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Post image for New York Post Refuses To Apologize For Heinous Boston Coverage So Someone Does It For Them

New York Post Refuses To Apologize For Heinous Boston Coverage So Someone Does It For Them

by David Badash on April 20, 2013

in News

How do you get The New York Post to apologize for the heinous acts of “journalism” it performed this week? The Post essentially told millions of readers two men who were not suspects were suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, plastering their full face photos on the tabloid’s front page. They also claimed that 12 people had died in the Boston explosion, when in fact at the time there were two confirmed deaths, which later rose to three — never 12.

The Post acted in what I and many believe was a highly unethical manner, and, as a journalist, I hope they get the pants sued off them.

So, how do you get The New York Post to apologize for the heinous acts of “journalism” it performed this week?

Given that their owner, Rupert Murdoch — the man declared by the British Parliament “‘not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company”– defends their actions…


… you have to do it yourself.

And the smart folks at Animal did:

In a wonderfully “Yes Men” act of “identity correction,” the folks at Animal wrote an apology for the Post, then printed it out and stuffed it into copies of the Post — and handed it out to New Yorkers for free.

“This week, the New York Post has acted recklessly and with flagrant disregard for the principles of good journalism,” Animal’s fake apology reads, adding their (so-called) reporting was “at best ill-informed and speculative, and at worst intentionally misleading and harmful to the lives of those involved.”

Gawker, by the way, ran an excellent rebuke of the Post earlier this week, in typical Gawker fashion.

The New York Post is one of the worst operations under the News Corp. umbrella — which includes also Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and literally dozens of other entities, including yes, 20th Century Fox, the massive film studio.

Read Animal’s “The Apology The New York Post Should Have Issued,” and watch their video:

Via: TPM Livewire, Gawker, and Gawker

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colonelkira April 20, 2013 at 3:36 pm

As a "journalist"?…………you are hysterical!

NBC should put you a their pilot list for their new season!……….they could certainly use a comedy hit!

MiddleGrounds April 21, 2013 at 1:09 am

"were those distributed by the FBI" … or stolen from the FBI … or fabricated. I mean really Murdoch? Your not exactly trustworthy with your information and you come about it.

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