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  • Photos: Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Rally In Chicago Ahead Of 7th Circuit Hearing Today

    More than 100 supporters of same-sex marriage rallied last night in Chicago, home of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Court this morning will hear arguments in cases from Wisconsin and Indiana.

    Federal courts have already declared bans on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin and Indiana unconstitutional. This morning, marriage equality supporters will defend those decisions at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. 

    Last night, more than 100 supporters rallied at Chicago's Federal Plaza to send a strong message to the Court.

    "Local supporters of marriage equality joined the downtown gathering as well, among them state Rep. Greg Harris who introduced the event," the Windy City Times reports. "He discussed the significance of having marriage equality available to residents of neighboring states: 'Even Illinois families, who have equal rights under our laws, lose those rights when we cross state lines.'"

    Below, photos and video:


    Image by Mary Milz via Twitter

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