Trump Tweets, Quickly Deletes Plea Urging Americans to Watch His Personal Attorney on ‘Fox and Friends’



President Donald Trump kicked off the week not by honoring the seven U.S. sailors who died on the USS Fitzgerald, not by denouncing the anti-Muslim terror attack in London or Sunday's attack and murder of a 17-year old Muslim girl in Virginia, but by posting a tweet advertising his personal attorney's appearance on "Fox & Friends."

"Jay Sekulow on FOX & friends now," the President said on Twitter.

For reasons unknown, perhaps because it was wildly inappropriate, or perhaps because Sekulow's appearance on Fox News Sunday was embarrassingly bad, Trump quickly deleted the tweet.

It has, however, been forever preserved as a White House statement, by the brilliant Real Press Secretary Bot (not run by the White House): 

By the way, ProPublica archives all the tweets Trump (and other politicians) deletes.

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