Ranking Democrat On Trump’s Wiretapping Claim: The Only Question Is Why He Made It Up


House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff: "The only question is why the president would make up such a thing." 

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said when it comes to President Donald Trump's claim that the Obama administration wiretapped his campaign, the only question is why he would make it up.

The House Intelligence Committee has asked the Trump administration to provide evidence of the wiretapping claim — which Trump made last weekend — by Monday. But Schiff said he doesn't expect to see any. 

"There are one of two possibilities here," Schiff told ABC News' "This Week" on Sunday. 

"Either the president, quite deliberately for some reason, made up this charge, or perhaps more disturbing, the president really believes this," Schiff said. "And here's where I think it's consequential: If, six months from now, the president should say that Iran is cheating on the nuclear agreement. If he's making that up, it's a real problem. If he's not making it up, and it's true, it's an even bigger problem, because the question is, would people believe him?" 

Schiff added that he expects the matter to be resolved after FBI Director James Comey appears before the House Intelligence Committee next week. 

"I think on March 20, if not before, we'll be able to put this to rest," Schiff said. "But I don't think anyone really has any question about this. The only question is why the president would make up such a thing." 

Also Sunday, on CBS News' "Face The Nation," House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged that he hasn't seen any evidence to back up Trump's claim.