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    NASCAR Becomes Latest To Denounce Indiana Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law

    For decades, NASCAR has been the refuge of the right, but today the sporting organization issued a strong statement condemning Indiana's anti-gay law.


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    The past five days have grown increasingly uncomfortable for supporters of inequality and anti-gay hate. From the moment Governor Mike Pence signed the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law last Thursday, it seems every hour brings another major opponent of the law.

    Pence's RFRA, despite his claims, is designed to be a license to discriminate against minorities and women, but the LGBT community has been its primary target.

    Today, NASCAR – which is the second most-viewed sports franchise, next only to the NFL – issued a strong condemnation of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

    Once considered a refuge for supporters of inequality, NASCAR has made its intentions clear.

    UPDATE – Breaking: Arkansas Passes Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill 'Virtually Identical' To Indiana's

    And that's important for a sport almost synonymous with Indianapolis.

    "NASCAR is disappointed by the recent legislation passed in Indiana. We will not embrace nor participate in exclusion or intolerance. We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our sport and therefore will continue to welcome all competitors and fans at our events in the state of Indiana and anywhere else we race," NASCAR's Brett Jewkes, senior vice president and chief communications officer, said in a statement to NBC Sports.

    "For 105 years the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has engaged millions who want to celebrate the true spirit of American racing. IMS will continue to warmly welcome all who share our enthusiasm for motorsports – employees, participants and fans."

    This morning Governor Pence defended the RFRA, but called for a bill to "clarify" the law's intention.



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