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Gay Marriage, Homosexuality, Bestiality, Pedophilia. Yeah, There’s An App For That

by David Badash on November 12, 2010

in Bigotry Watch

Post image for Gay Marriage, Homosexuality, Bestiality, Pedophilia. Yeah, There’s An App For That

They say, keep your friends close and your enemies (oh, apologies, as President Obama meant to say, “opponents,”) closer, so what could be closer than your iPhone? If you’re like me, mine is never more than a foot or two away. So now, while texting, tweeting, checking the market, emails, blogs, and the Times, I can check up on that nefarious hate group, the Christian Coalition. Yes, indeed, there’s an app for that.

Now, for those of you who might not remember, the Christian Coalition was founded by Pat Robertson. You remember Robertson, don’t you?

Watch: Pat Robertson Tells Millions Of Catholics In Haiti They Deserve It, “Made A Pact With Devil.”

Or, this gem from Robertson:

“But if we take biblical standards away in homosexuality, what about the other? And what about bestiality and ultimately what about child molestation and pedophilia? How can we criminalize these things and at the same time have constitutional amendments allowing same-sex marriage among homosexuals. You mark my words, this is just the beginning in a long downward slide in relation to all the things that we consider to be abhorrent.”

So, it turns out, the Christian Coalition’s iPhone app lets you “get connected, take action and stay informed on the critical issues that face our country.”

Like, no doubt, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, bestiality, child molestation and pedophilia.

Since Robertson left the helm of the Christian Coalition in 2005, they’ve become more politically-focused. Now, you can use their iPhone app to, “Help Us Defend ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’” “Contact Your Congressman as Soon as Possible To Oppose The ‘DISCLOSE Act,’” or read how “Democrats Vow To Ignore Voters.” It’s kind of like a dose of religious zealotry-cum-politics in the palm of your hand.

Suffice it to say, the Christian Coalition’s iPhone app will not be making today’s New York Times’ list of “Top 10 Must-Have Apps for the iPhone, and Some Runners-Up.”

Christian Coalition iPhone App

Christian Coalition iPhone App

Oh, for all you separation of church and state buffs, like me, there’s this, via Wikipedia:

“In 1990, the national Christian Coalition, Inc., headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, began producing “non-partisan” voter guides which it distributed to conservative Christian churches, with 40 million being distributed in the 1992 and 1996 presidential election years. Complaints that the voter guides were actually partisan led to the denial of the Christian Coalition, Inc.’s tax-exempt status in 1999. In 2000 the coalition moved from its long-standing base of operations in the Chesapeake Bay area to an office on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. where they continue to be a major force on Capitol Hill.

“In 2005, the Coalition concluded a settlement agreement with the Internal Revenue Service, ending its long-running battle with that agency regarding its tax exempt status. As a result, the IRS has now recognized the Coalition as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization, the first time in the Agency’s history that it has granted a letter of exemption to a group that stated in its application that it would distribute voter guides directly in churches. The consent decree enforces limitations on the terminology that may be used in the Coalition’s “voter guides”.”

Yeah, there’s an app for that…

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