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  • Trans Women Using Women's Restrooms Is 'Filthy, Disgusting, And Unsafe' Says New Radio Ad (Audio)

    A new anti-LGBT organization has posted a 30-second attack ad against trans women who merely want to use the restroom.

    A new group headed by an anti-gay Republican activist is running a new filthy and disgusting ad. The 30-second audio spot will run for two weeks in the Houston market at a cost of $100,000. It features the voice of a young woman attacking the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), on which voters will have to decide in November.

    "No men in women's bathrooms," the incendiary and misleading ad begins. "This ordinance will allow men to freely go into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. That is filthy, that is disgusting, and that is unsafe," the woman, falsely, says in the ad. She also claims to speak for "all moms, sisters, and daughters," which is false.

    The group sponsoring the ad is called the Campaign For Houston, and it's headed by Jared Woodfill, a 47-year old attorney and former Chairman of the Republican Party of Harris County, Texas.

    Its website appears to be down currently, but an archived version states the group is comprised of Houston citizens "of all races, creeds and political beliefs."

    It falsely claims HERO "limits free speech and religious expression in unprecedented ways," "gives new special privileges to two special interests, neither of which qualify as true 'minorities' requiring special legal protection," and calls HERO's "naming of these groups ... a ruse in an attempt to hide the ordinance’s real purpose, which is to make 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identification' two new protected classes." It also falsely claims sexual orientation and gender identification "are defined by their behaviors - not by characteristics given to them at birth.

    Calling the ad "not subtle," ThinkProgress' Zack Ford offers a few observations:

    Gender identity, as protected by HERO, is not something that can be flipflopped every day, and moreover, predatory behavior is still illegal. If HERO fails to pass, it will actually force many men into women’s restrooms, the very outcome they claim to oppose.

    Houston Unites calls the ad "vulgar and grossly misleading."

    "Nothing in the equal rights ordinance changes the fact that it is – and always will be – illegal to enter a restroom to harm or harass other people," the group told the Houston Chronicle. "And the ad leaves out the fact that the law protects tens of thousands of Houstonians from job discrimination based their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability."

    NCRM reached out to Woodfill inquiring about the composition and funding of his group, but did not receive a response before our publication time.



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    • commented 2015-10-30 16:12:28 -0400
      Wow! Mike Field. Wonderful perspective looking at it from the other direction. Thank you! Perhaps between us they will see the light!

    • commented 2015-10-30 15:33:56 -0400
      Linda, if you walked into a washroom and saw a man with a shaved head, beard, and tattoos all over his body, what would you do? Now, if that man said “I have a vagina and I’m being forced by Christian bigots (like you) to use the washroom of the gender I was assigned at birth’” would you feel more comfortable? I’m guessing not. Instead of forcing your beliefs on others, go back to school and learn proper English.

    • commented 2015-10-30 14:11:23 -0400
      Linda Nelson, here is the problem… Transgender women are NOT men! We don’t think like men We don’t have the male sexual drive. In our hearts, our minds our SOULS, we are women. We have a birth defect. With the exception of the plumbing that was installed and hair growth patterns, in every other way we are women. My doctor has certified that I am a woman. I have the paperwork ready to submit a petition to the court which WILL be approved, and I will have a court order legally changing my name AND GENDER to female. My official records with Social Security and my Driver’s License will say I’m female. To walk into a men’s restroom puts ME at extreme physical risk. I am NO TREAT to you or your daughter. I still have a penis and may always have a penis. It is a useless dead appendage that I do not want but can’t afford to have removed.

    • commented 2015-10-30 00:15:51 -0400
      I don’t care what is cut off no man better not be in the rest room with me are my daughters and they shouldn’t allow that anyway they is putting our kids and women in danger all these sexoffender around waiting for this law to pass that is going to be a big problem for me and my kids

    • commented 2015-08-25 21:59:03 -0400
      Who we are as people is determined by two things. DNA is like the keys on an organ or piano. It does nothing without the artist playing the keys. Hormones are the artist. We all start out as female in the womb. If the right amount of male hormones are not generated at the right time, there are many possibilities with XY DNA. The primary organs for sexual attraction and gender identity are NOT between our legs – it’s our brains. The brains of men and women are different..

      1) There can be an intersex child, someone who was BOTH male and female genitalia, who might or might not grow breasts during puberty.

      2) A child who is BORN gay, not to be confused with prisoners becoming gay because people of the same sex are the only ones to get together with.

      3) A child who is BORN transgendered. The brain and the plumbing don’t match.

      Transgender women may have male plumbing and some other EXTERNAL male attributess, but our hearts and minds are nothing at all like men.

    • commented 2015-08-25 21:11:29 -0400
      facepalm so transwomen are not men they are women just with boy parts and like the artical said it’s still illegal to go into a womens bathroom to assault kids and other women please educate yourself Mr Woodfill.

    • commented 2015-08-25 20:22:08 -0400
      Donald Smith, I see the typical right wing intolerance coming from you. Apparently all you can do is resort to name calling and insults. You want to know what is wrong with America? It’s people with attitudes like yours. Liberty and justice for all does not mean equality only if you are a white, conservative, Christian male. It means that we are all ONE. Try living by the Golden Rule for once in your life. Those of us that are transgender have gone through plenty without hatred from the likes of you belittling us and demoting us as inferior and insignificant.

    • commented 2015-08-25 12:17:08 -0400
      I guess none of you have ever been to Europe, where bathrooms are unisexual and no one cares. Your arguments are specious at best, and ridiculous to the educated.

    • commented 2015-08-25 11:47:59 -0400
      What this is really doing is forcing little girls who are trans to go into the men’s bathrooms and little boys who are trans to use the girls bathrooms. You’re a bully Mr Woodfill.

    • commented 2015-08-25 10:47:36 -0400
      Riiiiight. So all my bulked-up transmale friends should stroll right into the women’s restrooms. I’m sure that would go over well.

    • commented 2015-08-25 09:18:30 -0400
      The thing that gets me, a Houstonian, about this whole mess is that it is simply a security measure to make sure all people are treated equally and fairly. Yet these “christian pastors” are using lies, hatred, deceit, etc… against a measure to give equal protection.

      The company I work for is under the orders of OSHA – so we have to comply with all efforts to allow trans* employees equal pay, treatment, and to maintain their dignity. We are already working on new policies for trans* employees. We just don’t see this as an issue. People deserve respect. We see it as a no-brainer.

    • commented 2015-08-25 05:38:00 -0400
      This is the most trivial nonsensical bullshit I have ever come across on the internet… David Badash, are you serious, your life has assimilated to the interest of less than 1% of shit for brains! You’re a fucking JOKE, and the fact is you know it… get a life you fucking jerk off idiot. Can’t believe I wasted enough time to even say that, I need a fucking life too. HA! you are a fucking irritating little faggot queening queer

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