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Limbaugh: Sandusky Is “A Gay Guy” But “Gay Lobby” Won’t Let You Say That

by David Badash on November 18, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News

Post image for Limbaugh: Sandusky Is “A Gay Guy” But “Gay Lobby” Won’t Let You Say That

Homophobic Rush Limbaugh says that Penn State accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky is “a gay guy” but the “gay lobby” won’t let people say that, and adds the mere mention of this will probably “end my career.”

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Media Matters reports:

A caller asked Limbaugh today about the “elephant in the room” that he had mentioned. The caller said that “we’re always told that homosexuals are not pedophiles, but in this case, he sure was. And the same thing with Michael Jackson.” Limbaugh replied, “Nah, not pedophiles, but I do think it’s the elephant in the room that is never — it’s not called a homosexual problem or scandal or — see there — and the reason, there’s a very powerful political gay movement, and it’s oriented towards supporting the Democrat Party.”

Limbaugh also said he didn’t “want to be misunderstood.” He explained:

LIMBAUGH: Sandusky does not represent all of homosexuality, just like the priests in the Catholic Church don’t represent all of homosexuality, just like the aberrant criminals in heterosexual society don’t represent all heterosexuals. But because the gay lobby is very powerful, people don’t go there. People don’t address it, they don’t talk about it, and as such, an element of the problem never gets dealt with.

Limbaugh asserted, apparently without any evidence whatsoever, that “Sandusky has to be — he’s a gay guy. Nobody’s mentioning that aspect, because it’s just too dangerous.”

Whether Sandusky is gay or not is totally immaterial. Experts say that men who molest young boys aren’t necessarily gay, and there is no credible link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Earlier this month, Limbaugh said that “women lie,” and invoked Tawana Brawley to defend Herman Cain against the accusations of sexual harassment.

Recently, Limbaugh said former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell will vote for President Obama again because “melanin is thicker than water.”

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Alex_Parrish November 18, 2011 at 8:55 pm

If I thought it would really end Wretch Limbaugh's "career" I'd start a campaign to have everybody in the US say it!

jmedoom November 19, 2011 at 12:17 am

If you follow the Rush logic (and nobody ever should) the "mainstream media" might also mention that Sandusky is a registered Republican every time they mention his crimes.

Rush is a bigot, and a lot of his fans are bigots. But I know a lot of people who once listened to Rush, who have since seen the light, basically by getting tired of his tired, paid-for rhetoric. He's a relic of a dying generation of thinking, and it's not getting better for him.

amyparmenter November 21, 2011 at 12:06 pm

So….following that same line of reasoning…then Rush, assuming he's the same as a rapist or an adult male who molests young girls right? I mean they all have the same thing in common — male on female. Would he refer to a man who had sex with a 3 month old girl (and there is one here in Connecticut by the way…) would he refer to that person as a heterosexual?

Just sayin…

Amy Parmenter
The ParmFarm

kodac August 9, 2012 at 10:13 pm

<would he refer to that person as a heterosexual? >

Yes. "Hetero" means different. An adult man who molests a young girl is with a different or hetero gender. In contrast, Sandusky was with the same or homo gender.

Joshua_Ray November 21, 2011 at 2:42 pm

I think the prevalence of molestation throughout religion and society has more to do with men having a god complex and feeling that they have the right to play god on children rather than having anything to do with sexuality. I don't see a whole lot of adult homosexuals coming out and saying how they had relations with Mr. Sandusky. No one whether gay or straight would be capable of doing that to another human being if they saw themselves as human. Unfortunately, a lot of people are too ignorant to realize it and prefer to cast blame in the wrong direction rather than take responsibility and use any form of intelligence to stop or hinder a serious problem. They justify what men in their own religion do by trying to say it's not as bad because they are only rubbing their wankers on children or that the children instigated it by reaching for the adult. They take no responsibility for the problems their own religion creates. If, and I do mean if, more homosexuals are molesting children, then perhaps it has something to do with society making them more confused. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians are too stubborn to say that sex should be between two adults PERIOD…END OF DISCUSSION. And thus they will continue to create their own problems and woller in their own filth. However, any adult with any pulse and intelligence should be mature enough to tell a child "no" regardless of if the child reaches for them. Regardless, I have no doubt that the world would be a better place if Mr. Limbaugh would have OD'd on whatever pills he used to be addicted to.

kodac August 9, 2012 at 10:28 pm

<Recently, Limbaugh said former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell will vote for President Obama again because “melanin is thicker than water.”>

Unless someone can assert a plausible alternative reason then Limbaugh's statement must be considered to be true. Here is why: Powell had a history of advocating republican policy. But in the case of Obama he changed. Powell gave his endorsement at with strategic timing while simultaneously citing an intolerant tone amongst his former republican colleagues. But when one considers that John McCain is well known for his moderate tone then Powell's reasoning and accusations fall short. Of all of the republicans who could have possible obtained nomination, McCain should have been the one to make Powell happy. But Powell voted skin color anyway, thus, validating Limbaugh's comment. I personally feel that Jeremiah Wright's hateful comments about Powell made Powell more sensitive and may have led to his flip.

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