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  • GOP Congresswoman: Men Must Talk 'Down To A Woman’s Level' If They Want To Be Understood

    Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers says that men need to dumb down their conversations because women aren't able to understand pie charts.

    On Friday, a group of the more conservative Republican women in the U.S. House of Representatives attended an RNC Women conference focused on how to talk to women voters about Republican policies. Most of the attendees were members of the ultra-conservative Republican Study Committee, a group of 170 House Republicans who think the GOP-led House isn't tough enough on the budget and are opposed to same-sex marriage and abortion for any reason. As there are only 19 women Republicans in the House, it wasn't a large meeting, which may be why the mainstream media ignored it.

    Among those attending was Rep. Renee Ellmers, a two-term Congresswoman from North Carolina who made a name for herself last fall by opposing Obamacare on the cable news channels with such fervor -- and false facts -- that even her constituents took to her Facebook page to lambast her for embarrassing them and their home state.

    Rep. Ellmers on Friday had a few words of advice for her Republican colleagues on "Taking Back the Future." Perhaps it's best to let the Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow explain, as she did in "The Republican plan to change the 'war on women' narrative needs work."

    “Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level,” Ellmers said. “Many of my male colleagues, when they go to the House floor, you know, they’ve got some pie chart or graph behind them and they’re talking about trillions of dollars and how, you know, the debt is awful and, you know, we all agree with that.

    First she’s saying that men (perhaps only Republican men) don’t know how to connect with people. Second, she’s saying people are too stupid to understand pie charts.

    Ellmers then said that women mainly want more time in their lives (don’t men as well?) and the first example she gave was that women wanted “more time in the morning to get ready.”

    As for connecting to women specifically, Ellmers drove it home with a line that, had there been liberals in the audience, would have made the news.

    “We need our male colleagues to understand that if you can bring it down to a woman’s level and what everything that she is balancing in her life — that’s the way to go,” Ellmers said. (Emphasis added.)

    Schow also noted that "the panelists agreed" with "Kim Strassel, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal who was moderating the panel" who said, “The problem here is not necessarily conservative policy, it's our messaging."

    Clearly, it's both.


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    • commented 2015-01-29 09:51:58 -0500
      Apparently fed up with their Republican colleagues’ policy priorities, a group of Democratic congresswomen sent a scathing memo to the GOP on to express their frustration.
      “We know you are receptive to memos and have expressed an interest in learning about how to better communicate with women on the issues important to them,” the memo begins, linking to applicable articles. “To that end, this memo is in the spirit of moving past partisan politics and working together to ensure America’s women and their families have the economic security and opportunities they need to succeed.”
      The memo, penned by Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Donna Edwards (D-Md.), Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and sent to the House Republican Caucus, notes that an all-male panel of congressmen on a House Judiciary

    • commented 2014-07-16 11:10:51 -0400
      At this point, I’d say Arthur Ide has had the best comment yet. Incredibly well spoken.

    • commented 2014-07-16 11:07:16 -0400
      Sarah McMurphy wrote the best response yet. It is a shame that people vote for Party or on looks or some religious ideology or rant. Unfortunately there has never been an educated populace and most go back just because they have name recognition. Realizing that this will make me read as an elitist or antidemocratic (of which I am neither), it still makes sense to require people to take a literacy examination by at least being able to articulate what the candidate says. This, of course, will disenfranchise many in the poverty circle and circumvent reality by leaving it to an elitist group of educated that tend to be self-serving and self-defending moochers, so the only answers is to have a well-educated citizenry. This will not happen until we have subject matter experts in the classroom who can inspire and not just entertain. Education, as of late, is only about methodology, strategy, and pedagogy that have value but should never be the ultimate goal and teachers who only have degrees in education should not be teaching mathematics, science, literature, or the hyphenated courses such as social science/physical education. Physical education is not an academic subject but a relational causal that keeps the body fit so the brain can think and operate. Less emphasis on sports and more on critical thinking and scientific inquiry will save any nation—not soccer, football, swimming or Olympics. It is sad but we will always see entertainment desiring society and not one of academic scholarship as long as priorities center on self-gratification that leads to discrimination and bad politics.

    • commented 2014-07-16 10:51:44 -0400
      Now maybe it’s just my dykey trumped up need to be treated with the same regard as my male counterparts, but in my HUMBLE fucking opinion, if you don’t have an educated understanding of what is being put in front of congress, and you can’t follow a fucking bar graph or pie chart, you have NO FUCKING BUSINESS in congress. I’m fucking sick of seeing these people elected because they have enough money. Never studied or practiced law a day in their lives, but they tell good stories.

    • commented 2014-07-16 10:29:23 -0400
      Being incapable of understanding that other people’s minds may work differently than one’s own is NOT a sign of intelligence. That brainless twit can only speak for other brainless twits.

    • commented 2014-07-15 23:46:58 -0400
      Women’s worst enemy are women like this!!

    • commented 2014-07-15 22:08:45 -0400
      Rep. Renee Ellmers is an embarrassment. Has she ever considered the reality that men and women are equal under the law—or does she only represent ill-educated and poorly trained women? Her comment is pathetic and beneath contempt.

    • commented 2014-07-15 19:48:57 -0400
      Virginia Foxx, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, … Renee Ellmers …

      Perhaps it’s not a problem of needing to “talk down to a woman’s level” in order to connect with WOMEN IN GENERAL, but rather it is necessary for explaining complex issues to the types of women who embrace conservative political ideology.

    • commented 2014-07-15 09:39:44 -0400
      OMG. And these are the people who get elected to Congress! I’m blown away. I certainly hope enough of her constituents rise up and protest—-loudly.

    • commented 2014-07-15 09:24:00 -0400
      Wow! This is the caliber of women in the GOP!? They just admitted they are dumb as rocks and need to be taken care of. Hello ladies! This is 2014 and we are smarter than that!

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