• Source: CNN
  • Big News Out of the GOP Debate? We Had a Mass Shooting Hours Earlier and It Wasn't Even Mentioned

    17 People Randomly Shot by Crazed Gunman, Three Died, and CNN Didn't Ask a Single Candidate to Discuss the Gun Violence Crisis in America

    At 8:30 PM EST CNN's cameras brought live another GOP debate Thursday night. But as millions of Americans tuned in, far fewer in the state of Kansas sat glued to their TV sets and computers to watch local news channels like NBC affiliate KSN TV inform viewers about the mass shooting in Hesston and surrounding areas about three dozen miles northwest of Wichita. 

    Three people plus the shooter were shot and killed, another 14 were injured, several critically, and yet CNN saw fit to totally ignore America's crisis of gun violence as it interviewed the five remaining Republican candidates on stage with them at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas, – where professors and college administrators have now decided to drop "hot button" topics after lawmakers in the Lone Star State voted to allow campus open-carry.

    Instead, Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN team for the most part saw fit to lob questions at the candidates designed to get them to attack one another, and incite viewers at home.

    Immigration was a big topic of the night, with two sons of Cuban-American immigrants, and the other three candidates trying hardest to prove which one would work the hardest to deport America's 12 million undocumented immigrants.

    The "debate" devolved into this for much of the night:

    Here's how one Politico national politics reporter described the GOP debate:

    Don't worry, CNN, we all noticed:



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