New (Yes, New) Trump Campaign Fundraising Email Attacks ‘Radical Liberal’ Senator While Misspelling Her Name


She Was Only Too Happy to Correct It

Despite being the world's sorest winner, Donald Trump's campaign for President has never ended. The campaign is still in full gear, has filed for re-election, and is still (despite his claims he would self-fund) fundraising. In a new campaign fundraising email, the Trump campaign attacks four Democratic Senators – Tammy Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand – by calling them "radical liberals," as this screenshot posted to Twitter by Wall Street Journal White House reporter Rebecca Ballhaus shows:

The only problem: It's Kirsten Gillibrand, not Kristen, as the email reads.

The Democratic Senator from New York was only too happy to correct the record:

Spelling seems to be a challenge for Trump and the Trump campaign. President Trump himself last week posted a tweet after spending several hours at a private Catholic school with his Education Secretary, and misspelled "hereby." He deleted that tweet, posted it again, again misspelling the word a different way. He deleted that tweet and finally got it right.

Earlier this week, again, President Trump posted a tweet with the word "principals," when he should have used the word "principles."


He later deleted and reposted that tweet too.

Having a Commander-in-Chief who is so spelling challenged is truly "unpresidented."


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Image by Third Way Think Tank via Flickr and a CC license