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Man Goes Grocery Shopping With Loaded AR-15 Assault Rifle — Because He Can

by David Badash on January 29, 2013

in Guns,News

Post image for Man Goes Grocery Shopping With Loaded AR-15 Assault Rifle — Because He Can

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A 22-year old Virginia man decided to express his Second Amendment rights by going grocery shopping with a loaded AR-15 assault rifle on his back. Police wrongly drew their weapons on the unidentified man after shoppers were frightened, but did not arrest the man (image, top) because in Virginia, carrying a loaded assault rifle is not illegal unless the owner is a felon, took possession of the weapon illegally, or if the weapon is concealed.

“Police say he was cooperative and did nothing illegal. Officers did find a note in his pocket spelling out his intent to express his 2nd Amendment rights. Police say they could not release man’s name because he was not arrested,” NBC 29 reports:

National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor Bill Davis says the gun incident was inappropriate and could have turned violent.

“I think it reflects on all gun owners in a bad way,” Davis said. “I’ve talked to six NRA instructors this morning about it. Why did he have that note in his pocket? I think – this is my personal opinion – I think he expected to be shot, so they would have found the note and said he wasn’t doing nothing.”

NRA instructors and police agree that he did nothing illegal, but he did cause a lot of concern.

“He did not do anything wrong other than to disrupt a lot of activity, concern a lot of people within there and of course so close to the heels of a tragedy that happened in Connecticut,” said Charlottesville Police Lieutenant Ronnie Roberts.

The disruption sparked the Kroger store to ban him from the property. Private property owners and businesses can post signs to keep guns out.

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

Hat Tip: Talking Points Memo

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wiseowl13 January 29, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Another gun nut. These guys have no idea how idiotic (and dangerous) they are.

Goose09 January 29, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Can't believe the guy was crazy enough to put himself in that much danger. He thought he might die, why else would he write the note in his pocket? He needs some counseling.

Everybodhi January 29, 2013 at 11:10 pm

He has to try harder and he can succeed with his suicide by cop plan.

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