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NYT Examines Mark Carson Murder: Hate Speech From Community Leaders Encourages Anti-LGBT Sentiment

by David Badash on May 21, 2013

in Hate Crimes,News,Politics

Post image for NYT Examines Mark Carson Murder: Hate Speech From Community Leaders Encourages Anti-LGBT Sentiment

Noting,As gay rights increase, so do hate crimes,” The New York Times today published a video examining the aftermath of the murder of Mark Carson, the 32-year old gay man shot dead on Friday for being gay. The video, which covers last night’s march through the West Village and Greenwich Village, includes this important observation from Sharon Stapel, the Executive Director of New York City’s Anti-Violence Project.

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“There is absolutely a backlash” against LGBT civil rights progress, Stapel says, “and that backlash is often very loud and full of vitriol. That backlash, especially when it comes from community leaders, in the form of hate speech, who people look up to and respect, really does encourage an anti-LGBT sentiment in the world.”

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{ 1 comment }

BJLincoln May 21, 2013 at 4:32 pm

What are we suppost to do? We have to go about our daily lives and hope for the best?
We are not going away and are not going to stop until we are equal to the rest of Americans We have a majority support but the minority is still large and very mad they are losing.
We worried leaving the house before and it seems we still have to be afraid to leave the house.
The minority has the support of churches and groups like NOM. They have people like Brian Fischer who keeps spreading lies and hate over the airwaves condoning and encouraging this hatefull/harmful behavior. We have no recourse against him or his kind. I don't understand why we can't shut him down.
So all we can do is suffer our loses, keep bringing it to the national news, and hope for the best until it blows over?!

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