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  • Donald Trump: 'I Only Made a Joke About My Hands'

    GOP Frontrunner Quips He Didn't Brag About How Well-Endowed He Claims to Be

    CNN's Dana Bash spoke with Donald Trump immediately after Thursday night's Fox News GOP debate, asking him about the comments he had just made, that he is well-endowed.

    “I can’t believe I’m gonna ask you this question,” Bash began, “but do you realize you’re probably the first person in American history, maybe world history, to make a joke about your you-know-what on a debate stage?”

    Trump tried to suggest, perhaps joke, that he didn't brag about the size of his penis.

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    "No. I only made a joke about my hands. I have very powerful hands, he said, to laughter in the background, and Bash insisting, "You went a little further than that."

    “Look at these hands, aren’t they beautiful? I have very powerful hands, and large hands. Relatively large hands.”

    Trump called it a "good moment."

    During the debate, Trump had slammed Marco Rubio for saying he had small hands, and suggesting he was not well-endowed. 

    Trump made sure to tell the audience that he actually is well-endowed.

    "I guarantee you, there's no problem," Trump promised.


    Image: Screenshot via CNN/YouTube

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