WATCH: Rex Tillerson Says He Would Need ‘A Lot More Information’ Before Deciding About a Muslim Registry


Trump Secretary of State Nominee Isn't Quite Sure if Registering People of One Religion Is a Good or Bad Idea

Rex Tillerson just told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he would need "a lot more information" before deciding if a registry for Muslims is a good or bad idea. The retired Exxon/Mobil CEO is Donald Trump's pick to become Secretary of State.

Asked if he supports "creating a national registry for American Muslims" by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Tillerson paused, then responded.

"I would need to have a lot more information about how such an approach would even be constructed," he said, adding that "if it were a tool it probably would extend to other people as well, other groups that are threats to the U.S."

Note the question was not about "Islamic extremists" or any other such name for those who use an interpretation of the Muslim faith to wage war against America and others around the world. The question was about Muslims and Tillerson could not immediately give the right answer, which is, "no, that would be unconstitutional and offensive," but he did equate "American Muslims" with "groups that are threats."