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  • Pastor: Anti-Gay Bakers 'Destroying America' By Being Too Nice To 'Some Faggot' Wanting A Cake

    A homophobic pastor is attacking anti-gay bakers recently in the news – not for refusing to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples, but for being too nice about it.

    It's rare to hear a religious extremist attack today's icons of supposed anti-Christian persecution, but Pastor Steven Anderson is no ordinary religious extremist. As pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, last year Anderson made national headlines after promising the world an "AIDS free world by Christmas" if America would merely "execute the homos like God instructs." 

    Pastor Anderson, whose church at one point appeared on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of anti-gay hate groups, is back, preaching to his congregation that, if the audio on the video below is correct, includes small children.

    In this undated but recent clip, Anderson goes on a rant about Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, angered that Governor Mike Pence called for and signed into law a bill that clarifies the law cannot be used to discriminate against gay people. 

    Anderson mocked Pence, saying, "we don’t want anyone to misunderstand the law because we don’t want anyone to think that they don’t have to serve homos because they do." He added, "Then what is the law? What was it even for, then?"

    But the bulk of Anderson's attack was aimed at the owners of Memories Pizza, which walked away with over three-quarters of a million dollars after stating they would not cater a gay wedding, and Melissa Klein, of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who was sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

    Anderson labeled the Memories Pizza owners "weakling cowards" for closing down for a week after being attacked online and purportedly receiving death threats. And he attacked "all of the sodomites of the world," who are "just raging and infuriated at this pizza place."

    “Who are these perverts who ordered a pizza for the wedding?" he demanded to know.

    "These people are doubly perverted," Anderson said. "Because not only are you perverting nature by being a sodomite, you’re catering your wedding with cheap pizza."

    Anderson insisted the family who owns Memories Pizza should have stood up to the LGBT community and its allies, namely, most of the U.S. Instead of cowering and "kow-towing" they should have proudly quoted bible verses and attacked the "animals" and "queers" without any apology for their faith.

    Then Anderson took big hits at Melissa Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Of course, he got most of the fact wrong in his sermon, but his overriding point again was, don't be nice to gay people, proudly denounce them and refuse to serve them, like he does.

    Anderson mocked Klein for crying on national TV. "I wasn't trying to hurt these sodomites' feelings," he said, pretending to be Klein. "I don't want to hurt anybody, but I just couldn't cater this particular event, and I've made so many cupcakes for them."

    "This is just how I've chosen to live my live as a Christian," Anderson continued to say, mocking Klein. 

    He said he doesn't feel sorry for the Kleins, "because you know what, they are compromising and they are not standing for the word of god an they are tools of the media to brainwash you," Anderson shouted.

    "We don’t serve queers in this church," Anderson promised, wanting to know why the Kleins, whom he accused of attending a "liberal church," were nice to their gay customers.

    "The Bible does not say ‘Don’t hurt their feelings.’ The Bible calls them beasts!"

    'Who thinks it's a hard decision if some faggot wants you to make them a wedding cake?," Anderson polled his congregation. "Anybody struggling with that right now?"

    Anderson insisted Melissa Klein is "is part of what is destroying America."

    "Christians, so called," like Melissa Klein, Anderson preached, "who will not stand on the word of God, and who bow down and kowtow to these filthy perverts" by humbling explaining that their deeply held religious beliefs ban them from baking cakes for same-sex weddings, are "part of what is destroying America."


    Or from the beginning:



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    Image: Screenshot via Evil Liberal Agenda/YouTube
    Hat tip: Addicting Info


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    • commented 2015-09-12 12:57:31 -0400
      This guy wants the D and he wants it bad.

    • commented 2015-09-12 10:53:19 -0400
      Psychology Today found out that the most homophobic men are the ones that suffer from the most intense sexual desire. This band clearly desires the company of another man in a very intimate way. Then he would come down to be a more loving man if that were to happen.

    • commented 2015-09-12 08:50:24 -0400
      A) he could not know less about scripture. Christ clearly told those bakers they should have made them TWO cakes (Matthew 5:41) and B) Could this guy be any GAYER?

    • commented 2015-09-11 19:11:37 -0400
      Me thinks though dost protest too much

    • commented 2015-09-08 11:51:34 -0400
      How much you wanna bet this guy has an account on Grindr? The looks like he’s into leather.

    • commented 2015-05-14 02:18:30 -0400
      Extremists like this pathetic excuse of a man, need to be detained, or exterminated. A peaceful world cannot be attained with such offensive people living in our society. Our society is evolving and such ideals can evolve with it. I pray that you Americans will completely destroy these monsters, who call themselves “holy” or “pure”, for there is not shred of purity in their heats. If they can’t understand the idea of love, they have no right to acquire it.

