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  • Oregon Domestic Terrorists Have 2 Lists Of Demands. One Includes Miracle Whip. The Other Is Insane.

    Ammon Bundy and his group of so-called "militia" men are asking for a lot, and it's not just snacks.

    The Bundy occupation of a federal installation in Oregon has now entered its second week, with no sign of and end to the so-called standoff. Publicly, the federal government and the State of Oregon have all but ignored the domestic terrorists, leaving action to the local county sheriff, David Ward. Behind the scenes there are reports the FBI will charge Bundy, but the course of action that was clear from the start was to wait them out until they grow tired of being away from home and family, or starve.

    Sheriff Ward last week said even handing the men a Snickers was tantamount to offering them support.

    And he was right, because this weekend two major events took place.

    The first, an ironic moment on Saturday, when another heavily-armed militia group drove up in a huge convey, surrounded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and stepped out of their vehicles brandishing long guns, freaking the Bundy militia the heck out.

    That militia group, part of the Pacific Patriots Network, arrived supposedly to offer security and safety for both the Bundy group and everyone else. In other words, they tried to take control, something the Bundy militia was not pleased with. They asked the PPN to go home.

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    Ironic, isn't it?

    The second major event is that the PPN served both Bundy and law enforcement officials with what they are calling Articles of Resolution, or, in plain speak, a list of demands. 

    It's unclear if these were drafted with Bundy's input or not, but they bear Bundy's group's name, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.

    But first, before looking at that list of demands, take a look at this list:

    Yes, the militiamen are asking for boxer briefs, socks, sleeping bags, deodorant, and both Miracle Whip and mayonnaise. (Clearly, there had been a conversation about this.) Also, Marlboro Red 100s, Marlboro Lights 100s, a Midland radio from Walmart, and something called John Radios ham, which we couldn't find online. Oh, and money.

    Clearly, they came unprepared:

    We can mock this all we want, but for now let's take a look at the other list, the list of real demands:

    First, they start off complaining that the local county officials haven't responded to their "Redress of Grievance," so they are now demanding everything in writing – as if they get to call the shots.

    Second, regarding the imprisonment of the Hammond ranchers, which supposedly is why they took over the federal installation in the first place, they are demanding the FBI "conduct a criminal investigation into prosecutorial misconduct for unlawfully withholding eyewitness testimony which would have aided in the Hammond’s defense."


    Lastly, get this. They are demanding the federal government hand over the wildlife refuge to the county.

    "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request Harney County Government petition and give notice to the Federal Government for the transfer and unconditional return to local control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as allowed by Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2," of the U.S. Constitution.

    "Harney County Government in equal Partnership with the Burns Paiute Tribe will manage and administer this publicly owned land to the values and vision of the local community."

    It should be noted that the Burns Paiute Tribe is a federally recognize Native American tribe. Bundy, who in addition to forming the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, also subsequently formed the Harney County Committee of Safety.

    The Harney County Committee of Safety, on its website, calls Native Americans "savages."

    Will the Bundy men get their Miracle Whip? Possibly, but they will not get the federal government to give them federal lands – nor should they. That is federal land, which, although the Bundys don't understand, means it belongs to you and me. To hand it over to a county of 7000 people unprepared to take on that responsibility, would be insane.



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    Image by Edd Sowden via Flickr and a CC license 

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    • commented 2016-01-12 17:30:46 -0500
      The answer to this is a resounding “NO”!

      Cut them off, NO electric, NO gas, NO food, NO water, NO ‘warm coats’ or ‘blankets’, NO internet or media access.

      If they didn’t bring it with them then they need to go back to whatever supposedly “Survivalist” hole they crawled out of. They are actually giving REAL Survivalists a bad name.

      They can get off my land!

    • commented 2016-01-11 16:49:06 -0500
      @robert Rooney – At what point in the Conversation did I say I supported the Bundys? Nope, Didn’t Happen. However I am against Mandatory Minimums which were used on the Hammonds and which is a portion of the Bundy Protest. 1+2 does not equal 26. The Progressive Liberals should be able to agree Mandatory Minimums are an abomination in the Hammond case, but they can not get past the fact that it would be a benefit to assumed Republicans. As for Sides….. You ASSume which side I am on, and I assure you the often quoted parable is true. And lastly in a County of 7,000 with 10,000 square miles and 6 sheriffs to cover the area… By Size comparison an area 4 times larger than King County (Seattle) in Washington State….. exactly who of the .07 people per square mile are being Terrorized by the protesters? Terrorism defined by U.S.C.Title 22, Chapter 38 : “[T]he term ‘terrorism’ means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents” and with that in mind Violence has not happened therefore Terrorism has not happened thus the Bundy Clan can not be defined in the narrowest of interpretations, as of yet, as Terrorist. You are Jumping the proverbial Gun a bit.

