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Marco Rubio’s Poland Spring Moment: Career Ender?

by David Badash on February 13, 2013

in News

Post image for Marco Rubio’s Poland Spring Moment: Career Ender?

CNN today is asking if Marco Rubio‘s Poland Spring gulp last night is a “career-ender?” What do you think?

Frankly, the answer is no, but a qualified no. Why? Two words: Bobby Jindal. Any politician who blows such an important opportunity, to be seen around the nation and around the world, drenched in flop-sweat, nervous, talking too fast — not to mention, delivering a ludicrous speech — has a great deal to do to overcome such a set-back.

Rubio was not ready for prime time. His nervousness proved he knew it. Yet, he made the poor decision of agreeing to deliver the Republican response.

The swig of bottled water wasn’t a career-ender, but it topped off what was tremendous damage to his political future.



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James_M_Martin February 13, 2013 at 8:59 pm

You know a few PhotoShoppers are going to do things with those big eyes as the plastic water bottle goes into his pie hole.

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