• Source: Maria Tridas/Twitter
  • Chris Christie About To Quit GOP Presidential Race: Reports

    Disastrous New Hampshire Primary Results And Fundraising Issues Cited 

    New Jersey will have to put up with having their governor back. In state and national polls, Chris Christie is polling between 1 and 11 percent, mostly in the low to mid single digits. He finished an embarrassing 10th in Iowa – behind Mike Huckabee – and a dismal sixth in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. 

    "Christie is huddling with top campaign aides on Wednesday and all indications are they expect him to formally suspend his bid for the Republican nomination, according to two sources," CNN reports Wednesday morning.

    "One source noted that the New Jersey governor is a 'political realist' and understood that not qualifying to appear in Saturday's debate and the lack of money made it impossible to go forward."

    Truth be told, the former head of the Republican Governors Association whose polling numbers in his own state of New Jersey hit a new low as 2015 came to an end (33% favorable, 59% unfavorable) accomplished little as a GOP presidential candidate. Little, that is, except for effectively ending Marco Rubio's campaign:

    ABC News and others are also reporting on the impending demise of the Christie campaign.



    Image by Maria Tridas via Twitter

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    • commented 2016-02-10 12:56:46 -0500
      His greatest accomplishment was taking out Rubio.

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