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Hate Speech: Faux Religious Group Spews Faux Outrage Over Faux Censorship

by David Badash on May 25, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Hate Speech: Faux Religious Group Spews Faux Outrage Over Faux Censorship

A group named the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is attacking all social media sites — except Twitter — and claiming they are censoring Christians’ right to spew hate speech against gay people. Unsurprisingly, the National Religious Broadcasters represent only Christian broadcasters, while claiming to be “a non-partisan, international association,” with a mission “to advance biblical truth; to promote media excellence; and to defend free speech.” And by “free speech,” they mean anti-gay hate speech. The “news” video, below, singles out Facebook for supposedly partnering with a pro-LGBT organization to censor Christian hate speech.

Since 2005, the NRB has been accused of being “one of the leading groups of the Dominionist movement.”

“The NRB conducted a study of the social networking websites that showed even among the largest of the sites, only Twitter hasn’t censored Christians,” Paul Strand at CBN News reports:

“There’s actually a pattern of anti-Christian censorship that’s already occurred among several of them. And, then, when we looked farther, looked at their written policies, we found that [with] everyone of them, except for Twitter again,” Craig Parshall, general counsel for the NRB, said.

“They get an A+ from us. The rest of them get failing grades,” he added.

Colby May, director of the office of governmental affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice, teamed up with Parshall and other groups to examine the new media platforms censorship for the last year-and-a-half.

“There is a kind of viewpoint censorship that’s going on. And we need to go ahead and stand up and say, ‘Stop. Not here. Don’t do it. Wrong way. Turn around now,’” May explained.

“What’s getting censored?” CBN News asked Parshall.

“Right now, it’s on the issue of the gay rights agenda,” he responded.

If the name Craig Parshall sounds familiar, it may be because you remember stories we have done on Parshall’s wife, Janet. The husband and wife team have infiltrated the NRB and use its resources to further their anti-gay agenda.

Janet Parshall is the Executive Board Treasurer of the NRB, and her husband, Craig, is the Senior Vice President & General Counsel. Cozy, huh?

Janet Parshall, who hosted an offensive faux documentary series called, ”Speechless: Silencing The Christians,” recently demanded an IRS inquiry of Media Matters.
Craig Parshall did not immediately respond to an email inquiry.

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