    • commented 2016-01-11 16:22:21 -0500
      @masada – Did you throw in a wink too, Sarah? Gotcha journalism deserves a wink, don’t ya think? You’re still sounding like a loon and this attempt at reason won’t pass muster. Labeling it as a ‘gun toting, flannel wearing’ is still your pathetic attempt at trying to phrase it in your own terms. It’s not going to work, you are a terrorist apologist, and they are terrorists.

      I know how your insignificant little mind works. Everything you do and say is an attempt at trapping people into agreeing to your terms out of a pre-programmed reaction. Make it sound reasonable by rewording it, they’ll eat up the narrative. Frank Luntz is a master at this, you are no Frank Luntz, and this is no ‘death panel’.

      You people, yes, I said You People, have tried this same bullshit tactic with regards to the civil war. It was not about freedoms and limiting government, IT WAS about slavery. This lie didn’t work as a defense then, so don’t try to use it as a defense now. IT was about slavery then, it is about controlling people with weapons, threats, and violence to get what you want now. Your side supported it, and lost then, your side supported it, and will lose now. No matter how you spin a bad angle, you’re the bad angle!

      You are supporting terrorism. Pure and simple. You are supporting terrorism. YOU ARE SUPPORTING TERRORISM!

    • commented 2016-01-11 15:03:52 -0500
      @robert Rooney – You fell for the whole judging a book by it’s cover trap. I chose this moniker for just this reason. Profiling is a bitch isn’t it ! God I hate it when the cops do it don’t you? Seems to me the Fanatical Progressives find it hard to live by what they preach. As for the rest of your post it is just elitist avoidance. Just because these men are Gun loving, Flannel Wearing, Meat Eating Protesters should not diminish the Civil Rights argument against Mandatory Minimums which is an issue the Progressives always defend if it is a minority who is abused under these sentencing guidelines……But by all means please continue to obfuscate instead of finding ways to support those issues which you typically would. Bravo!

    • commented 2016-01-11 15:00:24 -0500
      MEANWHILE… #‎HARNEYCOUNTY #‎Burns #‎OR .. THEY ARE TAKING YOUR PublicLANDS TODAY.Americans……and #‎SheriffWard Does Nothing nor does the FBI… MT @amandapeacher
      Ammon Bundy says occupiers plan to remove a fence between one rancher’s property & fed lands today. #‎Oregonstandoff #‎green #‎BLM #‎Malheur +The White House
      At least now they can charge the SHERIFF with Aiding and Abetting… as well as the Rancher!

    • commented 2016-01-11 14:32:39 -0500
      @masada – I will continue to make it tailor-made to your form of delusion so long as you continue to ignore the facts and stage the debate in your false patriotic bunting. We of the progressive liberal movement will always see past these false debate tactics. Mandatory minimum, that’s a nice bit of research, must have taken you two seconds to come across our fight against YOUR policy. And the management of public lands, the only problem anyone should have is that we let your friends have access to it for anything besides visiting. Those are public resources that should stay public and never exploited! Letting cattle and sheep destroy it is why the government had to buy in from those ‘ranchers’ in the first place. If those ranchers in Oregon can’t feed their cattle on the land they own and with the bales they can buy, they should apply for federal subsidies or go out of business! How’s that for a capitalist society response, for ya?

      Side note: Making your handle about the mass suicide of jews rather than face massacre for their rebellion against the Romans, real subtle. Some of us watched the history special too, before count choculas like yourself turned it into the jeebus and fake alien network. There’s nothing noble or similar to what happened at Masada about you and your movement. You’re just terrorists and terror-apologists. It’s time conservatives got a taste of their own terrorism laws, since the shoe is on the other foot now.

