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Michelle Shocked Blows Off Then Pops In And Out Of Scheduled Interview That Goes Nuts

by David Badash on March 21, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Michelle Shocked Blows Off Then Pops In And Out Of Scheduled Interview That Goes Nuts

Michelle Shocked reached out to journalist Nicole Sandler, via Twitter, and agreed to an interview, that was scheduled for today at 11:00 AM Eastern today — but blew it off. And then showed up — said a few troubled words — and then disappeared again. And later, did the same thing. And then again — as the show was literally at the end. “The truth is on Twitter,” Shocked claimed, nonsensically.

Many, many people have been waiting to hear Shocked explain the comments she made on Sunday. Comments like “God hates faggots,” Prop 8 being reinstituted will be a signal for Jesus to come back, and a claim that preachers will be “forced at gunpoint” to marry “the homo-sexuals.”

Sandler, a former Air America radio host, handled the blow-off exquisitely, as Shocked tweeted her the reasons why she wouldn’t adhere to her commitment.

A few of her “reasons”?



“I believe in a God who loves everyone,” Shocked finally said when she, 35 minutes into the interview, finally answered the phone, but it turned out, she was reading from her open letter.

She said little else.

Then the connection was lost.

“This is like a terrible reality show,” Sandler said, who several times added she was worried about her.

“Now Michelle Shocked will be the hero of the Westboro Baptist Church,” Sandler said.

And, probably, NOM.

Meanwhile, Michelle Shocked on Amazon is hitting number one on some of the charts.

Nicole Sandler is a true professional. She deserves an award.

Shocked may, as Sandler suggested, need help. Hopefully she gets it.

If you weren’t a regular listener of Nicole Sandler, you will be now.

UPDATED: The video:

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barbonine March 21, 2013 at 12:32 pm

I believe that Michelle Shocked is nothing more than a bigoted hatemonger.

Given that artists have been rejecting the BSA's Jamboree entertainment lineup because of BSA and homophobia, maybe they can fit this hate-mongering bitch into their afternoon's entertainment?

laferg March 21, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Nicole Sandler handled the situation magnificently. She kept the focus on point, never lost her poise, and managed to provide a relevant, sequential narrative while dealing with a fractious entity live on air. I'm so sad about Michelle, thanks to Nicole for providing a forum for her and standing behind her until she decided to jump off the edge. :'(

HanginHere March 21, 2013 at 2:13 pm

I think she's having some severe mental problems. I'm not a psychiatrist, but her behavior seems to match that of a manic depressive in a manic episode. Her fixation on "the sacred", obsession with twitter, bizarre interaction in the interview and on stage, and cryptic messaging resemble the behavior of one of my family members who has had this illness. Manic depressives are often creative, and their swings aren't your normal mood swings — they can be horrific. Michelle's comments in the concert were reprehensible, but I'm worried there is a giant attack mob going after a scared, insecure, mentally ill rabbit who doesn't know what to say or do. This could end ugly. Michelle's Shocked's mental make-up led to the creativity that many of us appreciated so much; on the flip side it now appears to be leading to her unraveling. I hope someone qualified and caring is there trying to help her, though I'm afraid that's not the case; and it doesn't sound like her church folks are up to it.

BearFlagCitizen March 21, 2013 at 5:14 pm

I'm going to preface this with the fact that I didn't even know who Michelle Shocked was until Monday when all of this broke.

I read, then heard her own comments via the audio clip that David posted earlier this week. Then read her "apology" letter which sounded nothing much more than, "I'm sorry people were offended, but I said what I said. I'm sad I lost my concerts," kind of apology. The run of the mill response for religious and conservative a-holes who lose face in the public sphere.

But for some reason, I was intrigued when supposedly she wanted to come on the air with Nicole Sandler and clear things up. After all, talking things out like adults is clearly the right way to approach an issue like this, right? After listening to the entire broadcast, I've come to only two conclusions. 1.) She truly believes what she said is true and is a homophobe. Or, 2.) something has happened and she's now completely mentally unstable and needs professional help. It is a regular tactic of the homophobic Evangelical type to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet as Michelle Shocked has done this week on Twitter. She won't actually talk to anyone, only tweet from the safety behind her computer where she doesn't have to directly respond to or even acknowledge that people would like some kind of explanation. On the other hand, the two times that Nicole Sandler was actually able to get Michelle on a call, Michelle was so completely oblivious and unaware of anything that was going on. That is not the behaviour of a mature, rational, adult who's had half a lifetime on stage. Not surprisingly, all of the tweets that Michelle posted during the broadcast while she refused to speak on-air to Nicole are now gone. If, Michelle, you're an Evangelical homophobe, have the courage of your convictions and stand up and be known for what you are. Stand up and stop hiding behind your computer and press releases. Own it. If however, you're having a psychotic breakdown, you need professional help. Regardless of either of these situations, your career is now dead.

Nicole, you were admirable. I could see that you had genuine concern and truly, simply, wanted clarification on Michelle's comments that (apparently) were out of character. Perhaps the profanity was unnecessary, but I could feel your frustration about it. Even the attendees of the concert in San Francisco wanted clarification, right there, but Michelle wouldn't even address it then. Unapologetic, or mentally broken? you decide.

At any rate, her career is over. Putting forth any more coverage of this is not worthwhile. Let her fade into obscurity as it should be. We know the march of progress on LGBT equality is now stronger than ever. The more we focus on what our opponents have to say, the more we give them a platform for their inane rantings. This is exactly the thing people like the WBC want.

Goodbye Michelle Shocked. I didn't know you, but at least now, I know, I'd rather not know you.

jchastn March 21, 2013 at 10:25 pm

The stupid thing about this whole anti gay anti everything free thing that the Christians have going on, is that they keep saying that "the end is coming", "jesus will come back any day" and they express FEAR that what others do in their lives will speed the end of the world. IF THEIR FAITH WAS REAL, Christians would look forward to the coming of Christ and the end of time because they are going to Heaven. Why are they hateful and angry and not HAPPY that the Lord is coming back? It only makes sense if they think that deep in their hearts that Jesus might have a couple things to say about how they have been treating gays and Lesbians.

kuhrdan1 March 21, 2013 at 11:47 pm

I think Michelle Shocked is in a state of shock. Clearly too afraid to be exposed for her shallowness.

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