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  • Donald Trump: 'I Only Made a Joke About My Hands'

    GOP Frontrunner Quips He Didn't Brag About How Well-Endowed He Claims to Be

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    CNN's Dana Bash spoke with Donald Trump immediately after Thursday night's Fox News GOP debate, asking him about the comments he had just made, that he is well-endowed.

    “I can’t believe I’m gonna ask you this question,” Bash began, “but do you realize you’re probably the first person in American history, maybe world history, to make a joke about your you-know-what on a debate stage?”

    Trump tried to suggest, perhaps joke, that he didn't brag about the size of his penis.

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    "No. I only made a joke about my hands. I have very powerful hands, he said, to laughter in the background, and Bash insisting, "You went a little further than that."

    “Look at these hands, aren’t they beautiful? I have very powerful hands, and large hands. Relatively large hands.”

    Trump called it a "good moment."

    During the debate, Trump had slammed Marco Rubio for saying he had small hands, and suggesting he was not well-endowed. 

    Trump made sure to tell the audience that he actually is well-endowed.

    "I guarantee you, there's no problem," Trump promised.


    Image: Screenshot via CNN/YouTube

    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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