    • commented 2016-01-11 13:11:26 -0500
      …and we in the West know all about this attempted takeover to MINE PUblic Lands… RT @wulalowe: “”tweet-url hashtag" href=“https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23Publiclands” title=“#Publiclands”>#Publiclands are under political threat. #TedCruz, mining companies, and some western states advocate selling it to #private interests"
      SEE : #Publiclands are an amazing American legacy

      ITS OURS #KeepItPublic #conservation #environment

    • commented 2016-01-11 13:08:02 -0500
      OH LA… and Dont Miss Matt Taibbi piece:
      The Dumb and the Restless
      Ammon Bundy and his band of weeping, self-pitying, gun-toting, wannabe-terrorist metrosexuals are America’s most ridiculous people

      Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-dumb-and-the-restless-20160107#ixzz3wx8hFk2Y

    • commented 2016-01-11 12:16:01 -0500
      There are two real issues here. One is Mandatory Minimums and one is Federal Management of Public Lands (with a whole lot up sub topics in this one). There is a third issues that can be foisted upon the events, one of gun control, but that is merely a conversation derail-er. Why is it so hard to discuss the issues? Why is it that the Liberal Left, the self designated Progressive Intelligentsia, has devolved to one liners and personal attacks instead up discussing the issues?

    • commented 2016-01-11 12:04:03 -0500
      My burning question is “Why aren’t any of the Malheur occupiers wearing SNOW camo?” They’re making a very poor fashion statement! Maybe Mommy Bundy should request someone send some for her boys.

    • commented 2016-01-11 12:02:21 -0500
      So let me get this clear – Ammon Bundy’s MOMMY is requesting supplies for her little boy’s armed takeover of a federal building? It is to laugh….

    • commented 2016-01-11 11:00:29 -0500
      @robert Rooney – Rant Much? CooCoo For Coco Puffs hate-mongering and personal attacks at their finest! Bravo. As for their waving guns about nonsense…… First and foremost they have not been. Secondly they sent a group of people away because they wanted walk around with rifles as some sort of quasi bodyguards….. Armed is one thing, waving about or even brandishing is quite another.

    • commented 2016-01-11 10:50:40 -0500
      @masada – That’s nice and all, but just one thing, the article is pure bullshit and so is your ‘because they like guns’. This was never about a gun fetish, nor was their actions because 2 men went to jail for a legitimate reason. These assholes want to have their way using threats, intimidation, and possibly violence, the 2 men in jail is just a smoke screen. These are terrorists. Take your crazy, rightwing, terror-apologist ideals, and go sit and think on it until you can figure out why waving a gun in public is bad. Cause waving a gun in public is bad, mkay? And phrasing it to make it seem like you’re the reasonable one is bad too, mkay, cause you’re not, mkay?

    • commented 2016-01-11 10:17:41 -0500
      Instead of just hating these people because they like guns and you don’t. Why don’t you find that one thing you have in common and build upon it?http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/01/oregon-mandatory-minimums/422433/

    • commented 2016-01-11 06:26:42 -0500
      Cut the power and water and no one or anything goes in or out until they all surrender. A warm jail cell and a hot meal will look good after that.

    • commented 2016-01-11 00:31:03 -0500
      The Burns Paiute tribe actually bought some of the land and have grazing rights etc. So they’re some of the people the Bundy’s are claiming to represent, add they’ve asked them to go home.


    • commented 2016-01-10 22:53:11 -0500
      Thanks for the “savages” tidbit. I took some screen shots that will be lovely ammo against the racist idiots who support these insurrectionists.

    • commented 2016-01-10 19:47:58 -0500
      Exactly. Americans across the country should be pissed about this, and domestic terrorists like these need to do prison time, however the situation gets resolved.

    • commented 2016-01-10 19:16:27 -0500
      No to all demands by terrorists and traitors. Starve the out or smoke them out—or send in the drones to fulfill their fantasy to be martyrs.. The have no human rights.

    • commented 2016-01-10 19:06:26 -0500
      I wouldn’t waste the postage it would take to send them anything, not even a “fuck you” note.

    • commented 2016-01-10 19:05:18 -0500
      Send in a drone strike and bomb the shit out of them. It works on other ‘militants’, so, why not?

    • commented 2016-01-10 18:40:07 -0500
      Send 8″×10″ glossy pics of dog food and toilet paper.

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