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Pat Robertson: ‘Why Would A Woman Want To Go Through Ungodly Difficult Navy SEAL Training?’

by David Badash on June 18, 2013

in Discrimination,News,Religion,War on Women

Post image for Pat Robertson: ‘Why Would A Woman Want To Go Through Ungodly Difficult Navy SEAL Training?’

Televangelist Pat Robertson mocked women in the U.S. military on his “700 Club” TV show today, unable to fathom why women would want to be part of the Navy SEALs. “Well, I was trained at Quantico. I didn’t think it was all that demanding — but I’m not a lady,” Robertson told his co-host, Wendy Griffith. “The SEAL team training is ungodly difficult, why would a woman want to go through that?,” he asked her.

Last month, Robertson defended a man who cheated on his wife by saying, “well, he’s a man,” and added that “males have a tendency to wander a little bit.” Also last month, Robertson said a gay person can change their sexual orientation just as “a murderer can change, a rapist can change, a thief can change.”

Just one week ago, Robertson said it “breaks your heart” to see gay people, who “amount to, maximum two percent of the population,” destroying the Boy Scouts of America for “a few kids who want to do sex with each other.”

The day before that, Robertson, ignoring the reality of teen suicide, said the popular and decades-old role playing game Dungeons & Dragons is “demonic,” and linked it to the increasing rate of teen suicide.

Via Right Wing Watch



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SeanLiberty13 June 18, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Because she wants to serve her country, PERIOD. Get over it ingrate.

DearLord June 18, 2013 at 5:30 pm

A perfect example of how someone can be "touched" and "out of touch" at the same time…

PaulUK2901 June 18, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Can this crazy old nutter just do the polite thing, so the rest of humanity can get on with advancing?

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