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Anti-Gay ‘Pro-Family’ Group: All Churches Must ‘Pull Out’ Of Boy Scouts

by David Badash on May 28, 2013

in Discrimination,News,Religion

Post image for Anti-Gay ‘Pro-Family’ Group: All Churches Must ‘Pull Out’ Of Boy Scouts

Comparing openly-gay boys to “practicing adulterers,” Bryan Fischer called for “everybody that’s involved in Scouting” to “pull out” of the Boy Scouts because they are allowing openly-gay youth to join or stay in Scouting.

Calling the vote by the Boy Scouts’ 1400 National Council voting members to allow gay scouts the “death knell” of America, Fischer says the American Family Association is “putting out a call to all of those in our network who are a part of Scouting to pull out. Pull your kids out.”

Ficher continues, stating that the American Family Association is asking everyone to call upon their churches that sponsor Boy Scout troops to “withdraw the church’s sponsorship” of Boy Scout troops, because ‘they only way you can stay in Scouting is to affirm this policy” of accepting openly-gay youth.

Were all churches to actually drop their sponsorship of Scout troops, it would indeed decimate Scouting, leaving hundreds of thousands of young boys and teens with no troops to join. The American Family Association, a certified anti-gay hate group, seems to be intent on killing the Boy Scouts of America.

And that’s the difference between the American Family Association and other anti-gay groups, and the LGBT community: they are determined to decimate institutions, whereas gays just want to be included and treated equally.

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barbonine May 28, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Happily, only about 1/3rd of America belongs to the bigot squad, so this old white man can go cry in his scotch. The Scouts will thrive away from your bigotry and assholiness.

russellsvocation May 27, 2014 at 12:43 pm

How did that work out for you, Tony?

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