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NRA’s Ted Nugent: ‘I Killed 455 Hogs With My Machine Gun From A Helicopter For Bill Maher’

by David Badash on March 11, 2013

in Celebrities,Guns,News

Post image for NRA’s Ted Nugent: ‘I Killed 455 Hogs With My Machine Gun From A Helicopter For Bill Maher’

NRA board member and possible crazy person Ted Nugent claims he murdered 455 hogs from a helicopter, all to taunt comedian Bill Maher.

“I took my machine gun in the helicopter — in the Texas hill country – me and my buddy ‘Pigman’ … his name is ‘Pigman’ – I’m the swine czar. I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. I did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.”

Mediaite reports Nugent say he did it “all for the benefit of ‘Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.’”

Pot. Kettle. Black.

“Nugent explained that he actions were meant to help ‘save the environment from the destruction of these out-of-control pigs and I’m not talking about Washington D.C. or San Francisco … I’m actually talking about actual pigs,’” Mediaite reports:

And he didn’t just let the 455 hogs go to waste. “We distributed tons of the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state,” Nugent said “Everything we did was perfect – win win win.”

If the first “win” was saving the environment and the second “win” was feeding the homeless, we can only assume that the third “win” was the pure enjoyment Nugent got from shooting his machine gun. If you throw in pissing off Bill Maher, you might as well throw in one more “win,” making Nugent’s actions “win win win win.”

“This isn’t the first time the Detroit-born guitarist has been on a pig hunt,” the Huffington Post adds:

Last August, Nugent appeared on the Sportsman Channel’s “Pigman: The Series” in which he and Brian “Pigman” Quaca hunt hogs from the sky. While aerial sport-hunting is illegal in Texas, a statement released by the show said hunting pigs in such a manner is not considered “sport-hunting,” but rather population control.

Previously, Nugent wrote about killing pigs in an article for The Sportsman’s Guide. “I do believe that wild pigs are to this day, and will more than likely forevermore remain, my bowhunting quarry of choice,” he explained. “Pigs turn me on.”

In May of last year, Maher in his “New Rules” segment on his HBO show said:

And finally, New Rule: Ted Nugent has to tell me what Obama has done that he’s so mad about, so I have something to be happy about!  Now, I refer to the famous proclamation Mr. Nugent made last month, when he said that if Obama is re-elected, it would be such an unthinkable catastrophe that he, Ted, would “either be dead or in jail”.  Or as I call it, a win-win.

Nugent celebrated himself in these recent tweets:


Image via Twitter



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Truth_Addict March 11, 2013 at 11:04 pm

I wish he would come kill some off of my land. They ruin my food plots and run all my deer off.

Huntercgo March 12, 2013 at 8:13 am

How butch.

BearFlagCitizen March 12, 2013 at 8:58 am

Didn't Ted say he would be in prison if Obama got re-elected? Come on Ted… follow through with your promises.

larrylinn March 13, 2013 at 2:46 pm

If Teddy boy wanted to kill wild pigs, why didn't he shot himself?

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