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  • Democratic Strategist: 'I Believe the House Could Be in Play if Donald Trump Is the Nominee'

    Trump Will Likely Be The GOP Nominee – Can Democrats Take Back The House?

    Donald Trump has been at the top of the polls, increasing his lead almost since the moment he announced his presidential campaign. While Republican Party leaders try to figure out how to thwart him at the convention – an unlikely outcome – should Democrats use his nearly inevitable prospects of being the GOP nominee to win the 30 seats currently held by Republicans that are needed to take back the House?

    A report in Politico Monday morning says several Democratic and Republican strategists think a Trump nomination could help Democrats do just that.

    "Donald Trump is on the verge of two things once thought to be impossible: winning the Republican presidential nomination, and putting Republicans’ historically large House majority in danger," Politico reports, noting, also, that the "respected Cook Political Report downgraded Republicans’ chances in 10 districts Friday."

    “I believe the House could be in play if Donald Trump is the nominee,” Alixandria Lapp, the head of the "Democrats’ flagship House super PAC," the House Majority PAC, and a "longtime House strategist" told Politico.

    Democrats aren't the only ones who think so.

    “The idea that Trump is going to help with federal races is like putting lipstick on a pig,” said Jason Roe, a California-based Republican strategist and a former spokesman for Marco Rubio's presidential campaign. “To deal with that, most people with a brain are cutting and running, redirecting resources from the presidential to keeping control of Senate and House.”

    Another GOP strategist, whom Politico describes as a "worried Republican consultant," said, "I think Trump makes every district tougher and every state tougher for a Republican."

    And a "top GOP strategist" told the news outlet, "I think there are lots of major donors who may have been budgeting to play in presidential who are now saying we need to make sure we keep the House and the Senate."


    Image by USCapitol via Flickr

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    • commented 2016-03-21 12:51:12 -0400
      Whatever the GOP establishment tries, it’s not going to work. Just like millions of other Donald Trumps supporters I am going to just disappear back into the woodwork if either political party plays dirty. Then from I hear from my Twitter account of thousands of others, they are also going to walk away and not vote at all in a fraudulent, twisted process. We should have realized that the whole thing was a set-up for the Presidency and had been fixed from the beginning. The parties just want to control the US population and with promises they cannot keep unless Bernie Sanders wants to bankrupt the country, and not much better is Hillary Clinton. They cannot allow Trump to win, as he will disrupt the nice, comfortable life style, the perks, the Special Privileges and from the powerful and influential people who don’t give a damn of the working people.
      The Washington political establishment is now in panic mode Not because they are afraid of any one individual or potential nominee, but because they are afraid of losing their own political influence as the US people are furious at such things as Omnibus budget of $2.2 Trillion dollars, with the GOP Cartel not cutting back on funds for King Obama’s latest initiatives as financially catering to the now estimated 15 million illegal aliens, the so called Affordable Care Act and other programs that should have held back.
      The corporate entities have already aligned themselves with lying Cruz and former Governor of Ohio Kasick? The American people, who are FREE THINKING and love liberty, should not take MY word for it but read the unethical and resurfaced history of both these men which must include. Hillary Clinton. The act is I have already been barred from Corporate Social Networks as Facebook, Disgus, as I can only guess that I was getting under their skin. A whole list of newspapers as well, have stopped my authorship of words, they don’t like and prefer Americans should not read.
      Once upon a time DC was filled with well meaning individual who deem they are doing the right thing, but far too many have lost their way after years in the corrupt halls of Washington. Lawmakers pay more awareness to the special interests clusters, and powerful lobbyists who arrange the SUPER PAC’s who buy in to writing checks for their next campaigns than listening to their constituents back home towns who originally t sent them to Capitol in the first place.
      This dangerous power vacuum has fueled frustration and created an entirely new breed of disenfranchised voters who are fed up with the status quo. These are real people, their anger is palpable, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s shown by the increasing numbers of new voters, known as the silent majority, but lately are getting louder.
      The American people feel betrayed by Congress and that is why they have turned to top businessman and CEO Donald Trump. A mounting number of Americans are more provoked by this feeling of exasperation than any individual political agenda. The rise of Professional politicians has completely shifted the familiar political archetype of just Democrat versus Republican to an outsider. Today most Americans look at the federal government as suppressing their rights and not able to speak out. All they see are years of futile policies that have made life far tougher for them and their families, as the political class seems ignorant of the growing poverty, unemployment and the ailing money-swallowing Obamacare health care system and Barack Obama unleashing millions of illegal aliens into the country against Article 1 of the Constitution. 27 million working-age Americans are out of work, However, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders intend to grant working permits to 5 million illegal aliens. Both Cruz and Kasick are weak on illegal immigration, but since Trumps statement of building the wall, Cruz has mentioned his intention to construct a fence, that is easy to scale.