    • commented 2015-05-11 23:34:22 -0400
      If this asshole has kids, then someone in AZ please call CPS on him. After a rant like that, it’s clear he has anger management issues and is probably abusing his kids. Take them away from him, because he can’t control himself.

    • commented 2015-05-11 15:21:41 -0400
      Oh you poor little in the closet “Otter”. You are really a self-hating gay man pretending to be a preacher…I bet the church members don’t care about this topic half as much as you scream about it each church gathering. You’re a fool “Pastor” Steven Anderson

    • commented 2015-05-09 13:23:59 -0400
      I don’t recall where I read this, but his theological studies consisted of his reading the Bible from cover to cover. Sad that this is all it takes to attract a “flock.” He was previously investigated for death comments he made about Obama.

    • commented 2015-05-09 10:27:09 -0400
      If you really want a hoot, watch this guy’s sermon “Him that Pisseth Against the Wall.”

    • commented 2015-05-09 08:10:57 -0400
      This guy is gayer than an Easter Bonnet

    • commented 2015-05-08 22:41:23 -0400
      This guy has been around for years. He’s a sad little Fred Phelps wannabe with barely a high school education, and his congregation consists of about 30 people in a strip mall storefront. Why give him the publicity?

    • commented 2015-05-08 20:56:42 -0400
      Pastor Anderson will be very surprised to find out when he dies that God is gay. Seriously, this man is as dangerous as they come, not because he’s a repugnant caricature of a man, but because there are too many folks out there who don’t see him that way. What’s even more ridiculous about him though is that there is such a likelihood that he himself is gay and he’s running from his “demon”. Tragic, all the way around.

    • commented 2015-05-08 20:42:22 -0400
      You know this guy is gay, right?

    • commented 2015-05-08 19:53:37 -0400
      When we get equality marriage, we need to send a thank you note with a huge bouquet to him and the folks at WBC. There’s no way could have swayed so many moderate heterosexuals to our cause without people like him spewing such indefensible bile that they could not in good conscience sit idly by.

      We’ve certainly “elevated our brand” over the last 20+ years, but guys like him have so sabotaged the standing of “good Christians” that they deserve even more credit for what seemed impossible 25 years ago: it’s now far more tenable for a majority of Americans -even [moderate] Christians-to stand with us (even though most think “gay sex is repulsive” and they really don’t quite “get” us), than it is for them to stand with people who’ve usually been seen as “pillars of the community”.

    • commented 2015-05-08 19:47:40 -0400
      Wow, Christ’s message, sure ain’t what it used to be. This closeted preacher is protesting a bit too much.

    • commented 2015-05-08 18:20:58 -0400
      I am going to drive to Arizona and dare this fucker to shoot me. You ready to kick my ass Steven Anderson? WIth your bare hands? They are all I will need to rip you to shreds after you miss. – Ms. LaReina

    • commented 2015-05-08 17:43:45 -0400
      Oh look it’s Jim Crow loving, Hitler wannabe “Christian” savage filth who called for 9million+ Americans to be “executed” because we are gay.

    • commented 2015-05-08 16:59:24 -0400
      This is the kind of shit that perpetuates hatred, beating, and killing of gay people. This is NOT indicative of all preachers, but there are a LOT more out there that preach the same shit! This guy, and people like him, are the LOWEST form of shit to walk the face of the planet. He has ZERO understanding of biology, and ZERO understanding of what his Jesus was trying to teach. This is NOTHING BUT HATE! As far as I’m concerned, this is HATE speech, and he should be charged for inciting hatred and vile treatment of the LGBTQ community. GD this person is hateful, vile, and obviously too obsessed with other peoples lives, which doesn’t affect him at all.

    • commented 2015-05-08 16:58:22 -0400
      This guy is a Fred Phelps wanna-be. A nut. He does not represent Christians or Christianity in any way. Period.

    • commented 2015-05-08 16:57:20 -0400
      I pity him if this is what he thinks the bible is about. Just another person who can’t stand the fact that organized religion is no longer as popular as it was in the past. So he takes his anger out on everyone else revealing the blackness of his heart. I pray that one day he will come to realize the error in his ways, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • commented 2015-05-08 16:36:07 -0400
      Thank the Universe for Karma and Rincarnation. This true AntiChrist will have to balance this misuse of power. That’s why some of us come back to Earth many times. I hope I’m done. assholes like him are really getting tiresome. He has no idea what he does.

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