Just-Released Fox News Poll Shows Majority Disapproval of Donald Trump and Huge Drops in Confidence


Only 7% Say Repeal and Replace ObamaCare Is Most Important Task for Trump

President Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster, and even the latest Fox News poll can't offer him and comfort. On Tuesday Gallup's tracking report reached a new low on Trump's presidency, and now, Fox News offers a scathing rebuke of the billionaire "populist."

What's important to look at is not only where Trump is polling today, but where he was just one month ago, to see just how bad and how quickly it's getting.

For example, 43% approve of Trump's performance, while the majority, 51%, disapprove. One month ago, Trump had a 48% approval and a 47% disapproval. The approval/disapproval has switched and gotten worse.

Asked, "How confident are you that the Trump administration will be able to make significant positive change for the country?" in January 75% overall expressed some measure of confidence – very or somewhat. In February, that dropped to 64%. Today, 47%. That's a huge drop. There's also a big difference between 75 to 64, and 64 to 47. 

Let's move to ObamaCare for a moment.

Right now, the majority of disapprove of how Trump's handling health care reform.

On top of that, 50% view ObamaCare favorably, 47% unfavorably.

ObamaCare before Trump became president never or almost never had more people favoring it than not favoring it.

But it gets worse.

On this list of what would you like the president to work on, well, take a look:

Yup. Only 7% see ObamaCare as a priority.

And it gets worse for the GOP and Trump.

"Do you favor or oppose the Republican health care plan that would replace Obamacare?"

Only one out of three, just 34%, favor replacing ObamaCare with the Republican plan. 54%, more than actually like ObamaCare, oppose the Republican plan that would replace Obamacare.

Among those who oppose the Republican Plan, aka TrumpCare, two out of three say it makes too many changes to ObamaCare. 

A few other issues.

50% oppose Trump's tweeting. Another 32% wish he would be more cautious. Just 16% approve.

Despite having elected him in part because he's not a politician, now 51% say that being a non-politician has hurt Donald Trump do his job as president. 

Live and learn...

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