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Breaking: Kill The Gays Bill Author To Become Uganda Minister Of Ethics?

by David Badash on May 16, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,News

Post image for Breaking: Kill The Gays Bill Author To Become Uganda Minister Of Ethics?

The author and lead advocate of Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, David Bahati, may become Uganda’s next Minister of Ethics, following the swearing in last week of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni — president of Uganda since 1986, according to reliable sources. Bahati has made a name for himself around the world for his Anti-Homosexuality bill, also known as the “Kill The Gays” bill, or the “Bahati Bill.”

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“It is hard to see an appointment to the Ethics post as anything but an encouragement of Bahati’s efforts,” writes Warren Throckmorton, who has covered extensively Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, and points to this article that states Bahati, currently an “MP,” Member of Parliament, is on Museveni’s “short list” for the Ethics Minister position.

No word on the future of James Buturo, the previous Minister of Ethics who resigned his post in March, but Bahati would be amplifying his predecessor’s positions. “At the United Nations there are attempts by some nations to impose homosexuality on the rest of us,” Buturo said in early 2009. “We have learned that they want to smuggle in provisions on homosexuality.”

“Uganda will not be forced to legalize practices that are illegal, unnatural and abnormal,” Buturo said in a press briefing. “Many lies are being peddled. Such lies include foolish claims that some people are born as homosexuals. They are busy enticing Ugandans to join them. This is causing great concern among Ugandans.”

“It is the duty of Ugandans to be vigilant because agents of immorality are busy using all lies and deceptions to hurt our society.”

For his part, Bahati, the lead proponent of the Kill The Gays bill, has gone one step further than Buturo.

Last year, NPR profiled author of “The Family,” Jeff Sharlet, who describes a conversation he had with Bahati.

“Bahati said: ‘If you come here, you’ll see homosexuals from Europe and America are luring our children into homosexuality by distributing cell phones and iPods and things like this,’ ” Sharlet recounts. “And he said, ‘And I can explain to you what I really want to do.’ ”

Sharlet accompanied Bahati to a restaurant and later to his home, where Bahati told Sharlet that he wanted “to kill every last gay person.”

In an interview with NPR last week, Bahati falsely claimed, “we have conclusive research that homosexuality is a learned behavior and can be unlearned.”

Bahati also falsely claimed in the interview that the Kill The Gays bill “is needed because there is a lot of money coming in in our country to people who are recruiting children against their conscience into this behavior of homosexuality, and also to stop the promotion and the recruitment of our children into homosexuality.”

The internationally-​denounced Kill The Gays bill is infamous around the world for its provision mandating the death penalty for anyone convicted of the “crime” of homosexuality, anyone convicted of same-​sex rape, anyone who is classified as a “serial offender,” even anyone with HIV.

The Kill The Gays Bill also mandates jail time for those who know of homosexuals but do not report them to authorities within 24 hours and offers a maximum of seven years prison time for even renting a room to someone who is homosexual. Any assistance to a gay man or lesbian would be considered criminal.

Editor’s note: For the most up– to– date news on Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill,visit our Uganda section.

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