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Opinion: 650 People Bring Hate, And Hope, To Rhode Island Senate Marriage Equality Hearing

by David Badash on March 22, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Opinion: 650 People Bring Hate, And Hope, To Rhode Island Senate Marriage Equality Hearing

The Rhode Island Judiciary Committee last night held a 12-hour marathon debate on a same-sex marriage bill. Reports state up to 650 people signed up to speak. Lawmakers, to their credit, spent twelve hours listening — without breaking — to the barrage of anti-gay religious bigotry and unvarnished hate that the majority of testifiers spewed. The hearing ended at 4:57 AM EDT.

Fortunately, there were some bright spots, like this:

Watch: 12 Year Old Steals The Show At Rhode Island Same-Sex Marriage Debate

The scene outside at 1:05 AM EDT:

 I have listened live to practically every state legislature and committee debate publicly broadcast online or on TV since 2009. The hundreds of religious, radical, bigoted, hate-filled, lying, out-of-control Rhode Islanders endlessly cherry-picking from the Bible — and one ludicrously even quoting from the movie, “The Poseidon Adventure”  – was one of the most-ugly and most-vicious attacks against LGBTQ people I have ever heard.  

Comments claiming same-sex marriage would “skyrocket” health care costs, bring the end of civilization and an influx of anal cancer and HIV, indoctrinate children, were only some of the disgusting lies spewed from these self-righteous hate-mongers. Most of the others included quotes from the Bible, and at least one was testimony read from a script clearly not written by the speaker, who barely could read and pronounce all the words — how is that legal? Of course, the fraudulent Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study” came up several times, because, well…

The Rhode Island branch of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, brought people in from Massachusetts and elsewhere. Local haters, like Kara Young — a potential Lt. Governor candidate — were especially hateful, spreading lies and hate:

LISTEN: Lt. Governor Candidate Compares ‘Blasphemous’ Gay Marriage To Pedophilia

And those religious haters had company on the dais, including state senator Harold Metts, a Democrat, who made a point of telling some of the especially eloquent supporters of marriage equality that he disagreed with them, without offering any other conversation — or opportunity for them to counter his attacks. Senator Metts even managed a religious diatribe that included his claim of a “cosmic battle between God and Satan.”

LISTEN: ‘Cosmic Battle Between God And Satan’ Is Reason Senator Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

The irony of newly-married Kara Young and her groom, Chris Young, shoving their marriage in the face of those who want equality was stunning, but that she compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and polygamy was anything but funny. But the Young’s testimony was far from the worst.

One woman, whose name we have yet to uncover, promised lawmakers that if they passed the marriage equality bill out of committee, the next step would be (of course) polygamy, and (wait for it) NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, apparently coming to town. One lawmaker, Senator Stephen Archambault, had the good sense and courage to chastise this unnamed woman, whose NAMBLA threats were wholly refuted. She refused to back down from her ugly, self-righteous attacks, sticking to her guns. And to her commentary abut how homosexuality is “unnatural,” with magnets and microphone plugs as ‘evidence.”

Senator Archambault is to be commended, especially as his position on the bill is as yet unclear.

There were of course a great many more testifiers, and while most of them were — or certainly seemed to be — against the bill for equality, there were of course a great, great many who spoke in support, many eloquently, many, were LGBT themselves, and several spoke alongside their same-sex partner.

But the haters dominated the evening. Even professional haters, like Brian Camenker, head of Mass Resistance, a Massachusetts anti-gay hate group, who traveled to Rhode Island for the event.

Shame on these hate-filled, angry, “religious” false-followers of Jesus Christ. Today, He is weeping.

Image, top, by GLAD Law via Twitter



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dubnotdubya March 22, 2013 at 8:14 pm

You wrote, "Senator Archambault is to be commended, especially as his position on the bill is as yet unclear." This is incorrect–he has been on record as a supporter of marriage equality for years.

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