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‘Now, You Can’t Trust The Disney Channel’

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by David Badash on July 19, 2013

in Civil Rights,News,Politics,Religion

Janet Porter is not at all happy with the House of the Mouse. Porter, who runs the little-known right wing 501(c)(3) “ministry” (paging the IRS!!!) she calls Faith2Action, is now attacking the Disney Channel for their upcoming inclusion of a lesbian couple who are raising a family. The same-sex couple will appear in the final episode of the final season of “Good Luck Charlie,” so parents, “steer your kids elsewhere,” Porter warns.

“Now, you can’t trust the Disney Channel,” Porter says today in a radio spot:

One of their more popular programs, “Good Luck Charlie” will in a few months be introducing a family with two lesbian mothers. Caving into pressure to include homosexual characters in their programs, they plan to do this in the last episode of what is scheduled to be the final season of the show. Disney Channel Vice President Gary Marsh needs to hear from us. His email address is gary.marsh @ Politely let Mr. Marsh know your objections to the bad plans for the “Good Luck Charlie” program at gary.marsh @ In fact, there isn’t much on the Disney Channel safe for children to view. More reason to steer your kids elsewhere!

Faith2Action, or Faith 2 Action if you’re searching for their IRS form 990, for 2009 reported income of $184,781 — and the return is dated 2011 (by the way, IRS.) Clearly not many are listening to Janet Porter.

Regular readers remember this morning’s article on the Texas heartbeat bill, with a reference to Porter’s Faith2Action group peddling their misogyny with the usual suspects of anti-gay hate there as well:

LOOK: Texas GOP, Having Banned Abortion At 20 Weeks, Moves To Ban It At Six Weeks

It’s a small world after all, and the places that welcome Porter and her posse are shrinking rapidly.


Hat tip: Right Wing Watch

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Mykelbarber July 19, 2013 at 12:45 pm

Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone whose morality comes from a genocidal, infanticidal, misogynistic, slave trader, incestuous, jealous deity. But that's just me.

SeanLiberty13 July 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Fascist whore

elizapar11 July 19, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Miss Porter,
I urge you to see a mental health expert. Apparently, you haven't learned how to get along with others like a mature adult. It is one thing to disagree with others. That is your right. However, denying the same rights that you and others like you abuse is not right. Treating others with disrespect for being who they are is not right. The Constitution is for all Americans, not just the Republicans, the Christians, the Catholics etc. Only God has the right to judge, not you or the morality police. Remember this. Who knows maybe someday your life or that of someone you love will be saved by a member of the LGBT community.

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