    • commented 2016-03-21 12:50:39 -0400
      Americans only have to look at the nominees for the presidency of the United States. Hillary Clinton to be assessed must go back to her first appearance as an attorney: A LOT OF PEOPLE HAS BEEN ASKINGWHAT ARE HILLARY CLINTON ACCOMPLISHMENTS?
      1974: She served on the impeachment staff in Washington DC during Watergate and was FIRED from that job for ethics violations, having found her to be a liar and a shady lawyer.

      Early-80’s: Successfully defended a CHILD Rapist from going to jail because of the “bloody Panties” of the victim was improperly handled, and she’s on audio tape laughing about it.

      2002: Claims poverty because she and her husband are in debt to defense attorneys to the tune of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for all Bill Clinton’s affairs and impeachment.

      20011: Asks husband Bill, as President to pardon her brother Tony, to keep him from going to prison for fraud.

      2012: As Secretary of State, allows FOUR AMERICANS to because she refused to grant their request for extra security leading up to the 9/11 on the Benghazi, Libyan embassy.

      2013 New York Times exposes her charity (Clinton Global Initiative) as a money laundering scheme. With millions of dollars spirited away from the foundation making Madam Hillary’s life and Bill’s a luxury experience, Their is a long list of foreign countries who have poured into the foundation, for supposedly for corporate and industrial speeches

      2014: Avoids paying significant income taxes by moving her assets to blind trusts.

      2014: Major donor to her campaign going to prison for fraud and she keeps the money.


      In July 2015, a network of four related ‘keep the Promise’ political action committees reported raising $38 million to support Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.

      New York Times- July 31st. 2015: " More than 95% of total contributions to Super PAC’s supporting TED Cruz came from donations of $1 million or more than any other candidate.

      In August 2015, the New York Times confirmed that hedge fund investor Robert Mercer had contributed $11 million to the Pro-Cruz PACs-the largest donation amount from a single person within this election cycle.

      Ted Cruz is a part of the GOP Cartel and likes to believe he is anti-establishment? Than think again…??
      Cruz worked for President George W. Bush, an epitome of the GOP Establishment.
      Cruz pushed for HB-1 visas, so thereby professional legal immigrants to work, instead of Americans.
      Cruz Indebted to a big money donor, Lawyer Dathan Voelter working with billionaires to raise $31 million dollars to extend his campaign.

      Senator Cruz of Texas began his race for the Whitehouse by stealing votes from Ben Carson, by cleverly informing Carson’s voters and slyly sending out mailers that he was dropping out and going home. Cruz wife is a director in Goldman Sachs, of which Cruz collected $1 million towards his campaign; he also received a nice nest egg from extreme Socialist George Soros, who is anti-American.

      In conclusion, its not just the poor or uneducated, I personally have a PhD, and if you view my Twitter account I have a collection of celebrities, commentators and even politicians and blue and white collar and people who are black Americans, Asian Americans, causations, Hispanic Americans and millions of others who are sick and tired with ‘Business as Usual." The BullS### doesn’t work anymore.

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