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  • Anti-Gay Lawmaker Mocked After Comparing His 'Affectionate Relationship' With Cycling Friends to Same-Sex Marriage

    'We Can't Have Marriage Equality Because Then Kevin Andrews Will Want to Marry His Bike'

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    Australian Member of Parliament Kevin Andrews is being mocked after comparing his relationship with his cycling friends to same-sex marriage. 

    "There are all sorts of affectionate relationships," Andrews told SkyNews this weekend. "I have an affectionate relationship with my cycling mates. We go cycling on the weekends, but that's not marriage."

    When pressed, Andrews insisted he wasn't saying that same-sex couples don't have the same depth in their relationships.

    "I'm not saying that at all," Andrews said.

    "You are comparing the same sex [couples] to someone who goes cycling with someone on the weekend or is merely friends," SkyNews reporter Tom Connell challenged, as CNN reports. "These are people that are gonna get married. This is a lifelong commitment."

    "That's fine," Andrews said. "And I have commitments to friends. I have affectionate relationships with friends as well."

    Andrews, clearly ignorant, of course went on to say that Australians letting same-sex couples marry is a "pathway" to polygamy.

    Australian lawmakers are currently embroiled in a battle over same-sex marriage.

    Buzzed notes Andrews "a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage. He was named "Natural Family Man of the Year" by the anti-marriage equality group the World Congress of Families in 2014."

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    On Twitter, many took the opportunity to mock Andrews:

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