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  • UPDATE: GOP to Lose Control of Virginia House of Delegates as One Citizen's Vote Hands Democrat a Seat

    Think Your Vote Doesn't Count? Think Again.

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    A recount in one race will determine if Republicans lose control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Right now, that recount rests on the vote of one citizen. Not a lawmaker's vote, but there literally is one vote separating the two candidates for Virginia's 94th District seat. 

    (See update below.)

    Newport News Democrat Shelly Simonds (photo) currently leads Republican David Yancey in the recount. The original count had put Yancey ahead of Simonds by just ten votes.

    If the recount finds Simonds won more votes, not only will she have beaten the GOP incumbent, but the House of Delegates will be evenly split, 50-50. Before the November election Republicans had the majority, 66-34. 

    Then next time you consider not "bothering" to vote, or know someone who just can't be bothered because they think their vote doesn't count, remember Virginia.

    Stay tuned! 

    UPDATE I: 3:55 PM ET –

    The Washington Post reports at 3:49 PM: "Democrat wins Va. House seat in recount by single vote, creating 50-50 tie in legislature."

    "Democrat Shelly Simonds emerged from the recount as the apparent winner in the 94th District of the House of Delegates, seizing the seat from Republican incumbent David Yancey. A three-judge panel still must certify the results, an event scheduled for Wednesday."

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