• Source: Wichita Eagle
  • Watch: Kansas Governor Signs Anti-Gay 'Religious Liberty' Bill Into Law

    Brownback Says Law Protects Discriminatory Groups That Are the 'Building Blocks of Society'

    Governor Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed an anti-gay "religious liberty" bill into law. The Kansas Republican held a special ceremony to sign the legislation, which "protects" campus religious groups from having to allow LGBT students and faculty participate as members. 

    Brownback called those groups "building blocks of society," and didn't waste any time placing his signature on SB 175, which passed less than one week ago. The bill makes it legal for religious groups at postsecondary schools – even those colleges and universities that receive taxpayer funds – to discriminate against LGBT students. 

    “Religious liberty is a part of the essence of who we are as a nation and state,” Brownback said. The Wichita Eagle reports "lawmakers and lobbyists for the Kansas Catholic Conference and the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas" were on hand for the celebration. 

    “At our founding, people coming to the United States came here seeking religious liberty. I’m pleased to sign SB 175 today, the Campus Religious Freedom Bill, ensuring that college students can also enjoy this bedrock American principle.”

    The Washington Blade notes "Brownback’s decision to sign SB 175 makes him the first governor this year to sign into law legislation seen to discriminate against LGBT people."




    Kansas Gov. Issues Sweeping Religious Protections To Combat Marriages Of Same-Sex Couples

    GOP Governor Discovers Eight-Year Old State LGBT Protections, So He Rescinds Them

    Even After SCOTUS Refusal Kansas Gov. Still Working To Deny Marriage To Same-Sex Couples


    Screenshot and video via The Wichita Eagle
    Hat tip: Washington Blade

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    • commented 2016-03-27 22:53:03 -0400
      What ever happened to separation of church and state? If there is separation of church and state how can someone pass laws regarding church and religion?

    • commented 2016-03-25 13:38:16 -0400
      Why are getting upset over this, fight back by taking away the tax exempt status of religious groups.

    • commented 2016-03-25 10:08:10 -0400

    • commented 2016-03-25 09:40:57 -0400
      I may be dense, but I don’t read anything in this Bill as being anti-gay. I read it that a religious student association has just as much a right to exist as a non-religious student association, so long as they follow all the rules set forth by the post-secondary institution. I want Brownback to go away as much as anybody, but I’m just not sure what I’m missing.

    • commented 2016-03-24 19:38:30 -0400
      This sounds like something that would happen in Kansas.

    • commented 2016-03-24 14:03:41 -0400
      “Family Values” HYPOCRITE Republican Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Exposed For Cheating On His Wife (3/23/16)

      Last year after the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, Alabama fiercely resisted and tried to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Governor Robert Bentley was not the staunchest member of the state’s opposition to the Supreme Court, but Roy Moore, his state Supreme Court Chief Justice did. Roy Moore has continued to order state judges to enforce the vacated law against same-sex marriage, in defiance of the Supreme Court. It was finally revealed by a fired member of his staff that Robert Bentley had indeed engaged in some sort of affair with his married advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason.. The governor claimed that only inappropriate comments were made and no physical affair occurred, but the audio obtained by Robert Bentley’s ex-wife suggests otherwise. I don’t care whether or not Bentley and his aide had an affair. ►The point is, Governor Bentley spoke about “family values” and the sanctity of marriage, while allowing his state’s Supreme Court to continue denying these values he took for granted to same-sex couples. There is a term for that behavior and it is HYPOCRITE.

      i don’t CARE that he “cheated on his wife.” i DO care that he is parading around as a “Traditional Family Values” Republican idiot of whom was and is TOTALLY deadset against marriage equality/gay marriage and THEN pulls this BS, i.e., lobbies for and pushing forth legislation to deny people their rights to marry BASED on his supposed “Traditional Family Values” stance.


    • commented 2016-03-24 00:07:11 -0400
      Religious liberty laws are not freedom of religion laws. I wish more people understood this. Religious liberty is using your beliefs to dictate legislation and the civil rights of other people. Religious freedom is the right to practice any religion you choose free of persecution. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean what you think it means LOL. It does not mean you have a right to impose your beliefs on others. It means that you have the right to practice these beliefs for yourself. Church and state must be kept separate to ensure that all of our rights as Americans (whether or not they coincide with your personal beliefs is irrelevant) are protected by the US Constitution. Somebody else getting rights you’ve always had or gaining rights that you don’t agree with takes absolutely nothing from you. Being denied the ability to deny others rights does not mean you are being persecuted for your beliefs. It just simply means that you are not allowed to use your religion to deny others their protected constitutional freedoms. Persecuting others is not your civil right LOL.

    • commented 2016-03-23 23:00:48 -0400
      You people in Kansas define a whole new level of stupid!

    • commented 2016-03-23 21:42:23 -0400
      So Gays don’t have to serve left wing bigots in Kansas anymore?

    • commented 2016-03-23 21:14:30 -0400
      More like, “to protect the groups that were the building blocks of the Dark Ages and have been working ever since to return to them again.”

    • commented 2016-03-23 18:21:00 -0400
      wood u look at those rich smug pieces of shit

    • commented 2016-03-23 17:59:45 -0400
      UPDATE: Thomas Witt, Executive Director of Equality Kansas pointed out that Republican Gov. Brownback’s Executive Order ****cannot over ride statute, and that federal acceptance of funds for hospitals would make them unlikely to take the risk***. Still, what the executive order does do is signal continued opposition to change on the issue, and helps create marketplace confusion. More importantly, it continues to hype the fear of a non-issues and conspiracies in order to stoke the fire of those who want to propose conspiracy theories over the issue: “►Its a tantrum”.

      Republican Sam Brownback (R-KS) Signs Sweeping (Toothless) Anti-LGBT Executive Order


    • commented 2016-03-23 17:35:15 -0400
      I agree with the governor. Ever been to Kansas? It is a miserable shift hole. Let the bigoted Republicans have it. It’s almost bankrupt anyway.

    • commented 2016-03-23 16:30:21 -0400
      So, let me understand this: folks re-elected this goon based on his stellar prior performance of him bankrupting Kansas, and now he is turning back the hands of time and pretty much re-instating open discrimination? Tell me again why he is still in office…

    • commented 2016-03-23 16:26:37 -0400
      another (bankrupt) state that apparently deserves no one’s business or visits. everyone start steering clear of Kansas, because they haven’t learned from any of the other states that tried this bullshit with unfavorable results. ignorance and bigotry are not excusable even when you wrap them in religion like a freakin pig-in-a-blanket!

    • commented 2016-03-23 14:42:29 -0400
      Too bad your your constituents can’t eat your misguided intentions, governor. Maybe if you spent your time doing your job instead of being a dick, your state wouldn’t be bankrupt.

    • commented 2016-03-23 13:22:02 -0400
      The ever so disgusting GOP leaders.

    • commented 2016-03-23 12:09:37 -0400
      Pity Kansas has nothing worth boycotting.

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