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Prop 8 Q&A: Both Sides Answer Judge Walker’s Questions!

by David Badash on June 15, 2010

in Civil Rights,Discrimination

Post image for Prop 8 Q&A: Both Sides Answer Judge Walker’s Questions!

Earlier today I posted the questions Judge Vaughn Walker had sent to the plaintiffs and defendants in the federal Proposition 8 trial, Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Both sides have responded to the judge with written answers. In order for everyone to see them ASAP, I’m posting them here, with no comment, except to say tomorrow will be an interesting day!

I’ll be following the trial as closely as I can, alas not from within the courthouse.

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Here are the answers, first from the plaintiffs (pro-marriage equality folks) then from the defendants (anti-marriage equality folks.) Notice how much more thorough the first one is… Why, it cites cases extensively and uses facts!

Doc 686

Doc 687

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