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Mitt Romney Is A Wimp? Newsweek Asks, And By Asking, Answers

by David Badash on July 29, 2012

in Media,News,Politics

Post image for Mitt Romney Is A Wimp? Newsweek Asks, And By Asking, Answers

Newsweek’s cover this week is making headlines for proposing Mitt Romney suffers from “the wimp factor,” and asking if Mitt Romney is “just too insecure to be president.” (Of course, all this exists below the top of the cover which reads, “What Triggers Mass Murderers,” certainly no help either.)

“Is Mitt Romney a wimp?,” Newsweek asks on Tumblr. “That’s our cover this week, which asks if the former Massachusetts governor—who’s dodging the press, hiding his tax returns, and fearing the base—is too insecure to be president.”

In 1987, Newsweek pulled the same thing on then-presidential candidate George H.W. Bush, who went on to become president — albeit for just one term.

“If I worried about what the media said I wouldn’t get much sleep, and I sleep pretty well,” Romney told CBS News today in Jerusalem:

“They tried that on George Herbert Walker Bush. He was a pretty great president and anything but,” Romney said, adding that he doesn’t “recall” ever being called a wimp before.

As far as the ’87 Bush cover, Newsweek notes:

The Bush family was furious about this NEWSWEEK profile, which ran the week George H.W. Bush announced his candidacy for president. And who could blame them? The cover line suggested that the then–vice president was a wimp—a strange charge about a man who narrowly escaped a strafed Navy bomber in World War II and took a daring little-noticed trip to meet with gun-toting Salvadoran military commanders during the Reagan years. Barbara Bush placed a furious call to her son, future president George W., who had vetted journalist  Margaret Garrard Warner. “Have you seen NEWSWEEK?” Barbara Bush growled, according to her son’s recent memoir, Decision Points. “I quickly tracked down a copy and was greeted by the screaming headline: ‘Fighting the Wimp Factor,’ ” Bush 43 wrote. “I was red hot. I got Margaret on the phone. I . . . told her I thought it was part of a political ambush. She muttered something about her editors being responsible for the cover. I did not mutter. I railed about editors and hung up. From then on, I was suspicious of political journalists and their unseen editors.”

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17Oak July 29, 2012 at 7:41 pm

From a magazine that featured a dead Lady Diana, to Obama with "Gay" halo, comes Romney as the "Wimp." This is a pure liberal hatchet job Tina Brown style — if you call it style. They have to do something to combat all that money pouring into the campaign of the new President. It's better to be perceived as a fictional wimp by this source, than the actual "First Gay President" ( defined by Andrew "with friends like.." Sullivan) on a recent cover. Has Obama talked about what he's actually done as President? . Voters are ready to replace this "symbolic" inept, president with a real one. Anything to end the Obama era. It it over yet? The Wimp will win.

humanmanc July 30, 2012 at 6:53 am

17Oak writes: Has Obama talked about what he's actually done as President? "
Considering that this article never once mentioned President Obama, I can only conclude that 17Oak like the presumptive Republican nominee W.M. Romney is employing the shift the conversation ploy by not addressing Romney's perceived weakness but by attacking the president. There is zero room to attack the president on being weak as he has proven/is proving to be a solid & capable Commander in Chief against enemies of all stripes. So the only avenue left for the right is to defame, twist, spin, manipulate & outright lie about the president in hopes of somehow building up the weak Romney.

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