until i got treatment at almost 2 years of age. genetic so any kids i have would have it, or carry the activated gene marker for the illness. that is what gets weeded out over the time, active traits that are counter productive to survival. a homosexual can reproduce, most have in the past because they were in the closet, so had marriages, kids etc to hide their real selves. in history it was a normal thing, men who liked other men still got married to keep the family going, etc. and today it is either with surrogates, adoption (although that removes the genetic link you refer to) or artificial insemination. by your reasoning, most species on earth would be dead now if homosexuality is the end of a species, or it would have been bred out as you claim but still exists in over 1500 species today.

    • commented 2014-09-27 15:42:14 -0400
      I know that stats aren’t pretty and don’t you dare compare it to child molestation I was molested as a child and trust me it is not even in the same category as being lgbt and being lgbt is in the soul but I figured you wouldn’t understand that seeing as you don’t have one.

    • commented 2014-09-27 15:36:56 -0400
      Still drinking the Kool Aid if it was a recessive trait there would be far fewer numbers then there are you seek acceptance by finding some natural cause for the LGBT community there is a natural cause its called perversions you know like child molestation . what you and so many of your kind are not used to are people like me willing to hold our ground and speak the truth as seen through science and just plain common sense if you think that being gay is so wonderful then why don’t you do yourself a favor and look up the stats for the gay and lesbian lifestyle it’s not a pretty one

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